Saturday, November 28, 2009

I thought the weekend would never come...

This was such a long week for me and it took forever for Friday to come! Last night John and I watched "My sister's keeper"

and I thought it was such a good movie. It was soooo sad and I was teary eyed throughout most of it but it was such a good show. John on the other hand kept telling me how it wasn't his kind of movie and that life is sad enough without watching stuff like this! haha Yeah, I guess it's kind of a chick flick.

I'm finally posting a pic of that journal page I made duplicating the canvas I made. I love how it turned out. I didn't have all of the same materials plus my journal is only 7 /2 x 10 so because it's a smaller scale I had to make it a little different.

Last week I got another Slice card in the mail and this one is called "Noteworthy" and has some really cool shapes (yep, I'm still lloving my Slice. Did you see the star on my journal page? The Slice)

I also got 2 new books from and one I really like and the other is neh. The one I love is this one that I first read about on Dina Wakley's blog called Stencil 101 (Dina is an amazing artist, you have to check out her blog!!)

I always wondered where she got her ultra cool images from and this book has them! I can hardly wait to play! This next book was called Creative Awakenings

and for me it was just way too much reading. Don't get me wrong, I love to read! I just don't necessarily want to read all about why an artist created something and know the whole background behind it. I just want to see techniques and art. There were some good techniques in here but again, too much text and background info. I regret getting this one.

Do you love Urban Lily paper? If so run, don't walk, to the Urban Swank blog and leave a comment and link back to the blog for a chance to win a prize of 50 papers!!! The deadline is December 15th so check it out!! Do it!! I'm off to add my comment now!

Oh, I had my H1N1 shot yesterday and my arm is frickin killing mmmeeeeeee!!! I can barely move it and it is so sore and weak. Have you had your shot? Any soreness like this?? Here are some chuckles for you on this subject

Before I go I'll post a pic of me and my little man. He just gets more gorgeous every time I see him! I got lots of laughs out of him yesterday and today!

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Technique Tuesday

And I really do have a technique this time, I'm not just messing with you! ha ha But first of all I got my copy of the Canadian Scrapbooker Winter 2009/2010 in the mail today and I'm on page 42!

and I also got my copy of the September 2009 Scrapbook Trends in the mail on Friday and I'm on page 29! I'm quite choked though because the UPS man pulled up and gave me my box that had my layout and the magazine in it and asked me for $19!!! They sent it COD!!! Can you believe it?? So I have an email in to them asking why?? It took away from alot of the excitment I was feeling for sure. I'll keep you posted on how this turns out. Normally they are very good about just sending it regular mail but I think they have a new person doing this otherwise why the UPS? I never get anything sent to me UPS. The magazine is stellar as always though with lots of gorgeous layouts (and I'm not just saying that cause I'm in it!) haha

Secondly here is an ATC I made for the Wednesday Stamper where the theme was "maps" so I used a patterned paper map background and then made my scene using this cool mermaid stamp I have. I almost didn't make it to upload in time as the new challenge will be posted tomorrow but I did. Due to extreme shit hitting the fan this past weekend it messed me up. I hate when that black cloud rolls in don't you??

Speaking of black clouds, this leads me into my next piece for today's post called Technique Tuesday (can you tell I'm just so pumped to actually have a project for that witty title this time??) which is an 8 x 10 canvas I made. I made each little detail to signify events that happened over the weekend but because it's so personal won't get into details. But what I will get into is each step that led to one of my favorite canvases yet.

First off I had just a cheapo 8 x 10 canvas from the dollar store and I found a page from the dictionary that had words to fit how I was feeling (don't forget you can click on each picture to see it bigger and in more detail)

Then I took some beige colored paint and painted over the words that I didn't need showing through which left the emphasis on the words I wanted to keep.

Then I added some more paint in different colors as well as a rub on going vertically.

Next I added my main image and had to mix a couple different blue paints along with some black to match the color of that image. I also added some more rub ons and paint.

In the previous picture you will see a yellow lettering stencil, I placed that on the right hand side of my canvas vertically and took a very fine paint brush and painted in the letters using my beige paint. I also added some rub ons to frame the main image and some red Glimmer Mist.

Now it was time to have fun with my Golden Light Moulding Paste, I love that stuff!!! I added some texture to the top of my canvas using the moulding paste and a dotted foam stamp as well as texture to the very bottom using another foam stamp. I also used a star shape from my beloved Slice and some more Glimmer Mist.

Getting closer to the end I used black paint to frame the canvas edges, added a rhinestone to the star, more Glimmer Mist and the acrylic letters

This is the finished project with a few more finishing touches like the gaffer tape and ink stains.

I love this canvas so much! It's exactly how I wanted it to turn out. I love it so much that I'm also making a page for my art journal based on it, here's a peek here but I'm not done.

Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing my canvas from start to finish and I'm looking forward to hanging it up this week. Have a great week!

Saturday, November 21, 2009


I love playing along with the Scrapjacked blog and this time they jacked Caroline, who has such a fun and playful style! This is my take on the jack

I was happy that this is the last of my summer vacation pics because sometimes when I get really behind it's almost overwhelming.

Apparantly Gesso and I aren't getting along so well. Yesterday I went to Walmart and bought this really cute top, 2 magazines and a new bottle of Gesso. When I got home and opened up my bag the lid had come off the Gesso getting on the new top and on my mags. I couldn't believe the dim witted checkout dude wouldn't have put the Gesso in a separate bag. I washed the top right away and it's fine and the magazines are kind of crusty now but life goes on. Note to self, next time request a separate bag. Lesson learned. But Gesso, why are you so mean to me?? First you go moldy and then you don't even want to come home with me??

Here's my top, it looks really cute with jeans, has a kind of rock chick look with those burgandy tiger stripes. It has sheer stripes so I would wear it with a black tank or something underneath. It also would look great with my black work pants.

I also played along with the Scrap That Poetry blog and used the first verse of the poem, which was "When you thought I wasn't looking" to make this layout about my sister. She's the best. She is so different than me. She is calm, cool, collected, adventurous, everything I wish I could be.

She is so adventurous that she moved to another country a few years back, Abu Dhabi! And for those that are like "where the heck is that?" it is in the United Arab Emerites, near Dubai. She is amazing and is living an amazing life of travel and adventure, all of which I'm not, but hopefully one day will!

Well, my day hasn't gone as planned as we are having some family drama that has taken up our whole day so far and it doesn't look as if it's going to get any better. No one ever said life was going to be easy did they? It can be full of such beauty one moment and then such heartache and despair the next. I've been praying alot to the big guy but I don't think he hears me.

Friday, November 20, 2009


I have been living for today all week because it's my day off and I now have a 3 day weekend! It's now 11:36 am and I'm still sitting here in my flannels having coffee. Life is good. I need to go get groceries today, take my cans in for recycling, stop by the PO and see if my Scrap-Tastic DT kit is there (keeping my fingers crossed big time because John is working late tonight so it would be the perfect time to play!!) and stop by Walmart for some new Gesso to replace my moldy crap. Hmm...guess I better get my ass in gear eh?

I had alot of fun making this layout for the Scrap Mojo challenge blog and the prompt was what is your therapy and you had to use paint (you'll notice I'm still loving my Slice!!!!) I also did a whack of journaling so it would also apply to The Story Matters where it's open theme this month, you just had to tell a story. And tell a story I did with this:

Then I had some ATC fun and made this one for the Mixed Media Monday blog where the theme was "I am woman" (and she is a whole lotta woman don't you think??) and for the Thank God It's Friday where the theme was "femme fatale", which she totally is.

Then I wanted to do a gel medium transfer for the Art Pieces challenge where the theme was "shadows". I had this amazing image of a unicorn and a fairy in the moonlight but when I did the transfer I lost alot of the image. So...I took out my trusty paints and painted in where the image was lost and ended up with this

I actually love how it turned out. I don't think it would have been as good had the image turned out perfectly. This way it has an almost magical quality with alot more texture (ok, so some of the paper ripped as I was getting the image off) and interest. So, I guess it's true, there are no mistakes in art. I'll leave you with a few quotes that I love:

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.
Scott Adams

Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.
Henry Ward Beacher

Every artist was first an amateur.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sketch time!

I found this sketch on the My Minds Eye blog and decided to give it a whirl!

I love this star paper by them and decided to do a layout on my favorite rock star (gee, any guesses???) haha The paper was called Classic "Unique" Shining Star/Molding Clay Paper and I used both sides of it. I thought it was fitting for a layout on my Johnny!

I didn't use a circle and I also stretched my horizontal pics to fit right across the page (because I wanted lots of Johnny goodness!) and used the fabulous Magistical Memories chipboard electric guitar that I covered in zebra print patterned paper and added a little pic of Johnny onto! That's what I love about sketches is that you can be inspired by them in so many ways!! I thought afterwards (when it was too late of course) that I could have substituted a big star instead of the circle and had it peeking from behind but alas, too late! Oh, did you notice my Slice shapes again? Can you tell just how much I love the star shapes???

I played along with Lots to Do challenge blog and the theme was "embossing" which was cool, because I hadn't done any in a little while. So I made this ATC

and then I also played along with the Saturday Surprise challenge blog where the theme was "more than one" so I used this stamp for the first time

Looking at this post I kind of notice a theme, a theme of muted nature-like colors. Interesting. Usually I have alot of color going on but this was good.

I'm here at home waiting for the *#&)&_$$#^&$)#&* plumber to get his ass to my house, it's now 4:50pm. I left work early taking banked time to be here because he said 4:30 FOR SURE. I even stressed the point to him that I had to take extra time off from work, would he be there for sure. He said yes. At this point I'm ready to plumb my dishwasher myself, with my teeth. Bastard.

ps. plumber just called and is on his way. Thank God because I didn't want to wreck my teeth!!! haha

Sunday, November 15, 2009

It's challenge time!!

I love when the 15th of every month comes because that's when the Dream Girls and the Gutter Girlz challenges are up!! The Dream Girls challenge was super fun and this is what it is:

This week is a fun challenge, we want you to play along, we loved making our layouts and hope you find some inspiration in this challenge, that is what it's all about.

Prompt: "List It!" Use a 1-10 list on your layout, could be your favourite films, or reasons you love someone, or ten facts...

Technique: "Clearly yours" - using a clear scrapping element - like punched overlay etc...

Product: "Mix It Up" Mix up alphabets - use multi alpha stickers/ dies/ fonts etc etc

I had received these funky chipboard insects in my Design Team package from Magistical Memories and wasn't exactly sure how I was going to use them. I mean my kids are older so I couldn't do any layouts of them bug catching so that was out of the question but when I put my thinking cap on this is what I came up with:

Those bugs are really, really cool. I loved using all these journal spots too.

This next challenge was alot more serious and it's the new Gutter Girlz challenge which is this:

Are you an optimist? Maybe you're a pessimist. Either way, we want to know...

My Glass

Thank You by Alanis Morissett

Newspaper clipping

Nothing really came to me when I thought about "my glass" so I listened to the song and the words "unabashedly bawling your eyes out" touched me. When I hear those words it makes me think right away of exploited women and children. I watched that movie called "Taken" and it has haunted me ever since. Women and children are being abused, molested and trafficked every single day and it breaks my heart. I can't imagine what life is like for some of these people and I can only hope and pray it gets put to an end. No one deserves to be the property of another. So like I say this was a very serious take on the challenge and I combed the net for images (which was disturbing in itself) and read some articles on how trafficking is an epidemic. I picniked my images into a collage and put it on top of a page from the newspaper:

Here's the trailer for the movie "Taken" (remember to mute Johnny singing at the very bottom of the page)

Just watching this gives me the chills again. Anyone who has a daughter will never look at things the same again.

Ok, making things a little lighter, John and I watched the movie called Year One last night and it was funny! I gave it a 7.5 out of 10

I baked 2 different kinds of cookies today and we are making homemade pizza for supper. I'm looking forward to Desperate Housewives and just relaxing. How about you, what did you do this weekend?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Winner winner chicken dinner!!

I have no idea why I said that or even what it means but I love the sound of it! hahaha Now you know I'm kind of old skool so I don't do those random number generator things, I prefer to print out all of my names onto paper and then use my trusty little scissors to cut them up, and then put them into my little red rak bucket.

I mixed them all up and then reached in and will Allison come on down!!

Please email me Allison and let me know your address so I can put your package into the mail next week! Congrats! And thank you to everyone who takes the time to come hear and visit me, I truly appreciate it. I love reading everyone's comments and meeting new people so once again thank you!!

I got a new book in the mail yesterday that I ordered from and it's called Creative Paint Workshop

I can hardly wait to get some time to sit and go through it. It looks like a great book though and the art work in it is amazing!!!

I played along with the A Year in the Life of an Art Journal and the word was "vicarious" so I just changed it a little to be "vicariously" and did this art journal page on how for now I live vicariously through others in regards to travel.

I know travelling is something I do want to do, but I think sometimes that my fear of flying prevents me from making it a priority. We have made building our last 2 houses a priority which did prevent us from travelling but after we are done our last one (we always said we would move one last time) I think I'm going to bite the bullet and make it a priority. I know that I just need to do it once and then I'll be over the hurdle. I can fly to Calgary no problem, I do it twice a year, but it's only a little over an hour flight! haha It took me a few years of doing that flight to be able to do it medication free (yes, that's how much I hate flying) so I know it will just take some time. Anyways, that is where this page came from so hey, if you have any good travel stories I'll just live vicariously through you for now! haha

Last night John and I watched The Land of the Lost (ok, he only watched 15 minutes before he fell asleep on me, leaving me to watch it with the dogs!) and I thought it was pretty funny. Of course I love Will Farrell so I gave it a 7 out of 10. It was just a goofy and silly movie but it had alot of laughs.

Well, I'm off to clean the house now. I told myself that I am not allowed back into my art room today until I get all my jobs done. I can come in here and just get carried away and then nothing around the house gets done. So, have a great day and I'm off to clean!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

woooooo! So are you scared? Do you have a phobia about today? I don't. I think it's just like any other day. Just like I don't let black cats scare me, walking under ladders, etc.. I don't think that I have any superstitions really.

Here is an art journal page I made for the Wednesday Stamper where the theme was "Zettiology" and for the Theme Thursday where the theme was "patterned paper". I didn't have a problem finding patterned paper for this page either let me tell you!! haha

Make sure that you pop on over to Magistical Memories to check out their November/December challenge. Check it out:

Did you know that Magistical Memories chipboard and acrylic pieces make great masks? They sure do! And we'd love to see your creative masking techniques! For the November/December challenge, make a project that shows off your masking creativity and upload into the challenge gallery here at Magistical Memories. Of course, we would love it if you would use Magistical Memories products as your actual mask, but it isn't a requirement.

Because the holidays are just around the corner, we've extended the challenge to give you more time to spend with loved ones. Please note that the November/December challenge will run from November 1 through December 15. Personally, masking is one of my favorite techniques so I hope to see lots of new inspiration from all of you! Have fun with this and good luck! You might be the newest winner of some fantastic chippies

Here is my take on the challenge and I used their Filigree Frame to mask my journal spot area and the always fun and fabulous Smiley Face and painted him pink:

I would love to see you come on over and play!! Do it, you know you wannnna!

Oh, here's something really gross, it's my bottle of Gesso and it's all moldy!!!

Have you ever heard of this before?? I've tried googling it and haven't been able to find anyone else that this has happened to. So, that leads me to conclude that I'm a freak or maybe something got into my bottle of Gesso to make it mould?? Either way, I need to garbage it and buy a new one which is a downer.

Happy mail alert!! I got my new Slice Basics 3 design card in the mail from Ebay and here are some of the awesome shapes I cut

I can see these being super versatile and used often!!

Slice update: I received a response back from Making Memories and at first they gave me the standard email (I believe) of what to check when you are having problems with the Slice. I exlained that I had already tried all of these remedies and checks from their website and that I believe maybe I had defective blades because I have only cut approx. 35 designs and each blade is supposed to do around 50 (that's what their website says) and I'm already on my 3rd blade after the wierd warping issues.

So, they are sending me some new blades and some adhesive which is fabulous customer service!! Seriously, Making Memories has the best customer service. I told them that apart from the blade issue I am loving my Slice and can hardly wait to add more design cards to my collection and get the new embossing tips they are coming out with!! I'll keep you posted!

Well, off to watch a movie with the hubs, have a great night! Tomorrow I draw for my blog anniversary RAK so make sure you check back!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rememberance Day

Since today is Rememberance Day I did an ATC in honor of it, as well as it's for Linda and her ATC The Music blog, which is totally cool. You have to check it out. If you love making ATC's and you love music it's awesome. Linda I made an extra one of these for you so I'll be getting in touch with you for your address woman! Also, note the little potty people which are some of my Slice shapes! I chose the song Better Days because first of all I love it, and secondly the song just speaks volumes to me. I mean who doesn't hope for better days?

Here is Johnny singing the song (remember to mute the video at the very, very bottom of the blog so you can hear this one)

Now didn't that touch your heart? Sigh.

I played along with the Scrap That Poetry challenge blog (new one I just love!) and did a page for my art journal:

That picture of the gorgeous pink flower is one I actually took this past summer when I went on one of my walks. I was almost attacked by an ant hill getting this shot but it was totally worth it! haha

Awesome challenge over at the Think Monday Think ATC and the theme was "fruit". So I used my trust pear stamp and made this ATC

Since I have today off I was a creating maniac last night and stayed up late making all these ATC's, which felt soooo good!!! Here's is one for the Art Pieces challenge blog where the theme was "quotations" (note uber fabulous Slice shape again!!)

and then for the Crazy Amigos where the theme was "glitter and glamour" (I used my Timmeeeeee alcohol inks to make the background)and added some jewells and fibers.

I played along with the Point Blank challenge and did this layout on my love of baubles. You can't see it too good but I used lots of pearls and rhinestones. The bigger picture is the bauble booth in Calgary that I make sure to visit every time I go. This woman has the BEST silver jewellery with gorgeous stones. I call her the bauble lady and have now gotten my mom and sister in on the addiction! haha

Last but never least is a layout I did on my little man who just gets cuter and cuter every time I see him!! Just looking at his sweet little face gives me joy

Well, I don't have much planned for today other than a lazy day, maybe make some stuff and then do tacos for supper. I just love having a day off in the middle of the week!!!


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