Sunday, August 30, 2009

Art Attack

I have been on a creative bender for sure. Last night John was tired after working on the deck so that left me to my own devices and what's a girl to do other than make stuff?? I got to play along with a few challenges, the first one being Theme Thursday and the theme was "quotes/saying" so I made this one

Now I know I didn't use any Glimmer Mists in that card but the next few projects I totally did. For the Color Create challenge blog the theme was "ruby, cream and gold" and I used my Candy Apple Red Glimmer Mist and sprayed through some punchinella to make my background, put an image on it and outlined the card in gold leafing.

I just love those colors together, yummy!! This next ATC I made for the Thank God It's Friday challenge blog and because it's their 100th challenge the theme was to use "100" on your project. I used my Black Cherry, Pink Bubblegum and Mimosa Glimmer Mists to spray my background for this ATC

Last but not least is an art journal page I made for the Lots to Do challenge site and the theme was "words" so I made my background using my Fully Purple, Turquois Blue, Black Gold and Mimosa Glimmer Mists and then added some Gesso, gold leafing, stickles and journaling

I just wanted to do a page for my art journal on what I had done in one day. I love the dreamy ethereal look to this page. Well there you have it peeps! I'm currently working on some layouts using my Glimmer Mists on chipboard so stay tuned in the everlasting saga of the Tattered Angels DT quest!!! I can only imagine just how many people are going to be applying. Sigh.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Word up!

Now you know when I say that that I'm playing along with the One Little Word challenge blog. The word this time is "beauty" or a derivative of, so I chose "beautiful" and call this layout "These are beautiful" and did a no photo layout on things I find beautiful. Now keeping in the spirit of my shameless plug for a spot on the Tattered Angels DT, you know I couldn't make a layout without using the super fabulous Glimmer Mists. Plus I did some major masking and stenciling. This is what my paper looked like before I got to it

and this is what it looked like after

I think this really goes to show just how versatile Glimmer Mists are and how you can totally change the look of a boring old piece of paper. The possibilities are endless so stay tuned and watch me lose all sense of shame in my quest for a spot on the Dream Team!!!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

It came today!!!!!

My copy of the Autumn 2009 Somerset Memories Art Journaling came today and I'm on page 22-27!!! I have been waiting with bated breath to get my copy and see my journal pages and article in this magazine and today it came true! I'm on cloud 9 and can't believe how awesome it feels to be included in this publication along with all of the other talented artists. I mean Dina Wakley??? Hello, somebody pinch me! I showed John tonight as we had our beer out on the front porch and he was so proud of me. The photography, design and placement, the artwork, everything is soooo fabulous and glossy and colorful and shiny. Can you tell I'm so stoked?? Wow, this was such an amazing experience and one that I will treasure for a long time.

If you love art journaling this was an amazing issue (and I'm not just saying that cause I'm in it! haha) and was full of ideas and tips and techniques.

Today was a good day. I went and got groceries, stopped by my LSS and only bought 5 pieces of paper (I know, I know, like I need more paper right?) and then sat on the front porch with the hubs and had a couple cold beer. Then we had roast beef buns for supper and watched a movie. We watched Sunshine Cleaning

John didn't care for it and I gave it a 6.5, 'cause you know I rate my movies. I thought it was going to be more of a comedy but it wasn't. It wasn't bad though, if you watch it let me know what you thought.

Tomorrow I have the internet dude coming to rewire my internet connection as the problem still hasn't been fixed. Sunday is DD's nose piercing (I know right?) as she has been wanting one all year. I have put the fear of scarring into her but she still wants it. She says alot of her friends are getting their tongues pierced and I said absolutely not to that so now the nose doesn't seem so bad. Sigh. I've also noticed a couple of her friends sporting tattoos, can you believe it? These girls are 16 and their parents had to sign for them. Don't get me wrong, I'm tatted and pierced but I just think things are getting younger and younger. Ok, now I just sound really old right? haha I'll keep you posted and try to get some pics too.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ga Ga for Glimmer Mists!!!

Yes, I'm still shamelessly plugging away!! haha The way I look at it is it's not work if you're having fun!! So, with that in mind here are a couple more projects I made this week and this one is also for the Scrapjacked challenge blog which I just saw now is having a DT call! I love those guys!!!! Here's my jack using the always fabulous Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists!

and this one I made just because. I used the Tattered Angels Ironworks Misting Tool (the iron gate) and some Glimmer Mist

I'm working right now on my One Little Word challenge layout using, you guessed it, Glimmer Mists!!!! woot! I have a day off tomorrow meaning I'm going into a 3 day weekend, halleluja! I took Paige to the dentite today and she got her new retainer. I was surprised that she said she's going to wear it during the day too (orginally she said she only wanted to wear it at night) but I think she wants to fix those couple of teeth as soon as possible. I'm meeting my aunt and Grama for lunch tomorrow and then might drop by my LSS.....I know, I'm weak, look away!!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Glimmer Misting continues..

As promised I made more projects using my Glimmer Mists!! I played along with the Mixed Media Monday and the Crazy Amigos and the theme was "together" so I made this art journal page. I used some old chipboard letters that I didn't like the color of as a stencil to spell the word "together" and then sprayed with my fave Midnight Blue Glimmer Mist. I love how colorful this page is

Then to show how versatile Glimmer Mists are I have also made 2 ATC's with them. This first one I made to play along with the Created by Hand challenge blog and the theme was "nature". I used some punchinella and sprayed my Lily Pad Glimmer Mist on a piece of patterned paper and then adhered it to some green cardstock, tearing one of the edges. Then I got to use my new stamps from Inkadinkadoo, one from the "The Great Outdoors" set I bought a couple weeks ago

Then for this one I used some patterned paper that had an old script on it and used the Tim Holtz Compass Mini Mask and sprayed it with my Black Gold Glimmer Mist. I made this for the Lots to Do challenge blog and the theme was "paper crazy"

It's kind of ironic that I would pick that quote for this card because I haven't done alot of travelling plus I have a fear of flying! haha But travelling is something I want to do eventually, when our last bird has flown the nest and we can take off when we please. So, I have a few more years to work on this. Hey, I can fly to Calgary no problem now so I just need to work up to 2 hour and longer flights! haha

Oh, oh, oh, I got my copies of the Fall 2009 Canadian Scrapbooker in the mail yesterday and I'm on page 28 and 63

and then in the Canadian Scrapbooker Basics Special Edition Volume 4 I'm on page 26 & 26!!!

Last night Paige and I watched a movie (I know! She actually watched a movie with me, it's been a loonnggg time since that has happened) as John was out with his buds. We watched "I love you man"

and it was hilarious!!! I even caught Paige laughing at a few parts! haha It was so funny because today I was telling John about a part in the movie where the guys are playing air guitar to Rush and John was like "oh, last night Kim and Dave were singing to Alice Cooper" and I said "did you join in?" and he said "yeah". hahaha That's awesome!! I can just see these 3 guys belting out Alice Cooper's "I'm 18" song. That's the song he said they were singing! Guys, they are sooo funny!! Add lots of beer to that image and there you have it.

Well, I'm off to now Glimmer Mist some more projects. Later dudes!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Shameless plug for Tattered Angels DT call continues...

I've been on a glimmer misting frenzy this weekend and did these 3 layouts using my Glimmer Mists and masking. This first one I used one of their tree glimmer screens and sprayed with the Olive Vine Glimmer Mist. I loooovveeee that tree screen!!!

This next one is one of my absolute faves because I looovveee the pictures!! Isn't it sooo cute??? I used the Magistical Memories chipboard nesting hearts and corner and sprayed them with my Candy Apple Red Glimmer Mist and then used the Heidi Swapp letter masks and sprayed with my Midnight Blue Glimmer Mists. I love how this layout turned out! This is one of the challenges over at The Next Step challenge blog, to mist your title.

I had sooo much fun making this next layout and I used the new clear Crystle Clear Trendy Swirl by Magistical Memories and pimped it up using alcohol inks. Then I went on a Glimmer Mist bender using Dreamsicle and Turquoise Blue Glimmer Mist as well as one of the Elegent Emblem screens. The title of this is called "I adore these" and I had fun just listing and putting things on that I adore. I also used some light moulding paste for texture, kind of like making it similar to a canvas.

So....for the next couple weeks you will see me wear my Glimmer Misted heart on my sleeve and I will be making more projects to post up until the Sept. 4th deadline, in the hopes that I have a chance. I can't imagine just how many talented people will be vying for a spot on the dream team but I have to try!! Wish me luck!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wing crazy

Yeah, I'm such a fan of wings on my T's lately I know!! First it was skulls, and don't get me wrong, I still love the skulls, but now I am in love with the wings. Here is another tshirt I found last weekend

and here is this cool silver lame winged hoody, minus the hood, that I got the same day

I think I'm all good for wings now, don't you? haha

I played along with Art Pieces again this week and the theme was "birds" so I made this ATC

I saw that Tattered Angels is having a DT call and almost had a seizure! I looovveeeee their stuff!! You all know how much I love glimmermisting and masking!!!! So I made this layout using 3 different Glimmermists (Candy Apple Red, Black Gold and Midnight Blue) and a stencil and it did double duty as I played along with The Story Matters

I am going to do a few more layouts using their products and throw my hat in the ring. I always say you can't win if you don't play!! Tonight we sat on the front porch and drank some beer, John cut the grass and the boys enjoyed just hanging out

Man I love the weekends. I made a big veggie pack for supper and we barbequed some spicy Italian sausages and had a cold pasta salad. Life is good.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Our 21st wedding anniversary

was yesterday and John surprised me with a gorgeous diamond ring!!!!! I know!!! At first he came home and was like "I got you something" and it was this really cool pineapple plant that I had admired last weekend when we were at Walmart. I was happy that he had remembered that I loved that cool plant and never expected anything else but then he also got me this gorgeous ring!!! I was so touched and my heart melted. He said he had all 3 ladies in the jewellery store attending to him and I told him that he probably made their day! haha He was worried that he maybe didn't pick the right one because there were so many to pick from but he did an amazing job. White gold and lots of sparkling diamonds. I said he did an amazing job and it's perfect!! Here it is!!

I wish I could get better pictures so that you could see the sparkle and shine like I do but I either get too close or not close enough! haha He also brought home some bubbly

and we got liquered up on bubbly and beer and then pigged out on chinese food! yummo!! Here's to another 21 years with someone who loves me so much that they braved the jewellery store and the stress of trying to pick out the perfect ring. I love you John!

Oh, and here is that super cool pineapple plant

I have had a good week and need to knock on wood because you know Murphy? Well I know Murphy and his laws and don't want anything to do with him!! haha Today I also got happy mail, which is the best kind ever, which was my RAK from The Next Step Challenge Blog, thank you ladies!!! You rock and I love being inspired by you all! I also got my brand new chippies from Magistical Memories and they are awesome!! I can't wait to play with my new toys!!

I feel sooo very lucky and blessed for all that I have. Tonight Michael and Jessica stopped in briefly with the baby and I got my Grama fix and did some major cuddling and I'm hoping to see him again this weekend and get some more pics. Well, I'm going to sleep in tomorrow and enjoy the weekend. What are your plans?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Midweek rah rah

Yay! I'm halfway through the work week!! I get every 2nd Friday off but unfortunately this Friday isn't my Friday, so it's an extra long work week. I loved the prompt for the A year in the life of an art journal because it was all about your plan. Like what is your plan? Do you have a plan? Well I most certainly do and I would have never throught to journal about it if it wasn't for Rachel so thanks Rachel! Here's my page

I also played along with the Mixed Media Monday and the theme was "stars" so I made these

Then for the Crazy Amigos the theme was "movie stars" so I did this ATC and I call it "Marilyn's days were numbered"

Well, before I head off to work I'll leave you with another one of my new fave t-shirts that I bought last week (can't seem to get enough of those wings!!) Have a great day!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Word up!

I'll never get sick of saying that! he he One of my favorite challenge blogs is the One Little Word challenge blog. I love the fact that they give you one word and everything else is up to you. The word up this time is "play" and of course to me this is my play

I'm so tired from my crappy sleep last night that it's 6:04 pm and I'm in my jammies! hehe Decadent. I played along with the Lots to Do challenge blog and the theme this was was a free theme! I love it when that happens so I made this ATC

Now I am going to go and have some supper and just kick back and relax before I have to start the work day all over again. Later dudes!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lazy Sunday's rock

My Sunday started out nice and lazy, I got up around 9:50 (I loovveee sleeping in on the weekends) and went down, had my bowl of multigrain cheerios and was just sipping on my first cup of coffee when John came in the house swearing. I was like "what's wrong?" and he said he got stung by a couple bees in the garage (he's doing work on his detached garage in the backyard). Now normally this would be no biggie except for the fact that around 6 years ago he got stung and swelled up sooo bad, like I'm talking his face was double the size, and then he started getting hives so I had to drive him to emergency where they promptly gave him a shot of adreneline (or something like that) and they told him that he better get an Epipen because the next time could be fatal. Yeah.

So, by now I'm fully awake and he says I should get dressed just in case so I did and we went for a drive to Walmart to get some wasp killer. The whole time I'm asking him "so how do you feel?" and watching his face! Luckily he is okay (after typing this I better go make sure as he's having a nap!) but I had to kill the wasps. I was the brave one that went into the garage and killed the 2 nests. I think I deserve an award or something eh? haha I saved my man! haha

Ok, for all you challenge addicts such as myself, the new challenge is up over at Dream Girls and it's a goodie!! Let's see if you can guess what it might be after looking at my take on it

So did you guess? Well here it is:

Prompt: Create a monochromatic challenge using all white, or cream
Technique: Stitching
Product: Lace

I would love to see your take on this!! Last night we had family movie night (for the first time in like forever!) because I had let Paige stay out later the night before as she was at a party and the dealio was that she would have family movie night with us last night. So, we watched these 2

Now I always say what I give the movie out of 10 and ask everyone else's number as well (I'm wierd that way!) and I gave obsessed a 6 and 17 again a 9! I think John and Paige were rating them pretty much the same. I really, really enjoyed 17 again.

Here is a pic of my scrap table today. What a total mess eh? I have this little 14 x 14 area to work in. I really need to clean up and get organized!

But, since John is napping I think I'll just finish the layout I'm working on and enjoy my quiet time making stuff. How about you, what are you working on or doing today?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I love weekends

I love staying up late and sleeping in!! Today I'm going for lunch with my Grama and Aunt and will try to remember to take a pic of my lunch! I love it when people do that on their blogs (Callista you know who I'm talking about!). It's also dollar days at Sobey's so after lunch I'll swing by there and check out the food deals. Here's my journal page for this week's Saturday's Workout challenge (I love that they had a journal page challenge!!!)

Also the new challenge is up over at Gutter Girlz and I had a blast making this page for it

Oh, oh, oh!!! Exciting camera news! My new little pink Sony Cybershot came in the mail the other day!!! I used my airmiles and ordered it and it was totally free!! How cool is that?? I have taken a few pics with it and love it! I really love the size of it compared to my big ass
Canon S3IS. Here it is in all it's glory!!

Last night Michael and Jessica came over for supper with the baby and I got some baby holding time in and also made Grampa hold him too (he gets nervous holding babies!) he he

That little double chin of his is the cutest, I just looovveeeee it!! Michael says it's getting out of control and growing by the week but I just laughed and said no, it's absolutely adorable and just shows what a healthy baby he is! Sigh. I'm in love.

Ok, food pic as promised, nothing as great as Callista's food pics but a food pic none the less. This was my lunch today

I know, I know, boring right! haha I think it must be the rainy weather and the fact that I didn't have breakfast this morning that made me order this! Of course I didn't make matters any better by having a Dairy Queen oreo blizzard for supper!! I know, can you believe it? Oh well, sometimes you just got to do it.

Here's a pic of my local scrap store (forgive the blurry pic). I went down there yesterday and bought one piece of paper (I know, aren't you proud of me!!) and a new stamp set and 3 Little Yellow Bicycle journal tablets. Yikes! I was out of control for sure.

I bought the traveler, birthday and summer journal tablets. I wish they would have had the everyday one but I think I have enough for now don't you??

I don't know about you but one of my weaknesses is for cool t-shirts. The more unique and different the better. Here are 2 of my summer faves so far

I eventually want to do a mini album on all of my favorite t-shirts, after I do one on my purses (mini album courtesty of the fabulous Callista!!)

Well, off to watch a couple movies with the family. I'll let you know how they were tomorrow. Have a great night!!


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