Sunday, March 29, 2009

Time once again to step into the gutter

and play along with us at Gutter Girlz! Yo yo yo, where's ma peeps? he he I just love saying that. So, pop on over and check out the new challenge and here's my take on it

There are soooo many ways you can take this challenge but I chose to take it a very tame and loving way. Notice my crooked title? (^%(#&^$*&^#*&

The next challenge that's up is The Design Experiment and I would loovveee to know what your items would be! Check it out and here's my take

I loved playing with my art journal this weekend and made this page for the new Creative Therapy challenge

I have found that the last few years have truly taught me what unconditional love is in regards to my kids. We have not had great teen years (and I know some of you are like "well who does?) but ours have been really tough and especially trying when it comes to our son. I'm praying our daughter doesn't take the same road and give us as much grief....

Then I made this one just cause...

Random ramblings:

- STILL haven't painted my toenails, for the love of God will someone please come over and just paint them or shame me into painting them???
- I feel crappy for not taking the boys for a walk on the trail this weekend, family drama ensued and was in no mood for it
- cleaned up my computer area today and feel alot better and more organized!!
- had sweet and sour meatballs and rice for supper
- pissed that Desperate Housewives wasn't on tonight!! WTH??
- went to a retirement party last night and took this pic of John and I before we left

Friday, March 27, 2009

Lotus Paperie Friday!

Today is my last Friday guesting over at Lotus Paperie and the challenge today is to use a transparency as your background. Lord knows I have enough of those to build a transparent house with so I loved doing this! Here's my take on the challenge

I loved doing this one on Paige using fun embellies and quotes. It makes me happy just looking at it! Make sure you check out the site because they are also having a design team call that you won't want to miss out on!!

Yesterday I stopped by my LSS and FINALLY jumped on the Glimmer Mist bandwagon. I know, can you believe I didn't own any of this magical mist??? Me neither!!! So I bought one in "Sand" and the other in "Midnight Blue" and they are the cat's ass for using on my journals!!!

I am soooo hooked I may run back down tomorrow and get a green one. Plus I FINALLY got my bone folder so I can properly burnish now! yay me!! hahaha I left there without any paper though, I was so proud of myself!!! Here's a couple art journal pages I did using the glimmer mists:

Make sure you stop by Magistical Memories as they are having an awesome 25% off sale and they have the best chipboard!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gel Medium Transfer

I know, I'm like the tranferring Queen eh? haha I discovered this cool challenge blog for stamping, I am in heaven!!! Now I can really branch out with my ATC's. It's called Wednesday Stamper and every Wednesday they have a challenge, and yesterday's was the Transfer technique and since I had just done the packing tape I decided to do the gel medium. This technique is alot tricker than the packing tape transfer. With this technique you never know what you are going to get and you will also end up ruining a few images before you get a good one. Trust me. This I know. Once again, I picked some kick ass images that I had printed off of a laser printer

I wish I could give credit for these fabulous images but I don't know whose they are! So, what I did was cut a 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 piece of white cardstock for each of my images. Then I took my Golden Gel Medium that I talked about in the previous post and put some onto the cardstock. You want enough so that it's not too sticky but not so much that it takes forever to dry and moves your image around. Then I put my image face down (because you want it to transfer) into the gel medium and smoothed it out. Again, wishing I had that damn bone folder but I don't, so I used my popsicle stick and burnished it good. Now this is the tricky part. You need to fool around some to see how long to leave it sit before lifting your image off. I wrecked quite a few until I got these ones and also found that using my heat gun a bit helped dry it a bit faster and maybe even adhere my image better. This is what I got

I am soooo pumped with how the images came out!! Oh, if you are going to play you have to use at least one stamp on your projects. Loooovveeee this site!!

I played along this week with the Scrapping Across the Universe and made this layout on my BFF

I had been meaning to make one on Gay for a long time now and this was just the kick in the pants that I needed! haha She is my confidante, my sidekick, my cosmic sister, she is everything to me. She keeps me sane and I don't know what I would do without her, I am truly blessed.

Oh, here are a couple journal pages I did

Thank God for my art because it too keeps me sane!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Packing tape transfer technique

This is what I woke up to this morning!! Can you believe it? It's almost the end of March and we get a blizzard! Why do I live here?? The roads were a little trecherous going to work but it was already slowly starting to melt in the afternoon, only to be replaced by 2 more days of snow (that's what they are forecasting). Lovely.

Packing tape transfer. Love it!!! Here are some I did using this technique:

I just loooovveee these images!!! If you are interested in trying this technique what you need to do is use images that have been printed off of a laser printer, NOT AN INK JET. The transfer won't work from an ink jet. If you don't have access to a laser printer (check out your work place! hehe) you can do this using images from a magazine as well! So, once you have your image you will need some packing tape (I get mine from the dollar store) and a dish. Pretty easy eh? So here's how I did this one:
Find some images you want to play with, I chose these 3 that were printed from a color laser printer

Next you are going to cover the entire image with one big strip of packing tape and then you will find you will need another 1/2 inch or so, depending on the size of your image. I make sure to overlap the tape so that the seam doesn't come apart in the next step. Once you have covered it in packing tape you need to burnish the tape (rub it on good) I still don't have a bone folder (yeah I know eh?) so I used a popsicle stick that came with some rub ons.

Now it's time to submerge your tape covered images in water. I like using very warm water and then I let them sit for a few minutes.

Now you can rub gently in a circular motion with your fingers and you'll see that the soggy paper starts coming off! yay! That's good! Keep rubbing gently until it's all off. When most of it is off I then run it under the sink and give it an extra rubbing to make sure I've gotten it all.

Ok, now you will only have the tape left and the image has been tranferred on to the tape, isn't that the coolest thing??? Don't worry if they are curled, you'll take care of that later. You will want to gently blot them dry with a towel or facecloth.

Now comes the fun part, choosing what background you want to show through. Here are my images with their backgrounds on.

You will want to use a clear medium, such as the Golden Gel Medium as it dries perfectly clear, to adhere your image to it's background.

The background possibilities are endless! You can use alcohol inks, paint, stamping, patterned paper, sheet music, dictionary pages, book pages, etc... For this one I used a page from a dictionary

and this one some Autumn Leaves patterned paper

and lastly this one some patterned paper meant to look like it was from a story book

So there you have it! I hope if you've never tried it that I have inspired you or got you thinking about trying this fun technique! You can even mesh different images together and layer them, go crazy!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'm late

posting my Lotus Paperie layout. The new challenge was posted on Friday and this was my take on it using the
Magistical Memories martini glass and smiley face. This layout just makes me smile...

There is still time to scraplift one of my layouts on there for a chance at a RAK so head on over and check it out!

I also did a couple ATC's

and a couple journal pages

I'm working on some packing tape transfer technique ATC's that I'll post soon. I am sooooo hooked on doing these!! We watched Twilight last night and I loooovvveeed it!!! I think every woman wants to be Bella, don't you?? Sigh.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mission accomplished!!

On a few levels! First off, let me shout for joy my excitement over making my first ATC using Friendly Plastic. I had never heard of it until I read Bernie Berlin's Artist Trading Card Workshop book and there was a section on how to make ATC's with this stuff! I was intrigued!!! I wanted some sooooo bad, but do you think I could find any in Canada?? Well yes I did! I found some here on Katie's Etsy. She was wonderful to deal with and I see she has even more of her stash for sale!! Here is what I ordered from her

So, for you Canucks that have been dying to play with this stuff this is your chance! Ok, I got so excited that I guess I should share what I'm excited about! haha Here is my first card made entirely out of friendly plastic

Of course this doesn't do it justice because in person (and I know I'm a little biased and partial here) it's just gorgeous!!! The sheen, the colors, amazing!! I'm kicking my ass I didn't take some step by step pics but there's always next time! Then I made a little flower for my A Year In The Life Of An Art Journal ATC. It was so funny because since I started this I've always done a page for my art journal, ALWAYS!! But for some reason the friendly plastic was on my brain and I did this

I learned the hard way that if you heat up the plastic too much (I used my heat gun) the metallics lose some of their metallic, as you can see on the flower stem). But, I did try 2 new techniques for this card, one of which was the friendly plastic and I heated it up and then stamped into it (see head of flower) and the other was I FINALLY tried my damn UTEE. What is UTEE you ask? It's short for Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel. If you look closely you will see I stamped with a crossword stamp and then sprinkled my UTEE on it. It's pretty cool and I can see I'll be using it more.

Of course the ATC's didn't end there, noooooo. Since I was on a roll I also finished my Swap-bot cards for the "Vintage Sassy Women" swap but now I don't want to send them away, I want to keep them! haha But I'll send them....

I think I was kind of bummed that I liked these but had to send them away so I made this for me (and one to trade)

I was also able to play along again with the
Punk Rocker Scrappers, I totally dig that site. I think it's the bad girl in me. hehe I did this layout on my job

and loved how it turned out, the little details. On one hand I feel guilty for even complaining because how lucky am I to have a great job with good pay and benefits, especially nowadays in this recession?? Very!! But on the other hand I find sitting there, in that cubicle, in that chair, ALL DAY LONG, eats away at my soul. It is so hard for me to sit, not only on my body but on my mind. The inactivity is stifling. I guess that is the trade off for the benefits. How about you, do you work in a cubicle or where do you work?

Drop back tomorrow for my 3rd week of guesting at Lotus Paperie, I'm excited to post my layout tomorrow as it is another fave of mine!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More challenges

I can now post my The Design Experiment layout and I must say it's one of my fave ones to date. I used the Magistical Memories newly released "out on a limb" for this:

I just love how happy and cheerful it looks! Then the One Little Word posted their new word up and the word is "real". Of course I just had to walk around my house and document my real life. In the raw, or dust should I say? This isn't sugar coated (it's dust coated!) haha, it's the real deal. I've learned to accept it. Viewer discretion advised:

So there you have it. Other than that

- I have a swap-bot swap coming up that I've lost my mojo for...need to buckle down and do it
- I still haven't made anything with my friendly plastic that arrived last week
- I still haven't made a pendant with my new Ranger frames
- I want to make a canvas soon
- still haven't painted my toenails
- wore an awesome pair of new pants today, went to see if they had them in brown and they did, just not in my size, of course
- I'm working on my punk rock scrappers layout, 1/2 way done
- I got some ATC's in the mail today and loved them!!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

New challenges are up!

The 15th of every month is always a busy time for me because that's when the challenges are due for each of the 3 challenge blogs that I belong to. But I love it!! Here is my layout for the Dream Girls challenge, which was super fun. I loved taking some pics from a magazine to show what I would love, if I was a rich girl!

Then I had a little fun with food on this layout for the new Gutter Girlz challenge. It's about why I have a little extra junk in my trunk! ha ha

I was going to post my Design Experiment layout but I see they don't have it posted yet so I'll have to post it another day.

I had to do this journal page yesterday because of something that made me so sad. I was getting my groceries yesterday and when I was getting ready to pay I noticed that the woman behind me had all sale items on the conveyor belt. Every piece of meat and food had either a "reduced for quick sale" or 50% or "clearance" sticker on it. Then I also saw she had a little girl with her, and she was wearing clothes that looked like they could have been hand me downs. I felt so sad and at the same time so very grateful that I'm able to buy the food I want and that we don't have to ever go without. It stayed with me all day and tugged at my heartstrings and I wanted to document it so I made this

It really makes you think doesn't it? Today was such a beautiful day that John and I took the boys for their first walk of the year, it was so nice. They just loved it and were so happy! It was very mucky and wet but we let them dry off on the front porch before we went inside.

Aren't they the cutest??? I've been busy today, I am making ham and scalloped potatoes for supper and have a banana bread cooking as well. Somebody stop me!!! haha


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