Sunday, November 30, 2008

This one's for you Lori!

So my cousin Lori was saying that even she can pump out layouts with a week old baby and 3 other kids (I know!!! She's like superwoman or something!!) so I had to show her that I haven't lost my jam, lost my mojo, that I can still rock the kazba!! he he
So this one is for you Lori, finally eh? haha

It was so nice just to sit and make a layout, no challenge I was playing along with, no DT work, just because. I love those kinds of layouts. I love these pictures of Michael and I had been wanting to do a layout like this for a while so it was all good.

Last night I was having some beers and busted out one of my new Viva Las Vegas stamps and made this bad girl

I know it looks like I have a dirty mind (and I do!!) but come on! Look at her! It totally looks like she's having phone sex or something! haha Love that pin up girl stamp. Then I made this one for a swap I joined at Scrap in Style that was a Creative Therapy ATC swap. So the idea was to get something down on an ATC that would be therapeutic, something about yourself that maybe you were working on. Mine is totally my temper. I hate it! I've always had it and wish I didn't. It took me FOREVER to do these damn cards. First I had to print out my story in 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 format, like 12 times!! Then I had to painstakenly cut out 12 images of that angry woman, watercolor pencil her, and then glue her to the card. But I was happy with the result

I dug out all my Christmas decorations and got them put out today and got the tree put up, but not decorated. I was doing laundry all day and then had to stop to make supper and ran out of steam. I thought hmmmm, I'd rather crack a beer and sit on the puter while supper cooks than decorate the tree. I mean it's only me decorating it. Ok, the dogs sit and watch so technically I'm not alone! haha John was working today, Paige has no interest anymore (she's 14, that says it all) and who knows where Michael is. It kinda makes me sad because I miss the days when the kids and I would all decorate the tree and they were all excited to do it. Now it's down to me and the dogs. Sigh. Tomorrow is another day.

Oh, here's another pic of me still trying to work the hair. The *(&$)#&$)%*#&_$*#( hair.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Nothing much to report

Not much new over here, no new projects to share. I have been working on a Christmas mini book for my parents so it's been keeping me a little busy. Just about done!! Can't share just in case they peek over here. I don't think they do but better safe than sorry right?? I am going to clean my house today and set up our Christmas tree!! yay yay! Tis the season and all that! I'll take pics when it's all done.

Saw this clip on another blog and am now dying to see this movie!!!! Has anyone else seen it? Now to see if I know how to properly "embed" this into my blog. To stop Johnny from signing make sure you go to the very bottom and click on the little microphone icon to mute so you can hear the movie. Here we go

Did it work? It looks so gripping and full of emotion and I'm sure it's something that alot of married couples can totally relate to at one time or another. Plus Kirk Cameron isn't too hard on the eyes now is he? he he

Oh, last night John and watched Hancock and I loved it!!! Of course I love most of Will Smith's movies but it was such a cool show. I gave it a 9 out of 10. Have you seen it??

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Oh the regret of it all

I can't help it, I am now regretting the haircut. Why???? Why????? I have tried to style it various ways and I just end up thinking "it's the same shit now it's just shorter!!!" Here's me trying to make it work this week, thus the regret:

This was Sunday

This was Monday, trying to pimp it up with my skull tie, trying to deflect from the dorky hair in the bun

Ok, now I'm trying to leave it and not do anything to it, just like I used to do with my long hair. It just falls flat, literally. I love my camo blazer though.

This was today, pulled my triple barrel curling iron out of my bag of tricks and like the fullness, but hey, would have been better long!!!! Why???? Oh why???? I know I said it was only hair and that it would grow back but it was false bravado. The ravings of a lunatic!!!! Here's me doing a self portrait before the scalping

Ok, nothing I can do about it now. Trudge on. Suck it up. Ok, to forget about this lets look at the new art journal page I did paying homage to my addiction to Nestle Drumsticks

I looovveeee these things!!! They are like crack to me! They are also one of the reasons my ass is blowing out of my pants I'm afraid. So, I am vowing not to buy these for 2 weeks. I refuse to blow out of my pants man. Plus I have been working out more and trying to watch what I eat more. Oh the injustice of it all!! haha

Here's an ATC I made using that cool packing tape transfer technique

and remember how my scrap room was such a pig sty?? Well, I half assed cleaned it and this is my space, where I make magic:

My papers share a space with some clothes that can't fit in my closet! haha

So there you have it, this is where I make stuff, where I soothe my soul and feed my creative spirit. I love my scrappy room. Oh, do you see that framed scrapbook layout above that red cubby? I just want to tell anyone and everyone how crappy Cantata Books is. They requested that layout from me in the fall of 2006 for publication into what they called a "chicks book" and then I heard absolutely nothing from them after that. Sure, I got the layout back in the mail (which I guess I should be thankful for as they could have been even more ignorant and kept it!) but they have ignored numerous emails from me asking if the book is going forward or what was happening with this. I gave up a while ago but just wanted to spread the word about the absolute shitty customer service and public relations from this company. If they ever request anything from you think long and hard. Seriously. I also talked to 2 other ladies on other message boards that had the same thing done to them for the same "chicks book". Bastards.

Oh, anyone out there have TMJ? I have had a long time habit of clenching my teeth during my sleep (I don't think I grind but I do clench) and that has led to some of my teeth getting hairline fractures and also led to me losing my beloved molar this past summer. Anyways, I finally got fitted with a mouth guard to wear at night and I must say it has helped but I took a break from it and now this week have bad symptoms of TMJ. What is that you ask? It's a jaw disorder involving the joints of the jaw and in the mornings when I have woken up it has been so stiff and sore and takes a couple hours to fully warm up. Shitty eh? Yeah. It hurts to even eat my cereal. Plus I have a slight earache in my right ear. So, I've been laying off chewing gum which they say irritates it further and have been wearing my mouth guard at night this week but it still sucked this morning. I have visions of me having to get my jaw wired or something!! Hey, maybe the upside to that would be I'd lose that extra 6 pounds and then I could eat major drumsticks!!! hahahahah Later dudes!

Monday, November 24, 2008

5 o'clock world!

Oh yes it most certainly is!! I don't know about you but I live for 5:00. I live for going home, getting into my sweats or jammies and being at home. It's the hermit in me, what can I say? This is my last guest layout this month for the Scrapping the Music challenge blog so make sure you pop over there and check out the awesome layouts and song. Bet you find yourself bopping along to it, I know I did!! I just love that song now. Again, if it wasn't for that challenge blog I wouldn't find out about alot of the songs I now love.

It was so funny because my best friend Gay (and co-worker) took these pics of me at work jumping, flapping and flailing around like a lunatic! I could feel my face getting hot as some of the other ladies in the office were like "what the hell is she doing??" haha But, I didn't let the embarassment deter me, oh no. The lengths I will go to to get a good layout eh? haha I felt like such a tool but it was well worth it!

Well, I had such a crappy sleep last night that I'm off to read more "New Moon". I am 3/4 finished it and had to order "Eclipse" online at Amazon last night because no one sells it in my city. We don't even have a bookstore, can you believe that?? No, we have Walmart or Superstore or Zellers for our book selection. Wow, go crazy eh? I dream of having a Chapters or Indigo. Anyways, I grabbed the very last hardcover issue of "Breaking Dawn" at Superstore tonight after work so I will have it and lucky I did as it was the last copy! I knew as soon as Twilight hit the theatres the books would sell out fast. It was $14 so I thought that was pretty cheap for the hardcover version (I don't even think it's out in paperback yet...)

Goodnight everyone!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Blog Award

How nice was it to check my emails this morning and see that Mandy gave me a blog award? Very! It's always so nice when you hear that people enjoy checking out your blog because they either find it entertaining, inspiring or just enjoy the ramblings and art. I'm supposed to pass it on so when I get some more time I know I won't have any difficulty paying it forward as there are so many talented people out there. Thanks again Mandy!!

Last night I made this amusing card

Isn't that hilarious!! This was one of the new rubber stamps I got last week and my head is filled with other captions that this stamp would be perfect for!! I think I'll do a series of these. The cock series! he he

Then I made this card with another one of the stamps that I have for a little while but hadn't gotten around to playing with yet

I just love mermaids. Well, my scrap room is a complete mess, and I'm talking complete piggery. Here is what it looks like today, in all it's chaos

Can you believe this last picture? I even have like a trail of debris leading TO my scrap desk!! haha I hate when I let this happen because it's a big job cleaning everything up and getting everything back into it's place. But, I think what I have to do now is not make anything (well I can't, look at that desk, there isn't any room!!)until I roll up my sleeves and get everything cleaned up. I'm going out for lunch with my friend so after that I think I'll get busy. And then when it's all cleaned and organized I'll take some more pics of my space so I don't have you all thinking what a dirty pig I am!! hahaha

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The deed is done

I went today and had my hair cut! I wasn't really scared or worried, I just had the attitude of "it's only hair, it grows back", which I thought was pretty brave of me! Here is a pic of me before the cutting

and here are some after pics, including the pile of hair!

So there you have it. Not 100% sure about how she flipped the ends up, I am thinking it may look a little Sandra Dee or Shirley Templish?? But I can still put it in a pony and bun and will experiment with rocking it out more.

Also, I was very proud of myself. After the cutting I went and got my Starbucks Grande Mocha Frappe and then went to the LSS. I managed to ONLY come out of there with these items

I will admit I did look at the papers (well come on, I'm a junkie!!) but really nothing interested me! Can you believe it?? I think I have all the good shit right now! haha After that I went and got groceries and am now home in my jammies. Here are some ATC's I made using one of my new stamps:

That's how I felt yesterday, like if I could have asked someone to beam me up I would have!

Here is a layout I did for the Scrap Mojo challenge

and this is a journal page I did after having a crappy day yesterday. Do you ever feel like sometimes you'd just like to run away from home?? Maybe not permanently or anything (or maybe??) but even just to get away and recharge your batteries. Sometimes it's hard living with family and they can drive you crazy. Sometimes I get tired of giving and giving and just having kids be miserable or only be nice when they want something, like a ride or allowance. Sometimes the hubs drives me crazy and I have to get away. So this is where that page came from.

When I first started this art journal I told myself that I would be honest, that it would have the good, the bad and the ugly in it. So I guess this would come under the heading of the bad and the ugly. So, obviously I haven't run away from home (yet! haha) but I am cozied into my scrap room and am going to just play around tonight. Later dudes!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Friday!

It's even better because it's my day off today! I'm still in my jammies, finished my coffee and will be jumping in the shower soon to start my day, at 11:15!! he he Nice.
I did 2 layouts last night for 2 different challenges and felt so good at using up some of my stash. I will say it's like Day 13 today of not going to my LSS and I'm starting to get withdrawal....Not for paper mind you, but to see if they have any other cool stuff in, especially some inks...will I stay strong??? But does ink even count??? Maybe when I started this whole thing I should have started off slowly, baby steps, and said NO PAPER for 3 weeks. Now that would have been way easier. Stay tuned.

Here is the layout I did for the new Gutter Girlz challenge and it was great to use up alot of these little pics I had of myself kicking around. Plus to document my soppy sensitive side that I hate. I wish I were able to control my emotions, be steely and strong but I'm not. I'm such a suck I can cry at the drop of a hat which I hate and can be embarassing and mortifying.

Then I did this one for new Scrapjacked challenge and loved using a whack of pics that I have been putting off scrapping from our summer vacation. It was good because I was able to fit 9 pictures on this layout, reducing somewhat the big pile that I have yet to scrap:

Still have yet to play with any of my new rubber that came yesterday from Viva Las Vegas Stamps. I'm telling you, they have the most unique and crazy images!! Next time I'm going to have to get the dick stamp, totally. I can't believe I didn't get it this time but next time I will. That dick will be mine!! he he

I just love the smell of new rubber, it's like nothing else. I hope to get to play this weekend and try a couple out. Tonight is movie night but John usually falls asleep early so I may play then!

Oh, here'a pet peeve of mine that's been really bugging me. It's when people take like 5 pictures of their layout from different angles. WTH??? Why??? Who cares??? Then you have to weed through all the different stupid pictures to get to the one that shows the whole complete layout. This really annoys the hell out of me and I am not going to look at any more layouts like this. I hate it!!!!! What are your thoughts on this? I think it's getting a little carried away. But that's just me.

Ok, off to start my day, visit my Grama and get some stuff done. Later dudes!

ps. I'm still scared about my haircut tomorrow!!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I finally cleaned!!

I cleaned my bathrooms tonight, put clean sheets on the bed and also cooked a decent supper (chicken cordon swiss, cajun potatoes and canned beets)! Not bad eh? Right after work I had to take the boys to the vet because for one it was their yearly shots and for 2 Sam had ass problems. Yes, that's right, ass problems. It started yesterday, I noticed after he went to the bathroom his heiny was bothering him so I knew right away it was those damn anal glands. Yeah, ewwww. If any of you have ever had poodles or small dogs apparently they are prone to this. Oh yay. So, to make a long story short she had to get the technician to help her drain them (double ewwww) and sent him home on antibiotics, along with explaining to me how to hold warm compresses on his ass. Yeah. I know. I also picked up a bag of dog food when I was there and when I left my bill was $222!!!!! For 2 shots, a bag of food and antibiotics. Oh yeah, and the vet said Sam could use his teeth cleaned too but it would cost $500 as he's a senior!!! WTF??? Can you believe that?? Thank God nothing was wrong with Skyler today. I should have been a vet, totally.

Now to erase the gory and vivid image you probably all have in your minds right now let's just move along to the layout I did for The Design Experiment. This was a cool challenge and there alot of different things I could have scrapped "why?" about but I chose this one on how unfair it is that my Grampa first went blind and then got Alzheimers.

I am also caught up on my ATC swaps!! woohoo!! Here are some I've done

Just looking at Spongebob makes me happy. Who doesn't love Spongebob?? No one I think. Well, I'm off to go and hold a compress to Sam's ass. Later dudes!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My house needs cleaning...

and here I sit drinking beer and making ATC's.. The way I look at it no one has ever said on their death bed "man I wish I would have cleaned the house more!!!" NEVER.
So, I take comfort in that and it allows me to sit here, sipping my cold Coors Light, and not feel guilty. Of course talk to me tomorrow when I walk into my dirty entryway filled with dirt and concrete clumps (remember, the hubs is a contractor) and use my bathroom with the waste basket filled to the brim. Yes, ask me tomorrow and I very well may have a totally different outlook. But, that's the beauty of living in the moment, it's just about the here and now so, here and now I choose to make stuff!! woohoo!!! Party on on Garth...

Here are a couple art journal pages I did from my funk this past weekend

Yeah, must have been the mood.

Random ramblings:

- I'm working on some nature ATC's for a swap I'm in and am almost done.
- Looking forward to the OLW tomorrow.
- Living for Friday, what else is new??
- I have an appointment to get my hair cut Saturday and I'm thinking of getting a totally different style and losing around 5 inches. Will I chicken out? Stay tuned!
- Wondering what to make for supper, J is pouring concrete tonight so he'll be home late, no kids, just me and the dogs. Thus the barley soup I'm having! he he
- Today is day 10 of my self imposed curtailing of buying any scrappy stuff (but the dollar store doesn't count remember...)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Just another manic Monday....

Ugghghh, here we go, gearing up for the work week. Where does the weekend go??? At least I have Friday off, thank God! I lazed around yesterday, still in my funk and made some ATC's, that made me feel a little better! Here's what I made:

Again, these were all done using transfers in some way, love doing these. I'm working on a couple journal pages right now and can also now share my mini album I made for the Scrapping The Music where I'm guesting this month! woohoo!! This song was perfect for me to make a mini using pics of Paige and this girly chipboard mini from Magistical Memories. Make sure you pop on over and check out the fabulous layouts from the DT and play along!

Last night the hubs and I watched The Happening

and I will say that the first 10 minutes just grabbed me and I was like holy crap!! Then the more it got into it I was kind of like "huh?" was entertaining, don't get me wrong, but pretty silly. I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it but not much of a scary movie and I think it could have been done alot better. Now Desperate Housewives on the other hand was hot!! Wowza!!! I was so glad Lynette went back, I was worried for a minute that she was going to leave that woman to get the crap beat out of her but she did the right thing. I think most of us would have probably gotten to the car and then went back though. Love that show!!!

Sigh. Off to work now.


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