Thursday, October 30, 2008

Getting lax...

at blogging! I can't believe it's been so long since my last post. I am still here! I did this layout for The Design Experiment challenge blog and was happy for the challenge as I hadn't done a layout on John for a while. This is also one of my fave pics of him and I loved being able to journal my thoughts to him on it. I used alot of goodies from the Magistical Memories October Fall Frenzy Kit except for the flower, paint and chipboard letters.

Make sure you check out the awesome fall sale Magistical Memories is having. Check this out:

Coupon code expires on October 31st so you have until to tomorrow to luck in on these kits and chipboard at 20% off

You know how everyone is talking about the Twilight books? Well I'm finally jumping on the bandwagon and ordered the first 2 from Amazon! That and 2 art books, one an ATC book and one an art journal book. I can hardly wait to meet Edward!

I got my October issue of Scrapbook Trends in the mail along with my 3 layouts and a box of goodies they sent me!! I was so excited to be in their book and I'm on
page 21, 22 and 117. I just love how they photograph the layouts with different props to complement the layout. I am soooo pumped!!!

I was sad to see I didn't make it on the CT for the One Little Word challenge blog but I know they must have had a zillion submissions and a whack of talent. I am happy I'm guesting this month though and hey, there's always next time right? I was a little concerned about having to come up with techniques on a rotating basis (I was planning on just winging it! haha) so maybe it was fate.

Well, off to work, later dudes!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Swap-bot rules!

Um yeah, I've been really busy making ATC's for the swaps I joined on Swap-bot. If you haven't heard of it and you love making ATC's run, don't walk, and join up. It's awesome. Totally. I have received ATC's from people all over the world and love that when you sign up you only have from 1 to a few partners. Last night the hubs went out with the cronies and Paige went out with her friends which gave me a chance to get into my jammies, crack a few beer and make these ATC's for the various swaps I'm in.

This one is for the 60's swap

Groovy Baby!!

This one is for the quote swap:

These 2 are for the bird swap:

and this is for the tasteful nude swap:

Man I love this stamp, I can see it going with sooo many different quotes! Plus this quote cracks me up and I can totally see the truth in it too!! haha I am so relieved I was able to make all of these for the swaps and I always make 1 extra for my collection and 1 or more to trade. Hey, if you are going to go to the work of making one it's not that hard to pump a few more out.

A few weekends ago I took the boys on a beautiful fall walk and got some really cool pictures. When I got my Magistical Memories October Fall Frenzy Kit I was so excited to see the gorgeous papers, colors and embellies that screamed fall!! I wanted to go and find a huge pile of leaves to jump into, that's how much this kit was perfect for scrapping my fall memories. Everything here was from the kit except for the chipboard letters and paint.

I love taking the boys on a walk as the pure joy on their faces is worth it.

Today I went and visited my Grama and Grampa and then stopped by my LSS in the hopes they would have the Little Yellow Bicycle flocked chipboard letters that I have seen TracyP rocking over at SIS! I had them in my hands last weekend and left them there but low and behold, they were still there, and it was the last pack just like last weekend! I also got these goodies:

I am sooo in love with the Basic Grey chipboard letters!!!! I also got the last pack of these today! And of course I had to grab 4 of the new Cosmo Cricket Christmas papers. The ladies at the LSS always say that they are going fast and if you don't get them they'll be gone, which of course puts the fear into me! Good marketing ploy? Yep. Also got some new embossing powder, this time in "sparkle" which should be neat to try!

Then I stopped at the Giant Tiger (this is a Canadian store so only you Canucks probably know what I'm talking about) and found this awesome T:

Isn't that cool?? I love it. What I love about the Giant Tiger is their low, low prices and variety. They sell not only grocery items but clothes, gadgets, household stuff. It's the cat's ass. Totally.

Well, tonight J and I are going to watch a movie, eat A & W and I'm going to drink beer (someone else had a wee bit too much last night while they were with their cronies)and relax.

Life is good.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Busy Making Stuff

This Magistical Memories October Fall Frenzy kit was perfect for me doing this challenge layout for The Design Experiment. The challenge was to do a layout to your future self 5 years from now and I loved that these fall colors were perfect for October. I wanted to add some whimsy to the layout as well so I added some green and purple paint and loved using the little mushroom and trees that came with the kit. Everything was from the kit except for the purple letters, paint and stamps. I wrote some personal things on the 2 cards that came with the kit and then fastened them closed with the pom pom trim.

I got my package of little goodies from Angie Delarie and had so much fun making this layout using her awesome chipboard lightbulb, how cute is that??

You have to check out her site of funky stamps, chipboard and tags as she has some very unique stuff!

I went and had my eyes checked yesterday, just a routine check as I hadn't had them done for 3 years and all is well. She said my vision hasn't changed and I still have the same prescription. Not that I ever wear my glasses or contacts but I always wear my prescription sunglasses (helps to drive!) haha

John made me supper last night, we had bacon, eggs, toast and hashbrowns. Yummo. There is something so cozy about having a breakfast for supper, know what I mean? What did you have for supper?

I need to get crackin on a few Swap-bot swaps that I signed up for. My house is a mess and I need to force myself to clean it. There is always something more fun to do though you know?? Tonight I have to go to parent/teacher interviews at Paige's school. I'll be wandering aimlessly through her high school trying to find her teachers and hoping they have good things to tell me. Later dudes

Word up!!

And this time I am so honored to have been asked to Guest with the most awesome One Little Word Challenge Blog!! How awesome is that?? Very! I told the hubs it's like being asked to play with the cool kids in the scrapping world! haha Yeah, I can be a spaz. But none the less, I am so happy to have been asked so make sure you pop on over and check out the new fab word and play along. Here is my layout for the challenge:

I really, really loved this word because I was able to have alot of fun making this layout on how vivid my imagination is and how I have been blessed to have such a great one! Ever since I was a kid I have loved all things magical and mystical such as mermaids, vampires, unicorns, etc.. I devoured books about them and watched movies about them and even played pretend.

Here are a few quotes that sum it up nicely:

Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere.
Carl Sagan (1934 - 1996)

Without this playing with fantasy no creative work has ever yet come to birth. The debt we owe to the play of the imagination is incalculable.
Carl Jung (1875 - 1961)

Sanity is the playground for the unimaginative.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.
Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I'm seeing stars!

I used the Magistical Memories chipboard circle star on this layout about my son for the new Scrapjacked challenge. I painted the star white and then splattered it with black paint to mimic the grunge look of that awesome Kaiser Craft paper. I just love this pic I took of Michael this summer, he truly is a handsome guy.

I got my photograph ATC's from the photograph swap over at Scrap in Style and they were all so awesome! Here are all the little lovelies, mine is the rainbow pic with the little yellow happy face:

I also made a couple ATC's just for me last night

John and I watched Baby Mama last night and it sucked. When they showed the previews those were the funniest parts of the movies, no need to have watched the rest.

Well, I'm still in my jammies on the puter and it's 1:40 pm. Me thinks it's time to get into the shower and get motivated!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Halleluja!! I live for the weekends!!! I know they say you shouldn't do that, that you should live each day for what it is and enjoy it to the fullest but with the shit that I've had going on this week that's easier said than done. Just get me to the weekend and put lots of cold beer in my hand. Period. Thank God for John, he keeps me sane.

Well, with life going to hell in a handbasket I do have a few things to be thankful for. I have been smoke-free for 6 years on October 15, 2008 (yeah, I forgot to post that before...) I'm so glad I did it and wish John could quit too. He did for 2 years with me and then stupidly started again. I worry about him dying of lung cancer and leaving me a widow. Wow, I'm full of cheer today aren't I?? Went to the Doctor yesterday for my annual physical results and she said I'm A-ok, good for another year. That's a good thing but I was kind of surprised that Murphy or the Big Guy didn't just throw a little cancer or some shit my way, but hey, glad that's all good fer sure!

Watched Sex and The City last night and cried throughout 1/2 the movie, is that normal?? I remember the series being way more funny or is this my mental state?? Anyone? Bueller?? I liked it but didn't love it, kwim? I found it a little depressing to be honest but I was still glad I watched it. And yes there were some funny parts but maybe I was sad because they were all growing up too and weren't the young carefree women they used to be. It just seemed more sad....let me know if you have seen it and what you think.

I got to play along with Scrapping the Music which was nice as I missed the last couple challenges. I love those guys, they are so awesome. Here is my take on the challenge and for the live of me I haven't been able to stop humming or singing broken phrases of that damn song!! I don't even like Nirvana but this song has crawled inside my head and won't leave!!

Oh, the other night I mosied on over to the Scrapjacked challenge blog to check out the next jack and what did I see? Moi!! My layout won the jack, how flippin cool is that?? Very! Love those jacks and jackers (and I love saying that even more cause it sounds kinda dirty!) hehe Yeah, I still have a sense of humour thank God!! If I ever lose that then I'll know I'm screwed!

A little JR to celebrate Friday:

Later dudes!
ps. I just noticed that this is saying Thursday but I posted it Friday...hhmmm..maybe because I started the post on Thursday and saved a draft? Wierd.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'm back home in my jammies!!

Spent 3 hours on an STC bus yesterday driving to a work conference, stayed overnight and then spent 3 hours driving back home and I'm now cozily nestled in my jammies and thankful to be home! That bus rocked back and forth and back and forth (apparantly it's on hydrolics???) and then my car sickness kicked in. uuuggghhhh.... Plus our bus driver was a crochety dude too. There really is no place like home!! I pigged out and filled my face last night with a German meal they served us that included sausage and sourkraut, red cabbage (it was soooo awesome, I'm going to make some this weekend!!), mashed potatoes, cucumber salad, some noodle stuff and rice pudding (yummo!!) Then this morning they had the full meal deal breakfast buffet with bacon, sausage, pancakes, scrambled eggs and hashbrowns! I feel like I've gained 10 pounds!!! The food was the only thing worth talking about so I'll stop now...

Today was the new Dream Girls challenge so make sure you hop on over and check it out as we have an uber cool twist for you all! This was my take on the challenge:

Then I was a Guest Gutter Girl and got to play again but with them, how cool is that?? It got a little confusing for me because I was on the Dream Girls doing the Gutter Girl's challenge to us and then doing the Gutter Girlz challenge from the Dream Girls, following me? haha

Loved playing with all the pink!! I'm just about done my Scrapping the Music layout that I had to abandon for my work conference so I hope to post that in the next day or two. Well, I'm exhausted and need to get something to eat, which seems bizarre after all the food I stuffed myself with!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Gobble Gobble!!

Happy Thanksgiving all you Canadians! We had our Thanksgiving supper last night at my aunt's and it was awesome!!! It was so nice to all be together as a family and I even got a picture of us all together. I can't remember the last time we had a picture of us all together and then Michael has to go and not smile!! I could have twapped him one afterwards. grrrr...oh well, we have the picture though right??

While we were visiting it started to snow like you wouldn't believe!! I should have taken a pic last night but this is what is left today

I am sooooo not ready for snow!!! I envy all you people that live somewhere warm where you don't get snow and the sun is always shining. Sigh. The kids across the street even busted out their sled today!! &$%#@$(@$#%*$%($^)%$%)

My parents left to go back home today so we had a nice lazy day at home. John had a nap, Michael was out and about, Paige was with her friends and I worked on my One Little Word layout

I also did some journaling pages

I go on a work thingy tomorrow and come back home Wednesday night. We have a 3 hour bus ride to get there, uuuggghhh. I know the beers will be flowing tomorrow night, that will get me through this. Later dudes!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

New rubber!!

I just love getting new rubber stamps!!! This is my order from Viva Las VegaStamps that I was talking about before. How awesome are these stamps???

I finished up my background ATC's for the Background ATC swap over at Swap-Bot. You had to make 6 different background ATC's for 3 partners, which was a total of 18 cards. I made extras so I could make some for myself and others for trade.

Here are a few I made using the awesome stamps from above:

Isn't this Madonna stamp the shizzle???

This is Marilyn Monroe when she was young and first doing her pin ups. That place has some really unique and awesome stamps!

So Friday my BF and I went out of town shopping and hit up Michaels and Winners and had lunch at the Red Lobster

We had a great time. It's so nice just to be out and about taking your time, looking around at stuff. I didn't buy a whole lot, I got a backpack for Michael for school as well as some t-shirts and an awesome Billabong hoodie for Paige. For myself I got these stamps at Michaels

and then I got John a couple shirts as well. One thing that really ticks me off is that Michaels won't let you use the coupon anymore for books or magazines!!! Can you believe that?? That's how I used to buy most of my books. They have it in small print on the coupon now. Bastards.

I finished up my layout the other day for
The Design Experiment and man what a trip down memory lane this was!!

It's so funny how just listening to a song or looking at the album art can transport you back in time. In the 70's I grew up listening to those songs as Mom and Dad had them playing on the good old 8 track in the van, in the 80's I rocked out to those bands and partied my face off (good times!!!), then in the 90's I was now married and starting to have kids. Now it's just all about the Goo Goo Dolls! haha

Yesterday I hung out with my Ma and Pa who are in town, we went to the bar and had drinks with everyone and filled our faces with food! Today the whole fam is getting together at my aunt's for our Thanksgiving supper. It's going to be so nice having everyone all together. To all you other Canucks Happy Thanksgiving, even though it's really tomorrow! Gobble gobble!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Having fun with the art journal

Got down and painty last night and had fun making a couple pages for my art journal. I found this image of a mermaid in a magazine and wanted to document how when I was a little girl I used to love mermaids so much that I would pretend to swim like one in the pool. Plus I loved watching movies and reading books about them. Even now I love mermaid images and have started a collection of rubber stamps of them. Hopefully I can master the colors of their tails using inks and pens so I don't have another Elvira mermaid! ha ha

Then it's been bothering me how little time I spend with Paige, and it's not because I don't want to, it's because she's 14 and never wants to do anything except with her friends. It makes me so sad because I used to have alot of fun with her and loved going to the movies with her, walking the dogs, going shopping, etc. and now that's all gone. Looking back I guess I did the exact same thing to my mom so now I know how that must have made her feel. It feels shitty. Very shitty. I can only hope that she comes back to me like I did my mom and we can have those good times once again.Being the mother of teens is no picnic.

On a happy note it's Thanksgiving weekend coming up! woohoo!! I'll be able to see my parents who are coming to visit, my aunt is having the Thanksgiving supper so I don't even have to cook and I get 4 days off in a row starting with this Friday! My best friend (Gay) and I are going to drive out of town and go shopping, have lunch at Red Lobster and just enjoy the day. I'm looking forward to the end of the day so this can all start. Bring it on!! Bring it!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The littlest mini ever!

This little guy was so fun to work with because he's just so darn cute!! It's a Magistical Memories mini tag book that I filled with some love quotes. I've always wanted to do a mini using just quotes and this was the perfect size. Plus it was a good reason to use up my frickin heart shaped eyelets as that's what the Scrap your crap challenge calls for, to use 15 or more of the (*&#&)%$*_%*+)( eyelets. I hate eyelets. I will never again in my life purchase another eyelet. I think I now need therapy.....

It is a cute li'l mini though! haha I fnished up my big hair swaps and mailed them away. One more left to do.

Got my order of new unmounted rubber stamps in the mail yesterday from Viva Las VegaStamps and they are awesome!!! I got a Madonna one, an angel, a skeleton couple, a nude lady and a few other wicked ones. I'll hopefully get a chance to play with them soon. This place was so good they had wrapped up my stamps in Christmas paper so that when I got them it felt like Christmas! haha I think that helps keeps pesky cusoms people out too, which is never a bad thing!

Last night the hubs and I watched Felon and I thought it was pretty good. Not awesome, but good. I liked how they filmed it because I thought they captured the real grittiness and violence of a prison. It was pretty heavy duty!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday already???

I say that all the time but really! Where did the weekend go. Again. Me and the boys had alot of fun yesterday on our beautiful fall walk. We have a walking trail that goes all around the city and it starts just behind our house. So I harnied up the boys and off we went. I keep them on the leash until we get to this huge field that is deserted (usually unless someone else has the fab idea of letting their dogs go off leash there!) and then I let them off leash. That's when they are in their glory!!
Here's my little man Sam:

and here's my protector Skyler:

and here's my boys together:

Doesn't Sam look happy?? They both do. I took them myself as John was working and Paige wasn't interested in coming along (she's 14, that says it all...) and usually it's a bit of a gong show handling the 2 extenda-leashes but no, it was an awesome walk. I love seeing how happy they are and it makes me happy.

On an artistic note, got my ATC's done for the crown swap over at Swap-Bot and then it just came to me that I forgot to check my partner's profiles. Usually it's a good thing to do that because sometimes people have likes and dislikes and I might be sending this Queen of the Damned ATC to a person who hates goth or gore, a Christian schoolmarm or something!! Note to self, after I post this run and check profiles.....

This is my other one for the swap and hello, all hail to my stupidity, for I am Glenda, Queen of the idiots!! I stamped the woman's image onto a transparancy using Versafine ink!!! Hello! Versafine isn't like Staz on, it won't dry!! How did I find this out you ask? Well, when I went to put them in my holders they started to smudge and I was like holy crap! So I thought ok, what's done is done, I'll spray them with a clear coat of varnish and it did the trick. Lesson learned. So remember kids, Versafine is only for paper, not transparancies.

So there you have it. John has just ordered pizza, I'm drinking beer and waiting for the pizza and then we are going to watch a movie. I have to work on my "big hair" ATC's for a swap on Swap-Bot soon too. Oh, part 2 of my crown is tomorrow too, uuugghgh...later dudes.


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