Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ahoy matey, thar's treasure to be found....

at Zellers!! OMG! Can you believe it? I was wandering around my Zellers and while I'm there I always check out the scrap isle (why I don't know because it's always lame!!) but on this particular day the heavens parted and there was a ray of light that shone down onto this:

so of course I went ballistic in the isle, wanting to share my glee with someone but no one was in the isle except for a man on a scooter checking out the photo albums.... and needless to say I didn't feel the love or think he would be as enthused as I so I snatched up these babies and ran for the till!

and can hardly wait to play with them! I have never seen this line anywhere before, has anyone else?? It is so awesome!

On a shittier note I'm having computer problems AGAIN! All was well until my son was on my computer for the morning, downloading music, watching you tube and all the other stuff teens do, and now my computer is screwed. My PC-cillon internet security keeps scanning and then saying it can't finish the scan, that I must reboot my computer and shit. I have had it with computer problems. After losing almost a year's worth of pictures this is just too much to take and much too soon.

I will say that when I got groceries tonight at Superstore they were selling a duo pack of 1 gig hi speed memory cards for $14.99!! I know, can you believe it? So I grabbed a pack and will now start just leaving my pics on them. I refuse to be screwed again. Yet here I am, being screwed again....

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The perfect day

So I've started doing these challenges over at Scrapping the Music and the challenge this week was to scrap your perfect day. I thought the Magistical Memories May kit was perfect for this as it is fun, colorful and happy (and whooooo can resist those cute little owls??) hee hee Everything was from the kit except for the orange background paper and the little chipboard circle in the word "note". I painted the Magistical Memories circle frame white so it would pop off the paper. This was one of my perfect days that I had while I was on holidays in Calgary this past February. A day of shopping followed by beers, tortilla chips and a wicked corn salsa we bought at the local farmer's market. Pure bliss!!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Life is good

I picked up this little mini kit from Michael's and it was just a quick, cute little mini. I prefer having mini's with binder clips as this one is a little stiff to open and close but I loved the colors.

I have another little K & Company mini album as well that I'm looking forward to playing with. At the rate I'm going I'm going to need another basket to keep all of these in! haha

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Word up!

I'll never get tired of saying that! hee hee So not only do I totally look forward to the One Little Word Challenges but I do believe I'm hooked. As in addicted. But there are totally worse things than that right? One thing I've done for the past while at Scrapper's Haven is to post my take on the OLW and hope to inspire others to play along. I did that tonight and it was very bittersweet because the Haven will be closing down at the end of next month and I have enjoyed my time on the Design Team there immensely. I have made alot of online scrappy friends and loved going there and "hanging out". So when I posted it tonight I felt a little melancholy. Without further adieu here is my take on the OLW.

Also, make sure you check out Donna's huge sale at the Haven, every week it goes down and right now EVERYTHING is 45% off!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The mini madness continues....

This clear mini from the Magistical Memories May kit is just the cutest little thing! I painted the chipboard fancy frames and then glued them to the clear mini on alternating pages and loved how it turned out. I also liked adding paint to the edges of the clear pages for definition and color. Everything was from the kit except for the paint, little letter stickers and stamps. I can hardly wait to start playing with the other clear minis they sent me!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dream Girls Challenge #4

I am what I am (and when I say this it's in a Popeye kinda voice!) haha This is my take on our newest challenge, which was to take inspiration from the avatar on the blog and you had to use cardboard.

I had alot of fun ripping off some of the corrugated cardboard and then painting it. That's one thing I love about challenges is they make me think outside the box. Like when would I have really ripped apart a piece of cardboard and made a layout out of it? Great inspiration so come on over and play with us at Dream Girls Challenge Blog

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I am the Queen of Computer Dorkness....

all hail to my stupidity. I'm starting to think that I'm here to serve as a warning to others!! My computer wouldn't start up the other night after I received a download from Microsoft, kept saying windows couldn't start and the screen would go black. So...being Glenda the Queen of Computer Dorkness, I didn't do what smart people would do, I decided to fix it myself.

I did a system restore (never a good thing unless in the hands of a trained professional) and wanted to pick 3 days back but for some bizarre reason, it restored my computer to factory settings. Yeah. Lost most of my pics (I did a backup in November so I'm missing 6 months of pics now), had to reinstall programs, etc.. and it's still not 100%. I lost emails, contacts, etc.. If I let myself think about it too much I would make myself sick so I said to myself what I always say in crappy times and that is "well, nobody died". So in the big scheme of things I think I'll be ok. I'm very regular about getting my pics developed so I guess my fave ones I'll just have to scan into my computer. What more can I do? Nuttin....

The bad thing is I did the same thing last fall....when will I learn??? So just a reminder everyone, please back up your pics...I'm now going to mark it on my calendar to do it on a set day EACH month. I will ensure this never happens to me again!

I think fate felt sorry for me and decided to brighten my day because I got an email today from Canadian Scrapbooker requesting another one of my layouts for the fall issue! I just love that magazine! So I will pack it up and ship it out this Friday so it will be on it's way.

Another cool find I had was I bought this clear glass jar to store most of my flowers in after seeing something like this at my LSS

I wanted something like this for my scraproom but didn't want to buy it because I already have a zillion flowers. I have Primas, I have Doodlebug, I have misc. ones from the Dollar Store, I have Heidi Swapp, etc..... So I was at my local dollar store and more and came across this beauty of a glass jar that I knew would be perfect for my scrap table. Not only would it house my flowers but it would be pretty to look at.

Isn't that pretty?? I can be so crafty sometimes! haha I love the glass lid too, keeps the dust out! So, a couple things like this turned my day into a pretty darn good one. Doesn't take much for me eh?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there! I am enjoying my day, I sat in my jammies until 12:30 sipping on coffee, playing on the puter and putzing around in my scrap room. It was heavenly. Paige cleaned the kitchen for me and I have steaks marinating for supper tonight. John is going to barbeque while I sit back and get pampered, how heavenly not to have to make a meal for a change!! I will totally milk this day for all it's worth! haha

The One Little Word challenge was up last week and the word was "today". As soon as I saw that word I knew what I was going to do my layout on. Lately I have been looking back on the past alot (and I'm not even that old!!!) and remembering when the kids were little and wishing I would have savoured it more, would have cherished each and every minute more, would have maybe done things differently, not been as rushed, maybe spent more time going to the park, etc.. I think we all look back on things and wish we would have done things differently. You just don't expect the years to fly by until one day you are looking at kids that are 13 and 18 and thinking to yourself "where did the time go??". So this word was perfect and here is my take on it:

Saturday, May 10, 2008

A blog award for moi?

Jenna Franklin gave me this awesome blog award and I was so flattered, it really made my day! Now I have validation that I'm not just talking to myself, someone really is looking at my blog! hahaha Hey, not that I'm against talking to oneself! I do it all the time! You have to check out Jenna's blog because she is the altering Queen! She has an awesome tutorial on Modge Podge (which should be everyone's friend but sometimes isn't) and some beautiful projects (she is rocking the birdhouses!).

Jenna had a great writeup explaining this award so I've just copied and pasted it:
The Arte Y Pico award (which according to my handy Google translater means “Art Peak”) is an award passed from blogger to blogger as a form of creative recognition. :) Here’s the lowdown:

1. The recipient picks 5 blogs that they consider deserving of the award for their creativity, design, interesting material, and also contributes to the blogging community, no matter what language.

2. Each award has to have the name of the author and also a link to his/her blog to be visited by everyone.

3. Each award winner has to show the award and put the name and link to the blog that has given her/him the award itself.

4. The award winner and the one who has given the prize have to show the link of the Arte Y Pico blog, so everyone will know the origin of this award. (Here’s the link to a page translated to English by Google)

5. To show these rules.

I am fairly new to the blogging world, I've only had my blog up since December 2007. I used to think "like why would I have a blog? What do I have to talk about? What is all this blogging stuff??" but when I started it I was hooked! For me it's just another creative outlet to talk about whatever, share my projects and work and stay connected with other people I've met in the scrappy world. So, without further adeiu here are 5 blogs that I really enjoy visiting:

Sounds of Science by Kristina Contes - I discovered her blog back when I discovered the Dares and it changed the way I scrapped and thought about scrapping. I was never one of the babies, puppies and bunnies scrappers so when I found her blog it was like "YES!" Not only is her work super inspiring but she talks about random stuff that I find hilarious. Like what is an Armadillo Inheritance? It's killing me! Kristi, I need to know!! haha She also has such cool pics and photography on her site and looks like she has such a fun outlook on life and has fun doing it. I would totally hang with her. Oh, and because of her I discovered Fontwerks stamps and just had to have the fresh foliage set and searched high and low until I got my hands on them and then stamped like a fiend with them! Thanks Kristina!

Journal Revolution by Linda Woods and Karen Dinino - These 2 sisters can rock the art journals and art like nobody's business!! I thought I had died and gone to heaven when I discovered their Journal Revolution book in February. Because of them I bought myself an art journal, pimped the cover, and have discovered a new creative outlet. That book was amazing! Filled with techniques for paint, using tape, type, etc.. This book just whet my appetite for their other book, Visual Chronicles, but do you think I can find one?? Karen, Linda, can you hook a girl up? haha I am now part of the Art Army too(how cool is that handle??) and love posting on Flickr as they have a group on there just for the purpose of sharing art. You have to check out this blog, it will light a creative fire under you and have you rolling in paint, masking tape and all things creative!

Little Musings by SJ- I discovered SJ's blog after becoming a Dream Girl with her. She has mad photography skillz (check out her cute baby!!), fun pics she posts of random stuff (loving her shoe narratives and yes SJ, those sky high black killer Mary Janes are killer!) and beautiful work. Her blog is just a visual treat for the eye and I need to spend some more time browsing through it. She has a fun personality that really shows in her work and in her blog and she also has a love of chipboard, just like me! She is now also a stamp designer so you have to go and check her out. You will have alot of fun on her blog and get to enjoy some eye candy as well!

Ginger Grace by Jen Jockisch - this woman's work is amazing!! She can rock the paper flowers like no tomorrow and I love her style and how she puts things together. She is also a Fashionista over at SIStv - talk about talented! You have to go and check out her blog as you will be inspired when you see her layout titled "Rock", it just made me smile. She has such a fun upbeat spirit that you can sense when you visit her blog. Not only does she rock the layouts but she is a cardmaking Queen! Love your stuff Jen!!

The Green Frog Studio by Celinne Navarro. When I think of Celinne I think right away of art, painty hands and fun bright colors. She has such an artistic style using lots of fun bright colors, textures, transparancies and other goodies. She is also a Fashionista over at SIStv and you will be so inspired by her blog that you will want to run home and bust out your paints, roll around in Thickers and create! Thanks for inspiring me Celinne!

So now I have passed on the blog award and hopefully have inspired some of you as well. Have fun checking out these amazing blogs, I love discovering new blogs and being inspired by artists as we all have something we can learn from each other.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Let the good times roll

So last night I went out with my peeps, the first time in a long time!! We went to a retirement party at Dooly's, a pool hall, and had drinks and pizza & caesar salad. After that we knew we wanted to do the "walkabout" downtown and see if we could find trouble or if trouble would find us. Neither happened, but what I did discover is that I'm really not missing much when I don't go out! All we saw were 19 - 20 something year old girls drunk and grinding with each other on the dance floor. Yeah, good times eh? wth?? I don't know if this is the new generation (God forbid) or what but it was bizarre. They even have stripper poles at some of the bars. I don't know about you, but when I'm out with the girls the last thing I want to see is some young chick flashing her bits on a stripper pole. So, needless to say the night ended early as every bar we went to had such a young crowd. Not that we're ancient but come on, isn't there an in between??
Here's some of us on this neat staircase in the bar, not sure where it led to but we probably don't wanna know! haha

Here's me and my best friend Gay. Not sure why I bust out the bunny ears when pics are happening but it's uncontrolable! I really have to have some self control...

So then today was my day off and I wasn't too much of a hurtin unit, since the evening ended before midnight, so I toddled off downtown to have some me time. I went and got an iced cap and then hit my LSS and treated myself to 3 of these awesome rub ons from Scenic Route

and then I went to this new store that opened up downtown called "Rings and Things" and it is soooo funky!! It is filled with awesome silver jewellry, baubles, house stuff, funky wall canvases and unique things

and I bought myself a necklace that I had been ooohing and aweing over last week. I said when payday came I would treat myself and treat myself I did! There are 2 more I'm oggling as well but that will have to wait. Here is the one I got

and it has a flip side

Isn't that just the coolest necklace?? Then when I got home after my afternoon of fun, I saw that Fedex left a card in my mailbox and I was like "aaaahhhhhh!!!" because I have been waiting for my layout to get sent back to me from CK as well as my copy of the 50 Moments book. So I called the 1-800 number and asked them to deliver it to me at work Monday but luck was on my side because they called me back and said they had dropped it off at the bus depot! So I jumped into Sassy and drove down there and got it!! I couldn't get home fast enough to tear the box open and see where my layout was. I'm on page 133

I haven't had a chance to look all throughout the book yet but it's gorgeous!!! I recognize some names in there and just being included with them is such an honor and a thrill! I'm doing the happy dance!!

So, today was a good day!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

This is how I roll

I'm amazed at what the talented designers at Magistical Memories keep coming up with and always look forward to their exciting and fun new ideas and this one was no exception. As soon as I saw this funky little car chipboard mini I knew I just had to have it because I spend alot of time in Sassy, my car, and wanted to pay homage to her with her own little mini. You do all have a name for your car right? This mini was so much fun to make and the cover kinda reminds me of the Scooby van! haha

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Whooo I love!

Woot! Woot! Sound the hooty alarms as the Magistical Memories May kit was filled with owl goodness! When I saw the chipboard owl mini book I knew I wanted to do something about family. I had titles running through my head and decided on "Whooo I love". I was also thinking about "what I don't give a hoot about" but thought that might be a little negative and my friend suggested "whooos your daddy"! haha Absolutely everything was from the kit except for the photo corners, binder clip & paint. tfl!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Life this month

I have always wanted to do a page documenting a month in our lives, even though my life is pretty boring! So I picked a month that had a few things happening, nothing too exciting, but at least I had something right? I used the Magistical Memories funky new May kit and did this layout. I printed off a calendar page from the internet and then funked it up with cool stuff from the kit. Everything was from the kit except for the foam letters (previous kit), letter stickers, photo corner, stamps, paint & stickles.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

I'm a quitter!!!

But in a good way! When the Dream Girls Challenge Blog came up with the #3 challenge, which is to scrap something you are proud of and use chipboard and a sticker/stickers I knew totally what I was going to do this challenge on.

I used to be a smoker most of my life, started when I was 13 and puffed merrily and happily along until my first child was born. Then I quit. But, being stupid I started up again after Michael was born. Then when I got pregnant with Paige I quite once again and after she was born started up. Stupid, stupid, stupid.... Hindsight and all that jazz.

So...finally on Thanksgiving 2002, John suggested we quit smoking, which to me was shocking because he was hard core! But I jumped on the bandwagon thinking yes, we should do this. At first it was hard, especially when I had my beers, but then it got easier and easier to the point where I absolutely HATE smelling cigarette smoke! But, after 2 years of being smoke free John gave in and started up again. I was soooo disappointed and angry! What happened to us being a team? But I could either accept it or fight it and I chose to let it go but get my digs in as much as I could! haha For example, when he starts hacking that smokers cough I say "oh, must be time for a smoke eh?" (Disclaimer: our house is smoke free, he has to smoke outside!)hahaha I have many more good digs too! But I am proud to say that I have remained smoke free for 5 1/2 years now and am so happy I did it~! I used to worry about getting cancer and thinking how would I feel knowing what I did was self inflicted? How would I tell my kids? Now I know I have taken the steps to be healthier and whatever else happens at least I did this.


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