Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year Everyone!!

Today the hubs and I ran around and did some errands and tonight we plan on just kicking back, having some drinks, playing Wii and ordering in chinese food. Sounds perfect to me! When we were out today John bought me the new Goo Goo Dolls CD!!!!!!!!

I can hardly wait to pop it into my car and listen to it. I have the concert
t-shirt, now the CD, I just need February 25th to come so I can see them live!!! Yessssss!!

I made an art journal page for Marit's musical blog party, you have to check it out it's insane! The art that is being inspired from songs and music is amazing!! I did mine on the song "Like a prayer" by Madonna:

I love that song, especially when that choir starts to really give'er!

Do you remember a couple months ago I said that I had been published in a Swedish (I actually said Dutch, whoops!) scrapbooking magazine? Well now I can finally reveal my 2 projects that were in there!! It was this layout on the hubs and I:

as well as my "happily ever after" 16 x 20 canvas:

Here is the cover of the magazine

and inside


This magazine was full of gorgeous artwork and I felt so honored to have been included in it!!! I'm still pinching myself!!!

Right now I'm reading this book on my Sony Reader

and it's pretty good. Of course I am a sucker for true stories and biographies and this one is about a young girl's life inside the Playboy mansion so you can only imagine what it's about! Here's a review from the Amazon site:

From Publishers Weekly
On her first visit to the Playboy Mansion, six-year-old Saginor happened across John Belushi having sex with a Playmate. What was a child doing alone in such a place? Saginor's dad, a "fitness" doctor liberally prescribing weight loss and other prescription pills to show-biz types, sports figures and Playmate wannabes, had became one of Hugh Hefner's cronies, with his own quarters at the Mansion. Divorced from Saginor's mother, he took his daughter everywhere and let her run wild once there. Saginor grew to love the Mansion, her own "magical kingdom" with constant attention from servants and Playmates, where she never had to follow her mother's boring rules. As soon as she could, she asked to be in her father's custody, though she feared his bipolar rages, aggravated by compulsive promiscuity and the ubiquitous drugs of the 1970s and '80s. Predictably, as she grew older she joined the nonstop party; as a high school sophomore in 1985, she dated both an older soap-opera actor and, surreptitiously, Hef's own "girlfriend." Names have been changed throughout this made-for-daytime-talk memoir, except for walk-on celebrities (who misbehave only when safely dead, like Belushi), but readers seeking colorful general-issue dish, sleaze and bad behavior will find it in spades.

From Booklist
Saginor grew up in Los Angeles during the 1970s and 1980s in the most unusual of places: the Playboy Mansion. Saginor's father was Hugh Hefner's personal doctor and, after his divorce from Saginor's mother, spent much of his time at the mansion surrounded by other powerful men and scores of Playmates. It was in this environment that Saginor and her sister, Savannah, got their first impressions of sex and how men and women relate to each other. Their mother tried to curtail the girls' visits, but when she entered high school, Saginor demanded to live with her father and found herself thoroughly swept into a world where sex and drugs abounded and a typical evening was spent at the club with her father and a gaggle of Playmates. Unable to find the unconditional love she craved with her father, Saginor fell in love with Hef's mercurial girlfriend, Kendall. Saginor is obviously still processing her dysfunctional childhood, which leaves the memoir feeling inconclusive at the end, but the ride is never anything less than engaging. Kristine Huntley

I am sucked right into it but find it sad that this girl was left to her own devices. I'm hoping that everything turns out ok in the end. There is a fascinating interview with the woman that wrote this book and you can find it Here.

Oh, I have computer troubles so I can't upload any pictures from my camera until next week. Shitty. I don't know if it's my card reader in the computer or a virus or what the malfunction at the junction is but it sucks. But at least I still have computer access, then I'd really be bummed!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Merry Christmas everyone

I know, I'm a little late but never the less I hope you all had a fabulous holiday with family, friends, good food and drink and lots of laughter. I am fortunate enough to be off all this week and it's been lovely I won't lie. Today I am still in my jammies playing in my art room!! And it's 4:23 pm!! woohoo!!

We cooked Christmas supper again this year and for some bizarre reason we can NEVER get the timing of the cooking of the turkey down pat. Never. Last Christmas we had to cook the damn thing for an extra 2 hours almost, pushing supper back quite a bit! This year we had a 13 pound turkey and on the directions it said 3 1/2 to 4 hours was good but we cooked it for a little over 5 hours, once again making supper later. The drumstick didn't wiggle freely which concerned me, but John said no it had to be cooked. So far so good, no one got sick! haha How about you, any turkey horror stories??

The best part of Christmas for me was watching my little grandson open his gifts, and yes Grama totally spoiled him this year!! He's 18 months old and starting to be alot of fun ('cause let's face it, babies aren't that much fun until they can do stuff!) and loved his toys! Here he is having a snack at his new Toy Story table I got him!

Now when he stays with us he can have his own little table. Sweet. Of course after Christmas when I saw a toy sale I just had to also buy him 2 toys for his toybox that stays at our house. That's what Gramas are for right?

The always fabulous Scrap-Tastic January Sneak Peeks are in da house!! I loved this kit so much it was crazy. Here are sneeks of my layouts:



Swoon. This was a beautiful kit.

I finished reading the ebook "Appetite for Destruction" by Steven Adler, former drummer for GNR (Guns 'N Roses). It was very interesting and I love biographies of famous people that tell all the dirt.

Here's a brief summary of the book from the net:

After forty years, twenty-eight ODs, three botched suicides, two heart attacks, a couple of jail stints, and a debilitating stroke, Steven Adler, the most self-destructive rock star ever, is ready to share the shattering untold truth in My Appetite for Destruction.

When Adler was eleven years old he told his two closest friends he was going to be a rock star in the world’s greatest band. Along with four uniquely talented—but very complicated and demanding—musicians, Adler helped form Guns N’ Roses. They rose from the streets—primal rockers who obliterated glam rock and its big hair to resurrect rock’s truer blues roots.

They were relentless rock stars, onstage and off, taking “sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll” to obscene levels of reckless abandon. By the late 1980s, GNR was the biggest rock band in the world, demanding headlines, awards, and sold-out shows, with one of the greatest rock albums of all time: Appetite for Destruction. But there was a price to pay. For Adler, it was his health and his sanity, culminating in a brutal banishment by his once-beloved musical brothers. Adler digs deep, revealing the last secrets, not only his own but GNR’s as well: Slash’s betrayal, Axl’s unpredictable temper, and Duff’s revenge. He bares it all with this shocking fuck-the-fates exposÉ that charts his meteoric rise and devastating collapse.

Adler was humiliated and disgraced when Axl Rose kicked him out of GNR in front of an MTV audience of millions. Adler plunged into the dark side, spending most of the next twenty years in a drug-fueled hell. But he finally beat his epic addiction to crack and heroin under the care of Dr. Drew Pinsky.

With Adler’s newfound clarity comes a fierce determination to tell it all. Revelatory, heartbreaking, hilarious, and ultimately inspirational, you will never read anything more jaw-droppingly honest than My Appetite for Destruction.

Here is Steven before (what a hottie right??)

and Steven now

I really enjoyed this book but found it so very sad how far he fell from grace. But maybe that's a good thing, maybe if he hadn't he would be dead by now. Here's a little old school GNR for you, enjoy and if you are like me it just might bring back memories of the 80's and 90's!

Damn, that Axl was an amazing performer. He's the lead singer. Too bad he wouldn't write a book because I bet he has some amazing stories to tell!! He was such a hottie too, check him out back in the day

Okay girls and boys, flashback to the past is over. The hubs and I watched "Salt" and it was freakin awesome, loved it! Angelina can rock the kazba

Then I watched "Eclipse" alone, minus the hubs as he's not really into that series, and it was soooo good!!!!!!!

Plus, I'm just going to come right out and say it. TEAM JACOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's right, you heard me all you Edwardians!! How could she not have picked Jacob??? Look at him!!!

Sweet baby Jesus....

Don't get me wrong, I can totally see the appeal for Edward. The brooding, handsome vamp who will risk nothing for her. But so will Jacob! Plus Jacob is warm and hot and still breathes. I think for me it's a total case of who does it for me more. Maybe if they would has cast Jacob in Edward's role I would be totally hot for the vamp?? Anyways, I cannot wait for the 4th movie and to see how it will follow the book. So, how about you. Team Edward or Jacob?? Tell me!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

December Scrap-Tastic Kits!!

Are totally gorgeous! Here is the Scrap-Tastic December Kit
and it's gorgeous, as usual!

and here are my DT projects using the kit

I really, really love this layout. Especially the fact that I used a flower, a ruffled lace skirt trim and red heart with key on a guy page. Love. And this one of my friend and I makes me smile.

The colors and trim in this kit were perfect, just lovely. I also did an art journal page

and 2 ATC's


Did some googling on fake bags because I was concerned initially when I placed the order for the newest Kathy bag from Hong Kong. I had checked and re-checked the specs on the bag and was convinced it was authentic. BUT...after doing some googling and checking all my other Kathy bags I feel I may have been duped. Of course I left positive feedback before I deduced this so I feel cheated.

So, I will pass on my valuable information for any other Kathy Van Zeeland lovers out there that may be considering buying a purse from Hong Kong (or not to be discriminatory from anywhere really....)

Make sure your bag has all of these (I found this on the net):


2) If the inner lining of the bag is a solid color, it's fake. All KVZ handbags have a pattern on the inner lining. It may be little purses repeated all over, or a blue floral looking pattern. - MINE HAD A PATTERN

3) If the stitching is loose, sloppy or uneven, ITS DEFINATLY A FAKE! - MY STITCHING SEEMED FINE

4) KVZ handbags have a Robins Egg Blue tag on the inside that has her icon (little cartoony purse). - MINE CAME WITH THIS, LOOKED EXACTLY LIKE ALL OF MY OTHER LEGITIMATE ONES!!

5) KVZ handbags usually have her icon (little cartoony purse) on the outside bottom of the bag. - THIS IT DID NOT HAVE!!! DAMMIT JANET!! BASTARDS!!

Plus this last one I will add of my own: THIS PURSE DID NOT HAVE THE INSIDE TAGS DECLARING WHAT THE PURSE WAS MADE OF and all of my other Kathys do.

So... from all of the above since I am missing possible 2 (1 for sure) of the criteria I feel this is a fake. BUT, that's not say I won't love Fake Kathy every bit as much as my Real Kathy's. hehe. She is beautiful, even though she's missing her ingredients tag and vinyl bottom. It's unbelievable though how they got every detail right down to the charms, keychains, engraved metal and big metal "Kathy Van Zeeland" emblem down pat. I can tell you this though: once fooled shame on you. Twice fooled shame on me. You can bet the next time I bid on a purse I will be asking for pictures of the bottom of the purse and inside purse labels.

UPDATE: I looked back on the pictures that advertised the bag and they did in fact show the inside purse tags. Here are a couple of the pictures that were advertised:

and a pic of the tags (mine has the blue one but not the black one)

So... I contacted the seller and they say that it must be a factory mistake (rrriiiiggghhhhttt) and what can they do to help me keep the bag. I emailed back and said to take $10 off and I'll let it go and I should hear back from them today. I'll keep you posted. My mom is so funny she said that even though it might be fake she would have paid $10 EXTRA just for the sassy bag! haha Love my mom!

Oh, here is a pic of the $100 Pink Paislee prize package that I got in the mail last week for winning that Pink Paislee layout contest!!! It was amazing!!!!

Isn't that yummy??? Please forgive the grainy pic, not sure what happened there.

I am just about all ready for Christmas. Here is our tree

and here are the boys, they are ready for Christmas too!

and here is my little sweet pea, he stayed with us for an overnight visit on Saturday and we had soooo much fun with him.

Christmas is going to be sooo much fun with him this year!!!

I work right up until Christmas Eve and can hardly wait for Christmas!! How about you, are you ready?

Friday, December 17, 2010

Hi, my name is Glenda and I am a purse-a-holic

Yes, I ordered yet another Kathy bag from Ebay, this one came all the way from Hong Kong and is gorgeous!!!! It's called a "Kathy Van Zeeland Disco Daisy" purse and I love her.

I do need to stop now.

Here are my DT projects that I made using the Scrapbook Star December kit.


and then I went on an ATC bender


and last but not least

Those colors are just sooo pretty, love them.

Last night we had a Christmas reception at work and there was a bar (we pay) and food (shrimp sauteed in Sambuca, roast beef and buns and other ordervees) and it was a good time. I ate myself silly and had a few drinks and then my trusty sidekick, aka my best friend Gay, and I went downtown for some more drinks and laughs.
This is us at the reception

and us on Main Street leaving the bar

and me assaulting her snowman after the hubs picked us up and we dropped her off at her house

What can I say, it seemed like a good idea at the time!! haha How about you, any good Christmas parties?

Tonight the hubs and I are going to watch Season 5 of Weeds!! Yay!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Kathy Van Zeeland rocks bags!!!

Oh how I love me my Kathy bags!!! I ordered this baby from Ebay and just got it yesterday, it's even more gorgeous in person!!! She's called the "Leopard Moto Chic Shopper". Here she is in all her beauty

Isn't she gorgeous??? I also got my new purse organizer this week and it works beautifully, except in purses that have a divider which my new Kathy has. Sigh. Here is the purse organizer

and with my stuff in it

and now in my purse

So now when I want to switch purses all I have to do is pull out my purse organizer and then plop it into another bag. As long as the said bag does not have a divider. Sigh.

John and I finished disc 1 of season 4 last night

and I have to get the 2nd disc tonight. I have nothing crafty to share with you today but I will have some DT projects to share later next week.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Scrap-Tastic December Kit Sneak Peeks

are in da house!! I loved this kit!!! Of course I always say that but Becky from Scrap-Tastic is a genius when it comes to putting together these kits. Here are couple sneaks for you:


That's all you get. You'll have to come back later and check out the full projects! haha Yeah I'm such a tease eh?

Today I FINALLY got my August layout and magazine and box of goodies back from Scrapbook Trends.

and here is the layout that was pubbed, which was one that I made using one of the Scrapbook Star DT kits

I wish they weren't so far behind because because 4 months is a long time to wait to get your copy of the magazine and your goodies. Hopefully they will get some help in their department so they can speed it up a little! I also had a layout in November's issue but won't get that for a few more months if I just got my August one back! haha!

This weekend John and I fully cleaned the house expecting a showing but the bastards never called back to confirm. Oh well, we have a clean house and are fully decorated for Christmas now!! Here are a couple pics

and the hubs (and I edited that Santa cap onto his head, you know he wouldn't wear one on his own!!) haha

We are almost done season 3 of Weeds, only one more DVD to watch which I will be picking up tomorrow!

What about you, do you have your house decorated for Christmas? What are you watching? Making? Doing? I'm reading this book on my Sony reader


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