Saturday, December 29, 2007

Fave layouts of 2007

I was just over on the message boards at SIStv and Bernadette had shown which ones were her faves that she had done this year and also explained why. I thought this was a fab idea as it will be neat to look back on and it kind of sums up the year sometimes as well. 2007 is almost over and 2008 is upon us and I'm hoping that there will be everything great in 2008 (as my ma says!). So here are my faves that I have done this year:

This is one of my earlier ones in 2007 and I love it because I made it while in a contest where we had to do a layout using NO PATTERNED PAPER!!! I remember being so nervous thinking "how can you do that?? how will it look?" but in the end I thought it rocked the kazba! I now have no fear doing a layout with no patterned paper. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't want to make a habit of it as I'm a patterned paper addict, but it can be done! I didn't win the contest but I came away with some kickass layouts!

This one I just love because it's a summary of what is good in my life. I love doing layouts like this about just the normal everyday stuff and I liked how the colors and goodies on this scream fun!

This is another of my faves, I can't remember if it was for a dare or a challenge but you had to scrap your weakness and this is so mine! I loved the green letters and the idea of kryptonite just came to me. Love this!

This was another product of a contest I was in. We had to do a layout using the number 7 in the title and it had to be about being lucky or blessed. I loved the happy colors on here and the splashes of orange as well as using multiple pics of what I am thankful for.

What I love about this layout is the simplicity of it, which for me is rare as I like to pile on the goodies! This Basic Grey paper didn't require much and I love the pics of my friend and I.

This was another gem from a contest (did I mention I love a good contest??) haha In this one we had to do a layout using NO STORE BOUGHT EMBELLIES!! The layout had to only have home made embellies. Again, I was a little worried but in the end was so happy with the outcome. I made my own negative strip out of cardstock and loved the sun made with ribbons and buttons. This layout just makes me smile when I look at it.

This one just makes me smile and takes me on a trip down memory lane. How young we were, just babies really! This is my hubs and I, I would have been 18 and he was
19. I love the colors here, the arrow and the title. This is one of my all time faves.

I love the neutral colors on here, the stamping and the pics of everyone. I recapped what everyone had been up to during 2007 as well so it would be neat to look back on.

This was my first, and I think only, layout done using NO PICTURES!! It was for a dare or a challenge and I ended up loving it!! It was just random things about me and I loved the whole concept and design of it. Being challenged always brings out the best in me because it makes me think way outside the box and outside my comfort level.

This was my entry in the Last Scrapper Standing contest and it wasn't picked to go on but in my opinion it rocks the kazba and is one of my faves! We had to use like 8transparencies and once again I loved the challenge! I used one piece of Basic Grey Recess paper and pimped it up with all the transparancies and loved the result.

This was my first mini book and after this I was hooked! I used the Magistical Memories Mix It Up book and entered it in for a Guest Design team spot at Magistical Memories and ended up being offered a DT spot for November and December 2007! I loved playing with this book and found it opened up a whole new world for me.

The colors here are amazing and I love the tape measure ribbon (I use it alot!!). There is just something so cozy and warm about this layout, it's one of my faves.I used my creative DT kit from Scrapper's Haven to make this one.

This was my take on the One Little Word challenge and I fell in love with that blog too!! I can now hardly wait to see the new words. I love the Basic Grey paper on here and how I added the lace and other goodies on it for such an urban grunge look.

I love the neutral colors here again with the splashes of orange and how I captured this photos without my daughter knowing. Just looking at it is like a secret glimpse into her world and I always wonder what she is thinking about. I used the awesome Imaginisce rub ons from Scrapper's Haven for this and they went on like buttah!

This was my first time using index prints for a layout and I LOVED IT!!! I love how this showcases alot of my layouts and sums up for me why I scrap. This one just makes me happy looking at it! ha ha I used my creative DT kit from Scrapper's Haven to make this fun layout.

Another mini book and this time in the shape of a word, Love. This book was so much fun to make, I did it on the story of how the hubs and I met and where we are today. I love the colors, the ribbons, the flowers, everything about this book. I used the new BoBunny chipboard book and my creative kit from Scrapper's Haven.

Well, this was so much fun going through my fave layouts of 2007. The funniest thing is that none of the faves that I picked were ever pubbed or picked up for publication and the ones that were pubbed or have been requested weren't listed as my faves! What does that mean?? haha I guess it goes to show that beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. That or I just don't know what makes a good pub! ha ha

Friday, December 28, 2007


I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I am so happy to be enjoying my time off from work and am hoping to get in some scrappy time soon so I can play with some of my new toys! haha I bought the Making Memories paper cutter with the 50% coupon from Michael's and will use it today. I'm sure anything is better than the Fiskars piece of crap I had that always cut crooked. The Making Memories one has self sharpening blades, how cool is that?? I am waiting for an order of scrappy stuff from 2 peas that has a whack of fun stuff in it, like the 7 Gypsies gaffer tapes, which I am totally hooked on!! When I get it I'll take a pic and post it in all it's glory! Here's a layout I did over the holidays using that awesome gaffer tape:

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I'm such a slacker...

not doing too good on keeping up on this whole blog thing! haha I have been busy finishing up some DT work for Magistical Memories as this is my last month on the team (wah!) and I am so kicking my a$$ for not reapplying. The way I looked at it was I wanted to be able to totally give 100% and with being on 2 DT's already I really wasn't sure I was able to do that and also maintain my sense of duty and integrity. Belonging to a DT entails being on the message boards, doing the projects, challenges, articles, blogs etc.. depending on which one you belong to. I think I did the right thing because I do have to work full time (uuuggh!) and I don't ever want to have to feel like my fun is work, you know? I will totally apply the next time they have an opening though if I feel I can handle it as their chipboard (and what they send you to play with!!!) rocks the kazba!!! With that said, here is the awesome Magistical Memories Scallop Lace chipboard mini book that I had soooo much fun playing with:

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Puter Problems...

What a week! First off I had computer issues and because I'm no techie I'm afraid I probably brought this on myself. My computer wouldn't start up becuase it said Windows was corrupt and I needed to re-install windows. Well, apparantly when you do that you wipe most of the stuff off your computer and totally, I mean totally, get rid of ALL your emails, ALL your contacts, ALL your important stuff!! I could have cried. So if I haven't emailed anyone I should be it's because I don't have my email database anymore! aaaahhhhh (*&&^&*^$%(^#*_#() Ok. I'll be fine. I will have to try and build it up again but I shudder to think of all the stuff I lost. I must have had over 700 emails, alot were important like contracts, orders, ebay stuff, etc... I really should have talked to a techie person first I think before barging ahead and saying "yeah, system restore, put that windows back in" because what if I could have prevented this fresh hell??? But alas, what is done is done and I'm surprisingly calm about it.

Maybe because it's Christmas and the hubs and I put the tree up today!! woohoo!! The lights are twinkling, it's awesome. I have to do some baking this week and clean the house but I'm so ready for Christmas! Here is our tree:

Here are the boys
wearing their Christmas best,
they are ready too!

Sunday, December 2, 2007


Boy did I have fun playing with these "crazy for gears" from Magistical Memories! As soon as I saw them I was reminded of that song from friends, you know the one where "It's like you're always stuck in 2nd year, when it hasn't been your day, your week, your month, or even your year...." and it got me thinking that I am way too wound up and get way too excited about things. So I created this layout on how I really need to learn how to relax more.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Word Up!

The new word from the One Little Word challenge blog is "live". I love these challenges. I knew right away I wanted to do a layout on a bunch of pics I had of me and my best friend so I found a quote about friendship that had the word "live" in it and voila!

I'm off to do some running around and one of the stops I have to make is down to my local scrappy store as they want to take my picture to put on their scrappy wall of fame!! woohoo! They carry the Canadian Scrapbooker magazine so they want a pic of me holding the magazine open to one of my layouts, how exciting!


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