Monday, June 30, 2008

I'm a keener!!

The new Scrapping the Music challenge was just posted last night and I'm done my layout. Hey, but when you get an idea you have to just roll with it!

Holy shit eh, where's an Imagination Project contest when you need one? haha I busted out all the IP goodies that I've had gathering dust and was sooo happy to finally put them to use. So thanks ladies for another great challenge!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hambly heaven

Is there anything more yummy than Hambly?? I have been having alot of fun with my limited supply (I've been hoarding some as you can't buy it where I live). When I looked on the Hambly site they charge $26 to ship!! I know! A little too rich for my blood. Can anyone hook a girl up? Where is it cheaper to have it shipped from? I have spent a few hours googling all over the web, checking on Ebay, etc.. and there is one place that will charge $9.00 to ship but the selection isn't the greatest. So...if any of you know where there is a good selection and the shipping won't cost me my first born, please let me know!

The only other thing that would help me would be to get a spot on the DT, how cool would that be? What would be better than Hambly other than FREE Hambly to play with??? I threw my hat in the ring because for one, that would be a dream come true and two, you can't win if you don't play. I'm sure they have a gazillion talented designers vying for their cool stuff but I wanted to have a chance!! Here is what I did with this Hambly transparancy:

I'm just loving that teal color lately, maybe it's because it reminds me so much of summer, the ocean, everything tropical. Oh, and I cut out that Basic Grey paper with my new craft knife and almost crippled myself, but I think it was so worth the effort. So...please post any sites that you know of that can hook me up so I can feed my addiction! Later dudes!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mixin it up a little

I took the Magistical Memories 6 x 6 chipboard friends book and mixed it in with the 6 x 6 heart book and added the chipboard potty woman from the Hip Chick Kit to make this mini on my friends and I. I loved using these colors and adding Hambly to the mini. Yummy! I will say this is totally KC inspired as I love her use of color and I tend to scrap more bright colors and use alot of stuff on my stuff. But, these colors just seem so serene to me and I actually loved the minimalist approach. That's why I love trying new things and different styles because it mixes things up, keeps things fresh.

I also made this little guy for my 7 Gypsies ATC holder:

and at the dollar store yesterday I found this treasure, check out those gorgeous chipboard teal letters! Only a buck!! I almost had a seizure and I grabbed all 3 packs that were left. Greedy wench eh? haha I just love the jewel brads too, I've used them before and thought I had better grab a few more packs as they are only a dollar. If Heidi's name was on them you can bet your ass they would be $5.95!!!

Well, I'm going to finish my coffee and then the hubs and I are going to take the dogs for a walk on the trail today. Happy Saturday!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

At last

I made some ATC's. I made 2 for my 7 Gypsies ATC holder, which I love, and 2 for my ATC collection that I just keep in a binder (and is slowly growing fat from all the swaps I've been joining!!)
Here are the 2 for my holder:

Hey, what can I say? It's true!

I really love this one, I think it's so hot!

and this one is just some fun I had using the packaging from my Escada perfume. They don't make it anymore and it's really hard to come by so when I saw 3 bottles at Winners I stocked up on it!! Escada makes awesome perfume and every summer they come out with a special edition and then that's that, you can't buy it anymore.

I loved making these little lovelies.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

i believe

in being creative everyday! I had so much fun making this layout. I busted out the gesso (I know!), paint, deco tape (this is the first time I've used it since I bought it in February and just HAD TO HAVE IT!!!), chipboard, flowers, everything! I even tore a page out of an old CK magazine and used it as a backdrop and gesso'd over it. I love how it turned out because it is so arty and painty and fun.

I am experimenting with new things and shaking it up a little. I like making myself go out of my comfort zone, which I totally did with that Spring Walk layout. Man I felt out of my element with that one. I'm used to lots of stuff, bright colors, multiple pics. But every now and then I like to try on another style, play with stuff and see what happens. That's what art is all about!

Happy Hump Day!

So I'm starting off the middle of the week with some black nail polish, which I love!! I've been seeing it alot in the hollywood mags and bought this new Sally Hanson Color Quick pen last weekend when I got groceries. It is so cool! You click the top and then brush it on AND it's quick dry!!

and this is what it looks like (ignore my short stubby nails, I never said they were great nails, just that they are now painted black!) haha

The hubs just looked at them with a puzzled look and said "oh, you like that?" haha
Yep. I do.

On a scrappy note, I am sending away my holiday ATC swap cards today and here is a sneek peek (I chose Canada Day because Canada rocks!)

I can hardly wait to get everyone else's back! Well, off to work! Later dudes!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I'm officially a stalker now.....

Yep. I've now entered another realm of crushin on Johnny Rzeznik. What's a girl to do other than just go with it though right? Come on, he's hot! I put together a mini of my fave songs that they sing along with the lyrics to each, as well as smokin hot pics. I was going to say this mini was a labour of love but that would mean it was work and it wasn't! It was soooo much fun. I used the Blur line of papers from Tinkering Ink because to me they scream Rock Star!!

Ahhh. Sweet. I highly recommend making a mini of your fave band or rock star. This was one of my funnest mini's yet.

My Big Plans

My daughter had a busy month so I thought this calendar page from the Magistical Memories Hip Chick Kit was perfect to document what went on in her life this month. I loved all the fun goodies as it made it such a teen girl layout. Everything was from the kit except for the dymo labels, alpha stickers, stamps, crown and smiley face sticker. tfl!

Spring Walk

I made this using my
Magistical Memories Cool Dude Kit. These papers were really nice for guy layouts, I loved the earthy tones with the punch of orange. I used these papers to showcase the pics of the hubs and I taking our dogs for a walk so that the pictures could stand out on their own. Everything was from the kit except for the white cardstock and chipboard letters. tfl!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fashion ATC swap

I got my cards back from this swap yesterday and they were awesome!! Look at all of this tiny art! This was my first bigger swap that I received cards back for so far. Mine is the one on the bottom right that says "nature's fashion" with the animal prints and feather. growl!

I am waiting to get 3 more sets back from other swaps I signed up for. One is a crush swap, another is a cartoon swap and then the SIStv sister swap (I had to make 60 cards for this one!! 60!!) I am also signed up for a holiday swap (I picked Canada Day! yay!) and those are due August 1st but I have to get crackin on them this month so I can send them away as the host is from the states.

I haven't made an ATC for a couple weeks and am kinda missing it. I'll have to carve out some time to bust a couple out and get my fix.

Friday, June 20, 2008

I'm an addict

I admit it. Totally. Call me a product floozy, a scrapaholic, an embellishment junkie, whatever. I won't argue with you. The hubs always says how hooked or addicted I am and I always reply "hey, it could be worse, I could be a crackhead!" haha The way I look at it is I quit smoking almost 6 years ago and from all of the money I saved not trying to give myself cancer I think I can treat myself and put it towards scrappy stuff, scrappy goodness....yummy... So imagine the seizure I had when I went over the the Magistical Memories site and saw THIS!!!!!

Drool right?? I'm just working on a layout using their Cool Dude kit and now can hardly wait to get this baby in the mail!! Crystle you rock!! You rock the kazba!!

Ok, let's kick it down a notch as the excitement was reaching a fevered pitch. Non scrappy stuff? Today was my day off. I got groceries at Stupidstore, they had the $30off coupon which I live for, so all was well. Then I hit the old Giant Tiger and if you are lucky enough to have one you will know exactly what I mean. That store rocks. Took the boys for a walk on the trail, which they loved. Of course they had to stop and sniff EVERY single blade of grass, lampost, turd, garbage can they encountered but hey, we had at least a good 35 minute walk and it was great. The sun was shining, there was a breeze which was good as it was hot! Then I tried to duplicate McDonalds McChicken burgers and did a damn good job I think. I bought these Jane's Pub Style breaded chicken burgers, put them on a bun with lettuce and mayo and some pepper and voila! Very, very tasty. Now I'm scrapping, drinking a cold beer and loving life. Later dudes!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Crushin on Cosmo Cricket

Come hither Cosmo Cricket higher powers that be! (insert shameless plug for quest to be on their DT!) ha ha Hey, you know what I always say and that's that you can't win if you don't play! Remember that boys and girls! So, with that in mind, here are my projects using the most awesome Cosmo Cricket:
Art makes me happy

I made my first canvas, 16 x 20, using the awesome Cosmo Cricket papers and was soooo happy with how it turned out. It is now hanging in my livingroom.

I loved this fun line of papers for their brightness and zest

This line was super sweet and perfect for doing a layout on the hubs and I

and this layout I did for the One Little Word challenge for the word "strong"

and this is my last one (can you tell I've been on a Cosmo Crusade??)

Yep, I love Cosmo Cricket!!! Thanks for looking.

Killing 2 birds with one stone!

I love it when that happens, metaphorically of course! haha I would never condone harming innocent little birds. haha! I discovered a cool new challenge blog and lord knows I'm a sucker for challenges! This new site is called Gutter Girlz and it's pretty cool, check it out!! The challenge was to use panty hose (and I am forever grateful to them for giving me a chance to get those damn hose out of the package finally!!) and the prompt was Shania's "I feel like a woman" song. I used my Magistical Memories Hip Chick kit to create this:

Everything was from the kit except for the panty hose (of course! haha), brads, dymo label and foam letters which were from a previous Magistical Memories kit. This challenge was super fun and I'm looking forward to the next one!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Door Hangers

I have never made my own door hangers until now and man I had alot of fun with these! I made the hubs one for his office door using the Magistical Memories Cool Dude Kit and the colors were perfect for a dude. Everything was from the kit except for the black cardstock. Here is his

Isn't it cute?? And of course after making his I wanted one for my scrap room so I made this using the Hip Chick Kit

Everything was from the kit except for the little alpha stickers. Now I smile everytime I walk past the hubs office and into my scrap room!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dream Girls Challenge #6

Here is my take on the new Dream Girls Challenge #6

We have an absolutely amazing prize sponsored by Magistical Memories. Crystle has generously donated the Love Rocks kit as our prize. Check this out:

Come on, you know you wwaaannnt it!! Come on over and play and have a chance to win this amazing kit!

I Dream of Timmies "Cool Dude Kit"

This kit from Magistical Memories is jam packed with guy goodness! I love the colors, the little robot dude, the papers, everything!! I wanted to do a layout on the hubbie's love of Tim Horton's coffee and decided to do a playful layout on it. The Cool Dude kit was perfect for this! Everything was from the kit except for the chipboard letters, stamps, black ribbon, paint and dymo label. tfl!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

New Kits!!!

I got my new kits yesterday in the mail from Magistical Memories and they are
soooo awesome! The neat thing about the kits this time is that there is a kit for the chicks

here is a more detailed view of it

and a kit for the dudes

and another more detailed view of it

The kits from Magistical Memories are so plum full of scrappy goodness that whenever I get one I do a happy dance and can hardly wait to get home and bust into it!! They are full of papers, ribbons, buttons, chipboard, mini albums and lots of other awesome stuff. I am so lucky to be designing for them!! If you have never had the joy of working with one of their kits you owe it to yourself to try one! You won't be disappointed! Go and check out their website and see all of their scrappy goodness!! Ok, now I'm off to play with my kit. I've started working on the cool dude kit and the colors are so perfect for guys. Later dudes!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I am very weak.....

So at the expense of looking and sounding like a complete and total stalker I am posting my layout that I did for the Last Scrapper Standing contest at Create My Keepsake. I entered this contest and there are approx. 70 of us (wow!!) and the first challenge was to create a layout about your weakness. Well, I definitely have a few but Johnny is a big one. Not only have I had his CD in my car playing straight for over 3 months but I have loved the Goo Goo Dolls for years. WHat's not to love?? Come on! He's sexy, his voice makes me weak at the knees and watching him play that guitar and toss his hair almost makes me swoon!! I can listen to his sexy voice singing those songs and I am transported, almost mesmerized. One thing I love about their songs is that they are deep and meaningful and make me feel. Here is my weakness layout

Come on, admit it, he's hot!! Total rock star yummyness. It's really not just about his looks though, it's about how I feel when I hear him sing. Sounds corny I know but hey, it works for me! Anyhoo, back to the contest...after this challenge only 20 will get to go on!! That's right, 20!!!! Yikes! And the competition is fierce let me tell you! Come on over and check it out and wish me luck!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

This is good

I went out and bought a corkboard for my scrappy room and have been posting my layouts on it. I love seeing the last few layouts that I've done up on my wall, so I can enjoy them for a while instead of slamming them right into albums not to be seen for a long time!

I have been a busy bee lately, doing some layouts for contests, DT calls and challenges. Who knows what will become of it but hey, I got some damn good layouts out of it! haha I'm waiting to see what the next Scrapping the Music challenge will be tonight, going to have pizza for supper and finish off my Easter layout (I know, what a slacker eh?)

Tonight is the last night for Scrapper's Haven Iron Chef, I'm dying to see who will be the lucky gal that wins the top and bottom clip it up!!! Can you imagine?? The creations have been awesome and it's getting tight!! There are only 4 ladies left vying for this awesome piece of scrappy goodness. Good luck girls!!


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