Thursday, July 31, 2008

I need an intervention!!

Seriously, it's a good thing I go on holidays tomorrow because I need a challenge intervention! I was bummed because I didn't think I was going to be able to participate in The Story Matters challenge but I managed to squeeze one more out!! Honestly, the thought of missing one of these challenges that I have been playing along with is almost panic inspiring. That has to say something!!! Yeah, I'm a freak. Whatever. Hey, I could be a crack head or something right? So I dig the challenges, there are worse things!! They say the first step is admitting you have a problem! hahahaha Anyways, I used the awesome Tinkering Ink papers that I won from their Comfort Contest and I just love the purple and green. I have been wanting to scrap with purple for a while but haven't gotten around to it. Here is my take on the new challenge:

I love to daydream so this challenge was right up my alley. I just realized this is like my 3rd post today. Manic? Maybe.
Here is another self portrait with a new skull shirt:

I think I have most everything packed for tomorrow and I'm ready to enjoy a wonderful time with my daughter and family. Let the good times roll! Also, tomorrow the new Dream Girls challenge will be posted so I'm going to post mine first thing in the morning before I jet off. Later dudes!

You could win!!!

As you know I am lucky enough to design for the Are You Kitting Me kits from Magistical Memories and they are going to be giving away their fab September kit to one lucky winner!! Go to the Are You Kitting Me Blog and answer the questions for a chance to win that awesome kit!! Do it!! Their kits are plum full of scrappy goodness and everytime I get one in the mail I'm like a kid at Christmas! They rock the chipboard AND the kits, big time!
Here is a peek at what the August kit is:

Pretty awesome eh? I can hardly wait to get my hands on it! I'm hoping that when I return from holidays the bit white box is sitting in my scrap room in all it's glory. I'll have to tell John to keep checking the mail at the PO as I have a couple other things I'm waiting for.

Somebody stop me!!

I stayed up late last night to finish off the Gutter Girlz Challenge and I dug deep for this one. It's not a layout I would show the hubs or the kids because I wouldn't want them to ever think I hate my life, or that I wished anything different, but let's face it, we've all thought this at one time or another. So I was just being honest which is what the challenge was all about.

I had fun using the Junkitz travel papers as I wanted to convey the sense of wanting to escape! haha I love my family dearly but there are definitely times where I could pack up and escape somewhere, all by myself!!

Then today I did the One Little Word Challenge and the word was perfect for what I wish for Paige. I wish her to just be herself but I also remember being 14 and that is the last thing you want, is to be yourself!! haha

I had fun using more white space than I'm used to as well as keeping it more simple, but I like it. I just love these pics of her.

I'm busy packing today and doing last minute things as Paige and I go to see my family tomorrow! yay! John has to work, poor guy, so he'll hold down the fort and look after the boys. Every summer when Paige and I go the poor dogs don't know what's happened. Sam stays under our bed most of the time and Skyler hangs out with John. Then when I get home they go NUTS!!! They are always so happy to see me! I'm kinda bummed I don't think I'll get a chance to do The Story Matters Challenge but we'll see how much I get packed this aft! haha I think I'm going to need a challenge intervention soon!!! Later dudes!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Always believe in the the unbelievable

If I wouldn't have seen this with my own eyes I would have never thought this possible, ever. This video made me bawl like a baby, it really touched me. You have to see this video of Christian the lion, it made me believe all over again.

On a scrappy note, I finished 2 of my challenges! yay! Here is my challenge for the The Design Experiment

I had alot of fun doing this layout on my love of houseplants and finally got to use my Fancy Pants transparancy! Also, in the last issue of Scrapbooks Etc. Sasafrass Lass had a little postcard thing attached inside that you could pull out and use, so I did. That's where the little mushroom dude and clouds came from!

Here is my take on The Art is Found which was to use a photo as a title. I went a little crazy with the wild paper and paint here but I wanted it to convey just how crazy the price of gas is!!

I think this will be really neat to look back on and for future generations to look back on and see what the cost of gas was right now.

So...there are 3 more challenges just posted today that I would really like to do before I go on holidays! I just can't stand missing out, just like a kid eh? haha

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Challenge Frenzy!!

Ok, so you know I love a good challenge and I go on holidays this Friday, meaning I'm trying to get caught up on the challenges for this week!! It's a frenzy!! I finished the Scrapping the Music Challenge for this week and discovered a really, really cool thing.

The really cool thing was that I wanted to use my Heidi Swapp acrylic angel wings but I didn't want them to be clear, I wanted them on white. And since I don't have the wings stamp I scanned the wings in my scanner (put a white sheet of paper behind them) and then saved them to my puter, and then printed them and cut them out! Voila!! Just think of the possibilities. You could print them onto different colors of cardstock, patterned paper, etc.. I felt like a genius! Although I'm sure I'm not the first to discover this I was super excited! haha I also took the Heidi Swapp pink chipboard crown and just traced it onto black cardstock and then outlined it with my Signo white gel pen. It's all about improvising!

Then I was at my LSS yesterday because I had bought these Tim Holtz unmounted stamp refill pockets thinking they could fit into any old binder

but they can't. Timmy made them specially for his little zippered stamp binder which cost $28.99 at my LSS!!! I loved the look of his binder which you can check out here, he gives a tutorial on how cool it is:
Tim's cool binder
but didn't want to spend alot of money. So, I went to Zellers and got an 8 x 8 binder clip photo album for $3.49

and put my stamps inside the pocket, instead of outside, as some of mine don't stick the greatest

and also put a little sheet of the images in front of each pocket

So, while it may not be as cool as Timmy's it was cheap and it does the trick! Oh, and here are my Pet Peeve ATC sneak peeks for the swap at SIStv:

I have to get off this computer and clean my house now!

Oh, and I won The Design Experiment challenge, I was so excited!! It was my first time playing with them and I get an awesome prize!! They have their new challenge posted and I have to do it before I leave. Later dudes!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy Stuff

Just looking at this little guy makes me happy! I used the Magistical Memories Smiley Face Book as well as one of the Magistical Memories Fancy Frames. Since the book just screams "happy!!" I wanted to do a little mini on some of the things that make me happy. I also wanted the smiley face to be classic so I painted it yellow and then adhered black cardstock behind it so that I could still use the 2nd page without the eyes and smile showing through. One thing I love about their mini albums is that they are little and can be done in an evening and also make great gift albums.

Had a little self portrait fun

love this t-shirt (yeah, it has a skull on it of course!) haha

I'm now waiting for my paint and ink to dry on the back of my Pet Peeve ATC's so I can start on the front. I have an idea in mind and hope it turns out the way I want. I'm hoping to get them done tonight so they'll be postal tomorrow. Later dudes!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Magistical Memories Rocks the Chipboard!!!

So run, don't walk, over to their blog Magistical Memories to check out their new releases and leave a comment to tell them your favorite product and how you would use it on a layout or project, and make sure they have a way to contact you via email!

You will be entered into a drawing for the whole release! Winner will be selected on August 8th!! That's right, THE WHOLE FLIPPING NEW RELEASE!!! Can you imagine??? That would be like winning the chipboard lottery my friends!! Do it, do it now!!!

Happy Birthday Little Buddy!

I dropped by my bf's house after work yesterday as it was her birthday and had a couple cold beer with her. I gave her her presents, and she loved the little flower chipboard mini as well as the purse bling I got her. The other cool thing I found that I got her are these

are those not the coolest ever??? Here's Gay pouring us a shot

and here are the cute li'l shooters, filled with Bailey's goodness

We sat outside in her backyard, which is beautiful and filled with gorgeous flowers, trees and shrubs, and enjoyed our beer and caught up on stuff. She has been on holidays for the last week and half and I've been working but now I'm on holidays too!!

Also, yesterday I ran to Superstore and almost had a seizure when I spotted this baby for only $9.99!!!

Yes, that's right, 36 sheets of the Urban Rhapsody K & Company papers for only $9.99!!! So I split the slab with 2 other ladies for work as there were 3 of each kind of paper. So for $4 I got 12 gorgeous sheets of this!! Love it!!
Here is my layout for The Design Experiment challenge. It's my first time playing with them but I'm hooked and have added them to my places I hang out at!

Well, I'm off to see my Grama and then the hubs and I are going to barbeque steak on the deck tonight and have a cold beer. Gotta love summer!! Later dudes!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Where flowers bloom so does hope

Don't you just love that quote?? I know I do. This is the flower chipboard mini that came in the Magistical Memories Yes Dear July Kit. I made it for my bf's birthday tomorrow because she loves flowers and every summer she goes crazy getting bedding out plants for her yard. I added some beautiful quotes along with pictures of flowers and silk flowers to create a summery feel. I hope she likes it! I must admit I'm envious because her yard looks waaaayyy better than my yard, I don't even have a tree! But I'll be able to enjoy her beautiful backyard tomorrow when I head over there after work to have a cold beer and give her her presents! haha

Also, tomorrow is my LAST DAY and then I'm on holidays!!! Woohoo!! For 3 glorious weeks!! I can hardly wait! I'm even having beers tonight as a sort of pre-party party! Yes!! I'm just about done my layout for
The Design Experiment. I've never played with them before but I think it's another one I'll get hooked on. Later dudes!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wacky Wednesday

Finally it's hump day! I will say I had a much better day today, halleluja!! I went to the Post Office and my Tinkering Ink prize was there!! Thanks Tinkering Ink, those papers rock!! Here is what they sent me, new CHA goodies:

It's the new Retro Metro line. I like to say that name really fast. Do it! Retro Metro, Retro Metro, Retro Metro...betcha can't! haha What a fun and colorful bunch of papers! I can hardly wait to play.

My big plant in my livingroom has been growing mushrooms and I have no idea why. There are like hundreds of little spores in the soil and every so many days these yellow mushroom dudes pop up, then die, and then more pop up. Anyone ever had this?? Bizarre! It's kind of a conversation piece now really because it is just so bizarre!

The other day I was eating Ichiban noodles and it totally reminded me of my teen years. I used to looovveee these noodles and almost lived on them when I was a teen. Flashbacks eh? I can't say that I would keep eating them now though, I think I outgrew that taste.

I signed up for a pet peeve ATC swap at SIStv and have to get my pics ordered and get crackin. There are only 7 of us so it should be short and sweet. Later dudes!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

That black cloud....

is following me!! Do you ever have times when you feel like nothing is going right or that the universe is against you? That's me, right now. As if the damn tooth thing wasn't crappy enough I was driving home for lunch today from work and a cat darted out from between 2 parked cars. I knew I had hit him. I didn't hear or feel anything but I saw from the corner of my eye him disappear under the hood of my car. I looked in my rearview mirror and saw him laying in the middle of the street. I felt just sick. I have never hit an animal before and until you do there are no words for it. I quickly pulled over and ran back and he managed to crawl under the nearest car but I could see he was bleeding from the mouth and crying. I knelt down and tried to be comforting and pat him and then gently picked him up and laid him on the passenger floor mat of my car and quickly drove him to the animal hospital. Luckily it was only 3 blocks away and ran him in. They took him from me right away and I left my name and phone number and told them where it happened but he had no collar. They said they would call the Humane Society and let them know in case the owners call there looking for him. It was just awful. I was sobbing and had tears going down my face and the vet assistant had to give me kleenex and then I drove home in a daze. This was my lunch hour. I couldn't even eat (if it's not the damn tooth it's something even more horrific!!!!)I just can't stop thinking about it and how cute he was and how awful it was that when I picked him up he was so limp and crying in pain and bleeding. It's an image I keep replaying over and over in my head.

I called the vet's before I left work today and all they could tell me is he is still alive, he was purring a bit and they are managing his pain. Because I'm not the owner they can't give me any more than that but I have a bad feeling they are just waiting for the owners to show up before they operate or do any more. Cause it's all about the money right? What a shitty day....

Monday, July 21, 2008


I just had to do this layout after seeing what the new challenge was over at Scrapping The Music. Of course I will never tell the hubs that I have posted this! haha

I had all these goofy pics of him after he's had a few and the idea just came to me. I knew I couldn't use "magic" as the title but when I heard the lyrics "you know you're getting twisted" it was perfect!!! The direction this layout took me in was using NO PATTERNED PAPER!! I know, can you believe it?? Here I am, waist high in patterned flippin paper, and I do a layout using none?? I think it's because the Hambly stood out on it's own. It was able to take centre stage. It was the shizzle. I finally got my hands on the Hambly weeds and dandelion transparancies and have been loving them!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Paying homage

to my little molar. I have been in mourning this weekend and I tell you, it sure put a damper on my whole weekend this losing my molar thing. I did an ATC, a journal page and a layout paying homage to my tooth so that I can start to put this behind me. I mean really, there are people out there suffering far worse things than this right? I'm trying to look on the bright side here. Here is my ACT

and my journal page

and here is my layout that I did for the The Art is Found challenge blog. It's my first time playing and they have the fabulous Kristina Contes as Guest Designer!!! woohoo!!! How could I not play? She is the shizzle, the bomb! I find her work so inspiring.

So there you have it. I think I have done enough on my tooth and can now move forward. This is my last week of work and then I will have 3 glorious weeks off!! woohoo!!! I can hardly wait. I finished up my Photograph ATC's for the Photograph ATC swap at SIStv and they will go postal tomorrow. I can hardly wait to get everyone elses back. I saw one sneak peek already and they were gorgeous!!! Here is my sneak peek:

Later dudes!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I'm alive!

To stop the 2nd pulse in my mouth I had to take 3 Advil liquid gel caps, the ones the dentist gave me, and take to my bed. It was only like 8:00 pm but I was a hurtin unit. I woke up this morning hungry, as I have been subsiding on yogart, cheese strings and hard boiled eggs. Talk about feeling like an invalid! So for breakfast I had once again, a yogart and hard boiled egg. Then I had to google whether or not I could have coffee. Something about loosening up the blood clot in your mouth. Lovely. But it appears that I can have coffee but lukewarm. Hey, I'm not compaining, I'll take it!!

The pain has subsided though and I think I will be able to buy green bananas. Life is good. Hey, there are always people worse off than I right? In my daunted dental state yesterday to take my mind off the searing pain, I made this layout for the Drummergirl Scrapjack:

I just love that pic of Paige and this Heidi Swapp world paper went perfect with my theme. I painted my paper and then sprayed it with water for a drip effect, much like Drummergirl did. But, my paper warped and curled like you wouldn't believe! You can't tell from this picture but in real life it's a mess! haha Apparantly once the paper fibres are broken you can't get them flat again, or so I've been told. Some people suggesting ironing the paper, but I don't own an iron. I know. So, while I wait for my hot coffee to turn lukewarm again, I am now going to start on my One Little Word challenge. Later dudes!

Friday, July 18, 2008

What fresh hell is this???

I am back from the dentist and it wasn't good. My tooth was completely cracked in half and he said there was no possible way to save it. You know what that means right? Yeah. He HAD TO PULL IT!!! I have never had a tooth pulled! I'm very into keeping all my teeth and take good care of them so needless to say I was horrified! I sat there in the dental chair and broke out into a sweat. He froze the hell out of my mouth (it was frozen under my eye even!) and got his tools of torture out. My heart was racing like a jackrabbit and I had to talk myself down by saying "Glenda, girl, calm down or you are going to have a frickin heart attack on this chair!!!"

I always thought that having a tooth pulled just involved giving it a good yank and bam, Bob's your uncle. But noooooooo. He had to rock it back and forth, then tug on it, then rock it back and forth, then tug on it....for like 15 mins!!! Finally it came out and I felt almost sick. I left his office almost in a daze, mourning my little molar.

To cheer myself up I bought this at Staples:

I have wanted a long reach stapler for sometime and thought well, today was the day.
I was such a trooper that I even went and got groceries at Superstore, with my mouth full of bloody gauze:

Do you notice the 30 pack of Coors Light? Yeah. My mouth is throbbing like you wouldn't believe right now and I thought I needed all the help I could get!!!

Oh, and here is a find that I have been loving!!! I don't know if you are like me but my problem is portion control. If I have a big bag of chips I'll eat 1/2 the bag. So I have been loving these 100 calorie snacks and found these almonds and craisins at Wallyworld! I keep them in my cupboard at work and they are very tasty! Oh, and that book is one I'm trying to read as I am convinced that if I do I'll be able to save my family and myself when the whole global warming disaster strikes! haha

Ok, lastly before I go and try to ease my pain, here is my layout I did for the The Story Matters challenge. I finally got my hands on some of those yummy Hambly dandilions!! woohoo!!

I think I'm going to go now and make an ode to my molar ATC...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Attack of the Sourdough bread!!

Holy shit, somebody call a dentist!! I broke my tooth eating the end crust off a loaf of sourdough bread I bought tonight after work. Yeah, I know, bread?? wtf?? Only me. I had a dentist appointment the other day because my very back molar wasn't feeling right but then I cancelled it because it seemed better (hello, moron, when will you learn???) But, low and behold that bastard Murphy came to visit me and while I was eating a piece of the end crust of buttered sourdough bread I felt a searing pain (yes, only those who have done this know that searing is a very appropriate word) in my jaw. I'm thinking what's up? So I try chewing on that side again and yooowwwza! Plus I hear a crack. Not good. I spit the bread out and madly dig threw it thinking did I lose part of my tooth (yeah, I'm getting graphic now because I've HAD ONLY BEER FOR SUPPER CAUSE I CAN'T EAT!!!) but no, nothing is there. I'm now in a mild state of agony (cause really until you have bamboo under your fingertips or are being made to lie on a bed of nails I can't really call it full blown agony) and go upstairs to get my little mirror to see exactly what I have done. Well, to make a long story short as I could babble on all night, my very back molar is hanging by a thread and can flap back and forth, much like a door. hmm... not good. So, lucky for me I'm off tomorrow and will have to call the dentist first thing and pray I can get in. I'll also have to appoligize to him for the beer breath I'm sure to have but hey, I couldn't eat so whaaaaa???

On the plus side, this only having beer for supper has done wondors for my mojo. I really got my groove on and pumped out some ATC's!! Talk about heaven!! I loovveee making ATC's and am seriously thinking about starting daily's. Anyhoo, here are a couple of the ones I made tonight in my daunted dental state:

Yeah, I know, another ode to Johnny Rzeznik. I think that if anyone knows him they should just put him on the next plane to me so I can get him out of my system! he he
Sounds like a plan no? Later dudes....

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Playing in the gutter again

How pumped was I to see the next Gutter Girlz Challenge?? Very! It was also perfect since the hubs and I just came out of a fight! haha I had alot of fun using this new Heidi Swapp paper and paint:

I have really been on a challenge extravaganza, a challenge bandwagon, a challenge frenzy! The new OLW was posted today, I want to do that and this new blog is posting their first challenge tomorrow and I'm dying to see what that's all about!
I see a couple girls I recognize, like Kate the Great and Sassy Sasha! With those 2 on this I know it will be amazing!

The thing is, challenge blogs are cool because they get you thinking. And that's what this is all about. New ideas, get the mojo moving, get the creativity flowing. I love seeing everyone's take on challenges too and feeling like a part of the big picture.

I cleaned my bathrooms tonight. I won't go into details to gross you out but let's just say they were long overdue. I'm becoming one of those people who would rather scrap than clean. But the way I look at it is, no one on their deathbed says "oh man, I wish I would have cleaned my house more". Hell no!!! There are many other things I would say I wished I would have done more. So I tell myself this and then happily scrap away! haha But the bathrooms were bothering me, so it's all good in that department now. The dog hair the size of softballs taking over my hardwood floors is another story. Must brush Skyler tomorrow night.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


The new Dream Girls Challenge is now up and this is my take on it:

Make sure you pop on over and check it out and play along with us! This is one of my fave layouts so far. I just can't seem to get enough of that Basic Grey Obscure line, I looovveee it!! Alot of people didn't like it, thinking it was like too busy or too far out but I think it's amazing!

Last night Paige and I went to McDonald's for a McFlurry because I had a major Oreo McFlurry craving, and I knew I could count on her to be my sidekick (only because ice cream was involved!) haha It was soooo good. I'm working on my layouts for Scrapbook News & Review so I can have those done before I start holidays. Come check it out -- it is 3 times the size of leading scrapbook magazines! The magazine is never-ending. Catch up; get 4 issues for $4.99! That's an amazing deal!!

I also have to do my photograph ATC's for the SIStv swap, I'm really looking forward to getting those back. I have this Friday off which means a 3 day weekend, woohoo!!!! Let the sun shine and the good times begin! Later dudes!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bucket made me do it!

Ok, this is why you never see layouts with my feet or toes! But Bucket posted a challenge on her blog complete with a RAK of Magistical Memories goodness so how could I resist?? If you have any good toe/feet pics get to scrapping them and run to Bucket's blog and let her know. You could win new CHA released Magistical Memories chipboard books designed by her!! Ok, here is mine but let me tell you her toes are wwwaaaayyyyy cuter than mine. In fact, I used Angie Delarie's Skullie stamp to show that mine are in some serious need of care!! haha

Told ya! Note to self, get to primping these babies stat!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Paige!!!

I can't believe my baby girl is now 14! How the time flies! Our little birthday celebration we had for her was very rushed as she just wanted to go and "hang" with her friends. I guess I can't blame her, I must have felt the same. It's been soooo long that it's almost like a distant memory!

She wanted a Dairy Queen ice cream cake, the dirt and worms one!

Here she is with her new bag, a gorgeous Baby Phat I picked up for her when I was in Calgary in February and then tucked away for her birthday. She has a love of bags as well, this is her 3rd Baby Phat! Gee, wonder where she gets that from??? haha

New purse bling! Every gal needs some bling hanging from their bag!!

This was the BIG present, the one she had been wanting since she was 13. Her belly button pierced. She picked a beautiful pink jewel and I think it looks great! So far so good. I guess belly piercings are the slowest to heal, taking 9-12 months so she will have to be vigilent on keeping it clean. Oh to be young again!! She has her friend sleeping over tonight so I'm sure the pizza, pop and ice cream cake will get busted out shortly as they just got in.

Here is a layout I made using the Magistical Memories "Yes Dear" July Kit. I have drooled over this paper for some time so imagine my excitement when I saw they had it in the kit!!! Loooovvveeee this kit. I added the extra 2 chippy deer to the paper to signify the 3 "dears" in my life. aawwww eh? Everything was from the kit except for the sheer orange ribbon.


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