Sunday, July 26, 2009

I survived the garage sale!!

Woohoo!! I survived the garage sale. You would not believe how bloody hard it is to get someone to part with a dollar. Seriously. One woman picked up a dollar item and strolled it around the sale for 20 minutes in the blistering heat (it was scorching) and then put it back down and left. Don't get me started on the cheap bastards that are expecting you to almost give stuff away for free!! I mean we had VHS movies for a dollar. A dollar people. And then I had woman with the Star Wars tilogy in her hand PLUS 3 other movies and she was like "will you take $4?" I said no, they are a dollar each so she parted with $6 but it must have killed her. Here are some pics for your amusement (see John at the very end?) hehe

My sister and her husband were down this weekend and they came over on Saturday morning with a Timmees coffee and breakfast sandwich for us and hung out at our garage sale and visited for a bit. They said they had alot of fun (it was totally entertaining!)

Then last Thursday we all had drinks and munchies on Lucinda's new deck (here are all of the ladies I work with except 2 are missing)

and this morning I went out for breakfast with my sister Debbie and her husband Trevor and snapped this pic (don't we look glam?) hehe

Ok, now some of you are going yeah, yeah, yeah, get to the reason we came here!! haha Here is my take on the Saturday Surprise challenge and the theme was pets so I made an ATC for my 7 Gypsies ATC spinner

After making that one I was on a roll and made these for my spinner as well

and then this one I made just because

Well, today was my last day of my 3 weeks of holidays. Tomorrow I become a prisoner of my cubicle once again. It is going to be killer to wake up at 6:00 am. The one good thing is that I will be able to get back on track with my working out (I've done nil since I've been off) and hopefully give my liver a chance to recover (Betty Ford here I come!). So...maybe sometimes too much of a good thing is too much? haha

Friday, July 24, 2009

Thank God It's Friday!

I say that because I'm guesting over at the Thank God It's Friday challenge blog! yay! I have been playing along with their awesome challenges for a little while now and was so honored to have been asked to guest today's challenge. Make sure you pop on over and check it out and here is my take on it

Now I have to jump in the shower and get ready for this effin garage sale we are having starting today and going until Sunday. I'm pretty sure it will be interesteing. We haven't had one for years and it was time to unload some stuff and whatever is left will be going on the driveway with a big "free" sign! Declutter and free yourself is the idea! I better take some pics because I can totally see a layout coming out of this. Later dudes!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I babysat today!!

My first time babysitting as a new Grama! Jessica had to go to the doctor so she brought baby over in his little car seat and I was all ready to babysit! He slept the whole time (only an hour and a half) and I didn't even get to hold him! haha It was nice though as I had my coffee and played in my art room while he sat beside me on the floor in his little seat. Here's a pic (and I'm not sure where that sign came from???) hehe

Isn't he the cutest??? So Mom took him back home and now I've just a couple posts before I have to jump in the shower and then take Skyler to the vet (he has this pimple thing on his leg that he keeps bugging and licking and I want to get it checked out). Then later this aft I'm heading over to my bf's house for a beer and then we've been invited to a coworker's house to sit on her new deck and have drinks. Granny's gonna get her groove on! Woohoo!!

So, here is my art journal page for the A year in the life of an art journal and the word was "now"

I just love that picture and was thrilled to finally be able to use it in my journal. The picture is from one of my summer holidays and I think it was taken near Banff. Beautiful. I am envious of people who live near such beauty year round. I live on the boring, flat and dry prairies where the only exciting thing you might see is the odd tumbleweed or combine. Yeah.

Next up is my layout that I made for the awesome challenge blog called The next step and their challenge was to machine and/or hand stitch. So...I dug out my crappy little Michael's sewing machine and did some line stitching as well as hand stitched the "Me". Their techniques are always so awesome and inspiring, you have to check it out!

Also, just to let you all know I am stepping down from The Design Experiment challenge blog as things over there have been unorganized as the founder hasn't been keeping the blog up (It's Thursday and last Sunday's challenge still hasn't been posted). I don't need any extra stress or drama and have told the other ladies I won't be continuing on (some of the others are stepping down as well). So....onward and upward! It was fun while it lasted and I met some great ladies and did some awesome challenges.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy Hump Day!

I'm starting to slowly panic as my holidays are drawing to a close!! But I have been blessed to have been able to have 3 weeks off and also see my family, relax, eat good food, make stuff and generally just enjoy my time.

I just love these "instant frames" from Magistical Memories and thought I would use 4 of them for added punch to showcase some family pictures. I painted them white and then stamped our names on them. Just looking at this layout makes me happy!

I have loved being able to play along with the challenges while I've been off on holidays and the new challenge over at Crazy Amigos is "ladies" so I finally used my lady in a sun hat stamp as well as the island palm stamp. I sprayed sand colored glimmermist for the beach and colored in the rest with watercolor pencils.

Then I mosied on over to Art Pieces where the challenge was to make an ATC in 10 minutes or less. I had the lady image already stamped from a previous time but had to cut her out and I was able to make this in 8 minutes (yes, I timed it!) haha

Last but not least was the Created by Hand challenge and the theme was "moon and stars" so I made this simple ATC

Now this post wouldn't be complete if I didn't post a couple baby holding pics as promised! We went over to Michael and Jessica's a couple nights ago and I held the baby (my first grandbaby!)

I hope everyone is having a fabulous summer!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

TDX Tuesday

Well it's not supposed to be, it's supposed to be Sunday but not sure what's happened so I'll go ahead and post mine anyways! haha The theme when it does get posted over at The Design Experiment is guilty pleasures, what's yours? Here are just a few of mine

I'm a little behind on playing along with the A year in the life of an art journal but that's okay. The word was makers choice starting with "M" last time so this is my first 2 pager in my journal

I was thinking that I should do more 2 pagers as I liked how it turned out.

Here's an ATC I made for a challenge on fairies but I didn't read correctly and the challenge is over so anyways, here it is

I have the dishwasher repairman dude coming over this aft as our dishwasher has been making some really loud and scary noises. Other than that I'm thinking we might barbeque smokies tonight. I can't believe this is my last week of holidays, 3 weeks almost gone. I'm really going to have to savour them.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Think Monday, Think ATC

This fun challenge from the Think Monday Think ATC gave me a reason to use this stunning image as the theme this week is "moon". I made this simple ATC but love the imagery on it

Lots to do

I really had alot of fun with this challenge from the Lots to do challenge blog and loved how this turned out. The theme this week was "Paris" and I used one of Timmee's new stamps as well as one of my fabulous Stampo stamps to make this ATC

Saturday's Workout

This challenge from Saturday's Workout came at a perfect time because I just bought 2 new sets of Tim Holtz stamps while I was away on holidays (Timmeeeeee!). They have a fabulous video showing how to use perfect pearls so I dug out my pigment pearls (which I have rarely used since I bought them because I just had to have them!!) and used 2 of Timmee's stamps. I also used his background technique of rubbing the distress ink onto the craft sheet and misting with water to create my background

I will totally be trying this out again in the future!

Saturday Surprise & Crazy Amigos

Again, I know, it's not Saturday! haha Even though I'm on holidays (this is my last week!!) I'm still a little behind in the challenges. It just feels so good to be playing along though after not being able to for a couple weeks. So the theme this week over at Saturday Surprise is "the games we play" and I dug out this old bingo card playing piece and made this ATC using another fabulous Stampo stamp.
"Bingo" is also the theme over at Crazy Amigos so this card is doing double duty! haha

Thank God It's Friday

I know it really isn't but I played along with the Thank God It's Friday challenge blog and the theme this week was "a little piece of heaven". This is how I interpreted it making an ATC

I have always loved that "Footprints" poem and had some of them in card size and finally made an ATC using one. I stamped the Angel using one of the fabulous Stampo stamps that I love and colored her in with watercolor pencils.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Journal junk and vacay pics

I had these pages done before I went away on holidays but never had time to upload them.

I am getting a little worried because I can't seem to find any good journals that have stiff pages that you can paint on and I'll be done this journal soon and only have one more. I found them at Winners on a clearance rack last February and the only thing that I think will come close is something called a Moleskin book with watercolor pages. How about you, do you journal and if so what do you use?

Here is a pic of John and I from just this past week

and us on our birthdays

Here are some pics from my vacay (this is me standing on a ledge near Banff, brave eh?)

Here is Paige at I at my ma and pa's

and mom and I with a plastic horse in The Bay (we make amusement wherever we go!) haha

and here is Pa just outide of Banff, the view was breathtaking!

Here are these amazing cupcakes called "crave" cupcakes, they are awesome and we got them instead of a birthday cake for Paige because she had them last summer and loved them(Callista would be so proud of me putting a food pic here!!) haha

Here is my sister and I goofing around in Bannff

and here is me at the bauble booth at the flea market (I'll post pics later showing the beauties I bought!)the baubles are simply amazing and a really good price!!!

check them out in all of their lovliness

Well, since I'm still on holidays it's time to go crack a beer and sit on the deck with John. Later dudes!

ps. just found out Michael and Jessica are bringing baby home tonight!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Here's a sneak peek

at my new grandson (boy does it ever feel wierd to say that!!!) I still feel like a kid myself sometimes let alone a granny!! haha I went to the hospital to visit Michael and Jessica and they had the baby in the room so I was able to take some pics. Michael has a fold out cot and has been sleeping there (they didn't have this when I was having babies!) so I brought some snacks and watched the little guy sleep. I'm hoping to get a pic soon of me holding him but will wait until they take him home (he seems sooo little!!)

Michael was worried because the baby doesn't cry much but I told him to enjoy it while he can!

I made this layout last night for the Creative Therapy challenge and man did it ever feel good to make something!! It had been almost 2 weeks so I really enjoyed it

I went and got groceries today and did some running around and will post more pics throughout the week. Have a great night! Oh, here are the stamps I bought while I was on holidays

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I am officially a Granny!!

I think Granny Glenda (or GG??) has a nice ring to it don't you? I am now officially in the Grama club as my son's son was born today weighing 7 lbs.3 oz. We went to the hospital to see the baby and Jessica this afternoon but didn't get a great look as they had the baby in the warming unit and Jessica was pretty tired. My ma and pa were also there to take a peek (this is another story I'll tell next) and are now great grandparents. We are going to go back tomorrow to visit and have a better look as baby should be in his room and ready to be coddled and oohed and ahhh over!

As some of you know I went away on holidays to see my parents with Paige (my DD) from July
4-13th and while we were there we got a call that my Grampa wasn't doing well. We had driven out to Banff for a day trip when we got the call so we had to race back to Calgary and then ma and pa had to quickly pack up and drive a 6 1/2 drive back to town to my Grama and Grampas. They got there in time and my mom had an hour with him before he passed away. I was so happy she was able to make it to him and the other kids quickly followed (my mom has 5 other siblings). Thank goodness my sister was in Calgary so she stayed the last 2 days with us and then we got her a flight back with us. We just had the funeral yesterday and this whole week has been a whirlwind. My sister stayed with us at our house and we just dropped her off at the airport this morning after getting a call from Michael that Jessica had been in labour since 1 am. aaaaahhhhh!!! Not sure how much more I can take! So...after dropping off my sister at the airport we came back to town and met my mom and dad at the hospital for the visit.

Tonight has been the first calm night in a while, John and I ordered in chinese food and watched a movie and had a nice evening. I sure missed him while I was away and felt awful for bitching about him before I left!! haha When I got to Calgary and was unpacking he had snuck in some money for me to go shopping for my birthday present. I couldn't stay mad at him even though it wasn't the most thought out present! I think I'll keep him. haha~!

So, I made a layout tonight and it felt soooo good to make something, be creative again. I'll post it tomorrow. I have to get to bed now and am keeping my fingers crossed that I'll have a good sleep for a change.

One dies and another is born. The circle of life. I love you Grampa and will miss you and your singing, your sense of fun and adventure, your cheerful nature even when you went blind and your big heart.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

Today is my birthday and we are in the middle of a thunderstorm! haha Hmmm..what does that mean? I'll take it to mean that nature is celebrating for me? Yeah, ok. This is the 2nd year in a row that I have taken a birthday pic of myself with some numbers on me. I'm not one to care if anyone knows how old I am. I'm just happy to be alive and look upon each year as an achievement. I wish all women could be as free as that and not put so much importance upon the number. Wear it loud and proud I say!!

I will say that today was a very uneventful birthday other than the fact that my son and his girlfriend came over and brought me a card with a gift certificate to my LSS!! I know! This was totally unexpected and warmed my heart so much. Maybe he is growing up after all? I'm thinking it was Jessica's doing though as women tend to be more thoughtful! Speaking of thoughtful, I was expecting something from the hubs but he thought that money was a good b'day present. WTH? Money? I can go to the bank and take out money. I was quite disappointed and let him know it. How about you, what was your worst b'day present (or any present for that matter) from your partner? I'm dying to hear some horror stories here to make me feel better.

Here is a pic of Michael and Jessica that I took this afternoon, I just love it. I know they probably don't like posing but when I give them copies of the pictures I take of them they are really happy and therefore continue to humour and pose for me! haha I did tell Jessica that she wasn't allowed to have the baby until I get back home on the 13th (her due date is the 22nd!!)

John and Michael laid our sod in the front of our house today and I felt sorry for them as it was thundering, lightening and raining on them. Skyler of course loved it and just sat on the new lawn and rolled on it! haha Of course after I told John of my disappointment in the b'day gift department he said "I laid sod for you". Oh well, how could I be such an ungrateful wench then eh? What woman wouldn't be happy with new sod on her birthday?? Here's part of my present:

Before I go away on holidays tomorrow I was able to play along with the One Little Word and the word was "joy". Well anyone that knows me knows that I find joy in the little things (I'll have to add sod to my next list!), so I had fun compiling a list of 25 things that bring me joy (in no random order of course)

Then I also had fun making this ATC for the Thank God It's Friday challenge blog and the theme was "apples, pears & peaches" so I got another chance to use my lovely pear stamp and did some embossing.

Well there you have it in a nutshell. I will be away until July 13th and might check in as I will have computer access. I can hardly wait to go and see my family and just get away and recharge my batteries, shop and have fun. Once again I'm happy Paige is coming with me because she will be 15 soon and I'm not sure how many more summers she will want to keep coming with me. Although we do do all of her back to school clothes shopping in Calgary so I think that's one thing that keeps her coming?? haha


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