Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Time to roll in the gutter!

Woot! Here is my first layout as an official Gutter Girl!

Make sure you pop on over to the Gutter Girlz challenge blog to check out the fab layouts by the DT and to play along with us! I went for more of a graphic look this time and didn't use any paint (gasp!) but I like to shake it up a bit and surprise myself sometimes! haha

Also, check out the most awesome sale Magistical Memories is having. If you are in need of chipboard or have always wanted to fondle, I mean play with, their chipboard check it out.

Monday, December 29, 2008

I'm on a roll!

I stayed up last night making more ATC's and am sooo happy I got 3 different packages of Timmy's alcohol inks. I went for some golden browns and slight greens and got this lovely background (and used a stamp I hadn't used before too!)

I love the colors with the black embossed image. I also used my gold leafing pen and put gold leafing on each side of the card, not sure if you can see that here. Then I wanted to make a backround that reminded me of the ocean so I could use my beautiful mermaid stamp again and created this

I love the little crown I put on her! Then for the Marilyn Monroe swap over at Swap-bot (we had to make 2 cards each for 2 partners) I made this one and did alot of masking and was really happy with the outcome.

So there you have it! I am still on an ATC roll and even went out today with my parents for some shopping and stopped by Michaels, again. I can't go back there for a couple months as I have spent my limit for sure!! I got a set of Timmy's metallic mixatives (gold and silver)and black and sepia toned Archival ink pads (those suckers are expensive!) and a few other things. Still can't get my hands on Timmy's ink blending tool! Why???? Alot of the stuff at Michael's was sold out and I was also pissed because now they guard their coupons like gold. The stupid flyers they keep in the store don't have the coupons in them (can you believe that???) and I told the girl I was from out of town and could they just mark my name down on the roster (like they used to do!!!) and she said no, they don't do that anymore and if you don't have a coupon too bad so sad. She said people had been "abusing" the coupons. So what?? Everything is over priced there anyways!! Lucky I had a coupon on the bottom of my bill from the last time I was there but I would have loved to have used another 1 or 2 (my mom could have gone through for me on a purchase) as those flippin ink pads were $16.99!! Oh the things we do for our crafts eh???

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fooling around with Timmy's alcohol inks!

Ok, I'm probably one of the last people on earth to have discovered these babies but boy are they fun! At first I was really worried that I should have only bought 1 package to make sure I liked them because I used them on normal cardstock (yeah, duh!) and the cardstock just quickly sucked up the ink and I was like huh? So, then I googled more about these mysterious alcohol inks and found out they are for "non porous surfaces". Duh! So, I wracked my brain on what I could use for ATC backgrounds and cut up some glossy photo paper but that didn't work great. At all. So I cut up some transparancies and they worked awesome! I also watched some videos of Timmy on youtube (it's amazing how many videos he has and he shows you how to use all the stuff!!)on how to apply the inks, etc.. and this is what I made

Neat eh? The other thing that happened was I used versafine ink to stamp the images onto the transparancy after I did the alcohol inks but the ink wouldn't dry. So....once again I googled about different inks and found out I should have used something else so what I did was sprinkle black embossing powder on and then embossed them, making it work for me. I'm not an expert stamper that's for sure and there is soooo much to learn! But I am finding it fascinating and am adding different techniques to my bag of tricks.

Here is an ATC I did for the Marilyn Monroe ATC swap over at Swap-bot using the masking technique, which was very cool! Plus I used some of Timmy's distress inks but didn't get the blending down pat yet. Need to work on that.

I ran back to my LSS today to get some glossy cardstock and am now going to play with that and see how the alcohol inks will do on that. Wish me luck!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas full of good times, good food and laughter with their friends and families! I had an awesome Christmas and once again John and I cooked the big big bird and had my parents over and the Gramas. We were a perfect tag team and were even more organized than last year so Christmas supper went perfect (except we under estimated the cooking of the bird, which we do every year, and had to let it cook an extra hour) but as my mom said, "what else we got?" Meaning, no hurry, we don't have anywhere to go. I love when she says that! We had turkey, homemade cabbage rolls John and I had made, perogies, mashed potatoes, mashed turnips (yummmyyyy!!), stuffing (John made the best ever!!)haha
Here are some Christmas morning pics

me opening a present

John with this awesome huge Budweiser mug I got him. I got him one last year too and he loved it so much that when I saw them again this year I grabbed it!

Paige with the coolest t-shirt ever!! I got her this t-shirt and wanted one for myself sooooo bad but they make them all for skinny teen girls. I wanted to stuff my body inside one so bad but I'll have to live vicariously through her! haha

Michael finally came home today, he spent Christmas with the girlfriend and her family, don't even get me started on that one.....

The boys, aren't they sweet???

John and I in front of the tree

me cooking up a storm!

Yummy stuff

These are my Christmas goodies! We went out yesterday and were Boxing Day warriors and braved the massive crowds as Paige wanted to spend her Christmas money clothes shopping and I wanted to hit up Winners (found nothing, very unusual...I must already have all the good purses!! haha) and Michaels where I found some of this stuff. I also went out today to my LSS as John said "go and treat yourself" and who was I to argue?? So I got some more stuff there too. I love you Heidi and Timmy!!!! I'm dying to try these alcohol inks out!! I watched Timmy's 12 tags of Christmas and became hooked and convinced that I needed to get alcohol inks. I think there may have been some subliminal messaging in his blog as I somehow came away with 3 packages of them, and they aren't cheap!!! haha I also had to get his letter masks because I have Heidi's and they rock but these are even cooler as they are different fonts and kind of grungy. I lllooovveee masks!! I have a couple hours to myself today before I head out for drinks with the family so I'll see if I can whip something pretty up!!

Here is my layout for the Scrapping the Music challenge

and here is my layout for The Story Matters challenge and I was really happy how this one turned out. I love this picture of me when I was around 17 or 18, so carefree, not a care in the world. John and I had gone camping for the weekend and I have alot of really neat pictures showing us young, in love, and having alot of fun.

We also watched The Dark Knight and it was really good! I loved Heath Ledger as the joker, it was a very dark movie and he played the role amazingly. So sad he is no longer here....

Let me know how your Christmas was! What did you get? Any scrappy stuff?? What did you eat??

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Winner, winner, winner!!!!!

As promised I drew from my little red tin the name of the lucky person that won the Scrapbook Trends October Cards book

and the lucky winner is

yay! Email me Carla and let me know your addy so I can pop this beauty into the mail for you! Congrats and thanks to everyone who visits my blog and leaves their comments.

Yesterday I did indeed bake up my shortbread cookies, all 6 dozen of them!! Here is what they looked like before going in

Here is the aftermath

and here are the wonderful cookies all baked up

It felt so good to get those done. I didn't get to my black bean dip but I'll do that today! John made homemade pizza last night

and after we were all done cooking and baking up a storm we relaxed and watched a couple movies (man I love being off work!!!)

This was movie was awesome! I was a little worried in the beginning because it was kind of slow for the first 15 minutes but after that WHAM! It grabbed you and didn't let go until the end. I loved how it was filmed which was from the perspective of someone who had a movie camera and was filming it. John didn't care for the shakiness of it but after a while you kind of forgot about that. Loved this show!!

Then we watched

It was entertaining, had some hilarious parts to it like "I just put my ball sack on your drum set", that killed me!!! Plus the fact that you actually got to see Will Farrell put his ball sack onto the drum set, priceless. I laughed alot but I took it for what it was, a comedy.

I finally took a Christmas pic of the boys in front of the tree, much to their horror. Check out the looks of their faces. John kept saying "poor guys"! hahaha

But they are good sports. Sam had his little Santy coat on and Skyler had his little bell hat. I'll take more pics with some more props this season for sure.

I finally made an ATC using this cool stamp that makes it look like there is a cracked hole in whatever you stamp it on

but then I had to kind of ruin it with a big bloody fingerprint! I was thinking it would look cool but really it just looks like I screwed up on the paint. Oh well, live and learn right?

Well, I have to get mobile and get some stuff done today. I have a massage this aft (she's trying to get a rib back into place, yeah, ouch!!!) and then my parents are in town and will be coming over for happy hour!! woohoo!!! Let the good times roll!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Busy making stuff

Oh it felt good to add to my art journal!!! I just love how the more you add to it the more arty, crumpled, colorful and interesting it gets! I played along again with the Work Your Soul challenge blog (I won the image transfer challenge last week!! woohoo!!!) and did this journal page

and then I played along again with the Creative Therapy challenge blog and did this art journal page

I just looovveeee playing with the paint. I also found time to play with The Art is Found challenge blog and did this fun and whimsical layout using all Magistical Memories chipboard

Now I have to make shortbread cookies and black bean and corn dip (I make it with fresh red peppers, purple onions, black beans, corn and cilantro and we dip taco chips into it. Yummo!!) and John is going to make homemade pizza. I'll try to take pics!

Oh, we watched these 2 movies this weekend

We both enjoyed this one, full of action and I thought the hitman dude was super cute too!

This one was pretty funny, I never knew Justin Timberlake was so funny! Well, off to get baking, later dudes!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Good times had by all!

Tis the season to be out and about and having fun with friends, family and co-workers. A couple nights ago John went out with his cronies (I just love that word) and his one friend bought himself a hearse. Yes, a hearse. So he came and picked John and Dave up from our house where they had already been rocking around the Christmas tree to go to his house (I had just come home from work and was in no mood for their antics, I just wanted a quiet house!!). It was so funny though because John gets right into my scrapping by saying "hey, when Ivan comes with the hearse take some pictures because there's a layout in there!" haha Isn't that cute?? And his friend Dave was doing poses for me like "ok, here's us waiting for the hearse"

and a bunch more like "here's us thinking when will the hearse come?" or "yay! here's the hearse!" It was hysterical! Anyways, here are the boys with the hearse

The pic of John waving goodbye from the hearse just kills me! There was no backseat in there either! haha Once they were gone I was able to enjoy a nice quiet evening in my scrap room, which was lovely.

Last night I went out with my office to a pasta night and it was sooooo yummy!! It's a pasta bar where you put all kinds of toppings into these bowls and then the chef pan fries it in front of you with different kinds of pasta and seasonings. He'll ask you if you want white or red wine, garlic, spices, etc.. and then he puts in onto a plate and you take it over to a side table and take your pick of white alfredo sauce, red sauce or red sauce with meat. I was soooooo stuffed after but it was totally worth it!!! Here's some pics of the night

This is where you started with the little bowls and filled them up. I put in my bowl black olives, green onions, peas, fresh mushrooms, shrimp, crab and spicy italian sausage. Yummo!!!

This is the pasta added in with the toppings now. Are you hungry yet??

And this is the final dish, loaded with sauces and freshly grated parmasan cheese!!! Add some Coors Light to that and I was in heaven. Totally.
Here is me and my best friend and co-worker Gay

and here's me having a photo op with the chef, who was really funny and seemed very amused by me and my camera. He was like "so, where are all of you from?" and I'm like "from here". hahaha Then I explained the whole camera thing by saying "I'm a scrapbooker" and he said his mother was a major scrapbooker and did like 8 albums just this year. So I was like "oh, she's hardcore eh?" haha

It was a great time and then afterwards I came home and got into my jammies (after that meal who wouldn't!!) and had some more beer and scrapped! I made this for the new Scrapjacked challenge and I loved that I was able to use up 12 pics from our summer vacation (yes, I'm still scrapping that!!!)

I forgot to post these awesome stamps I got earlier this week too (I know, somebody stop me!!!!)

Now I just have to find some time to play with them. And for the first time since the scalping I had some self portrait fun and got these pics


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