Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Only in Saskatchewan!!

We have had an unbelievably rainy spring and it's taking us right into summer as well!! This pretty much sums it up as tonight we have yet another risk of a thunderstorm:

On the scrappy side I finally got around to scrapping my February 2010 trip! haha Hey, it's only June right?

I used that Heidi Swapp Invisibles paper, it is sooo cool!! I sprayed the paper with Glimmer Mists to create the background and it has a resist action. Very fun.

I played along with Mixed Media Monday and the theme was "something new" so I used my new wings stamps by Hot off the Press and my new stamps from Jeanet (thank you Jeanet I just looovveeeee them and also used the lined one on my canvas which I will post pics of this weekend!) and made this page for my art journal:

Paige went to her boyfriend's grad tonight and looked beautiful. I can't believe how fast time is going and that she herself just finished grade 10 and will going into grade 11 this fall! It was touch and go on getting some pictures (for some reason she is all about not being embarassed, go figure??) but victory is mine!! mmaawwwaaaa!!

I am living for tomorrow at 5:00pm and then I will have a glorious 4 day weekend!! Bring it on!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Duck Face

How funny is this??

My DD is totally quilty of making the Duck Face!! haha! I may or may not have been guilty of this some time in my life as well.....haha!! How about you, guilty??

I'm in the middle of making another 16 x 20 canvas and am loving it!!! I can't tell you how much I enjoy making them. I'll post pics when it's all done!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

New Scrap-Tastic Kit!!

The new July kit is here from Scrap-Tastic and it's full of scrappy goodness!! It's called "Scrap-Tacular" and it really is! Here is the kit in all it's glory:

and here are all of the projects I made using the kit. Here's my little sweet pea:

and I really love this one of John:

and I had alot of fun making this one:

I also made a couple of pages for my art journal:

and this one:

I also made a couple ATC's using the kit because that's just something I like to do, I'm crazy like that! haha

and I love this quote:

Seriously, this was such a fun kit to play with. I also finally played with one of my new Viva Las Vegas stamps and made this baby

and then I had some UTEE fun. It had been quite a while since I had played with my UTEE. What is that you ask? I know when I first saw that word I was like "huh?" haha. It stands for Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel. It is a specially formulated, large particle embossing powder and you use a heat tool to produce textured embossing. One layer produces a bumby texture, two or more create a smooth finish three layers can be crackled or stamped into (I haven't tried this yet!).

What I did was make an ATC using one of my mermaid stamps. I colored in the background using watercolor paints and then pressed a Versamark pad onto the card and then sprinkled some UTEE on it (Don't do like I did and just sprinkle the UTEE onto the card without using the Versamark as the heat tool blew those sprinkles all over my art room! ARghh! I'm still stepping on the damn things!) and then set with your heat tool.

This is what the finished card looks like. It's a little hard to see but it looks like water drops on the background.

I'm going to have to see how else I can play with this UTEE... any ideas?

Last night John and I watched "From Paris with love" and I loved it!

The dry humour, the action, it was awesome!! I totally gave it 8 out of 10!! Have a great day!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!!

Isn't it funny on Father's Day that alot of men seem to treat it like any other day and still do chores and work around the house? At least my hubs does. He was up today at 5:20 am (nothing new here) and went to see his dad and is now cutting the lawn and gathering up garbage to take to the dump. I know on Mother's Day I don't want to be doing any of that stuff!! haha I want to be pampered! haha

We had a house showing at 1:30 this afternoon and have our fingers crossed that maybe these are the ones?? After we raced around like lunatics, John cleaning the outside garages and the rest of the outside and me the inside, we took the boys for a walk on the trail while the showing was going on. When we got back we went for a drive and then came back and had beers on the deck and then ate our stuffed red peppers. We looked online at some house plans and dreamed of the endless possibilities. Life is so good.

me and Sammy on the deck

The online crop was on this weekend over at Scrapbook Star and ended tonight. Remember that old game show called Hollywood Squares? Well my challenge was to create a layout using at least 9 squares. Here's my take on that (this is Paige and her boyfriend):

Here are some sneak peeks of their July kit which was super fun to play with:

and this one

Can I just say yummy???

I joined another ATC swap (no way right?? haha) and this one was called a "forms of beauty" swap. Here are my cards:

Classic beauty:

Renaissance beauty:

and tattooed beauty:

f course just joining one swap wasn't enough so I also joined the "out of Africa" swap and handrew and painted these cards:

African trio

Purple headscarf

and African gardening

Oh, you have to check out this fabulous and funny website called Awkward Family Photos, it's freakin hilarious!!!! You can lose yourself for hours in here with all of the hilarious, sometimes disturbing, family pictures. Too funny.

We have a couple of sparrows that have made a nest to the left of our front door on our porch above a windowsill. At first John was like "we're selling the house, I should wash it off" and I was like "nooooo!". Then John's dad told him that was a sign of good luck so he agreed to let them stay. They have been building for a few days and it's amazing to watch. John has been just amazed at what they have been able to accomplish in the short time they have been at it.

Isn't he/she cute???

We love hanging out on the front porch and just watching them now.

Here is my page for the
A Year in the Life of an Art Journal and the word was "comfort" so this was my take on it:

played along with the Theme Thursday challenge blog and the challenge was "the color green" so I made this ATC:

Today I have a neat little tip for any of you that collect (did I say collect???), I mean own the bottles of Ranger alcohol inks. I have amassed so many bottles that I wanted to be able to tell at a glance what the actual color in the bottle was.

What I did was take some glossy cardstock and put a tiny drop of each color onto the glossy cardstock. Then I take my little single paper hole puncher and punch out each of the colors and line them up in front of the correct bottle (it's easy to get mixed up as some of the shades are so similar).

Then I take my hot glue gun and put a tiny drop onto the top of each bottle and adhere the circular colored sample onto the top of the bottle. Voila!!

Now you can tell at a glance what colors you have. I was soooo much more organized when I did this and I love looking at them all lined up like this. Hope you enjoyed this tip and had a great weekend!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Miss Scrap-Tastic 2010

You don't want to miss this fun contest people! This is the
Miss Scrap-Tastic 2010 contest, check this out:

Dust off your high heels, practice walking in them too...

Bust out your biggest jar of Vaseline...

Polish those nails....

Brush up on your interview skills...

Go out and treat yourself to the BLINGIEST dress you can find...

Don't forget about the fake eyelashes, butt spray and boob tape!!!

Go to the gym as much as possible for the next 2 weeks because Scrap-Tastic's Beauty Pageant is starting on June 29th!

Ok, so you don't need ALL that! But you do need to get your scrap on!

Try-out LOs are now being accepted. Upload your best LO in the "Pageant LOs" category that you have created in the past month. 8.5x11 and 12x12 LOs will be accepted in the tryouts and in all of the other rounds. LOs submitted for the try-outs may be a previously created LO within the past month and will be accepted until June 28th. And the first challenge will be posted on June 29th. There will be 6 rounds, each being an elimination round. Each round will be 1 week long. And the 2nd Mrs. Scrap-Tastic will be crowned in early Mid-August. Got your scrap on? If not, you better go find it!

The winner will receive a Scrap-Tastic Kit of choice and a $25 Gift Certificate! And the first runner up will receive a $25 Gift Certificate!

All voting will be done by the design team.

If you will be unable to participate in a round due to vacation or whatever, just let me know ahead of time and you will be able to "make-up" (LOL) the missed round the following week.

I remember a few years back I played along and it was one of the most fun contests I have ever entered!! Hope to see some of you there!!

Here is a layout I made and I love how it turned out, it makes me smile.

Ok, you know the big oil spill? This video is THE BEST and totally makes fun of BP and their uselessness. Take this BP!!!!

Ok, did you laugh as much as I did? I just about died when the guy started cutting his hair!!! hahahaha

Ok, new Gutter Girlz challenge is now up!! Here it is:

I'm the STAR of this show
Fingerprints by Katy Perry
Film Negative or Negative effects (there is a free process for this on Picnik.com called INVERT)

and here is my take on it using the fabulous Magistical Memories chipboard star frame:

I joined a "Secret lives of nuns" ATC swap and here are the cards I made:

Sister Wilma:

Sister Sarah:

Sister Nancy:

Sister Bekah:

Have a great week!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Big Decisions

The hubs and I just got back from looking at a house that is situated on a large lot that we are thinking would be a great place to build our house. Of course now the big decision is do we buy it and then rent it out until our house sells? How long will that take? Do we want to take a chance like this and go into more debt?? Then where will we live? It's crazy!!! Big decisions. I keep telling myself that nothing risked is nothing gained right? Right?? John has to make a few calls Monday to see about zoning in regards to the big shop he wants to build there so we are hoping it's not snapped up by then. I guess if it is it wasn't meant to be.

Last night we watched The Wolfman, which sucked. I gave it a 5 out of 10 and John was bored stiff too. It dragged on for so long it was awful. I was surprised Anthony Hopkins signed on for that movie.

Happy mail came yesterday from Viva Las Vegas which is my favorite stamp store!! Nothing like new rubber baby!!!! Here's what I got:

Don't you love that vampire dude?? I can hardly wait to play with them!!

Make sure you check out the Having fun with Dad June contest over at Magistical Memories. The contest is this as said by Sue:

In honor of Father's Day, the June contest will be to create a project about anything that involves doing something special with a Dad. It can be you with your Dad or your kids with their Dad or your kids kids with their Dad...you get the picture Basically any Dad spending time with their kids. As usual, chipboard and/or acrylic must be used on the project. The contest will run through midnight, June 30, and you might just be the next winner of some FREE goodies! You can enter by uploading your projects into the June contest gallery.

Here is my take on the contest using the Magistical Memories chipboard cheerleader (I love her!!) and potty person:

I also loved playing along with the new challenge over at the These are a few of my favorite things challenge blog where the prompt was "fave shoes". I did a journal page on my pair of fave shoes, these funky kicks:

We went out for supper tonight with some friends and it was sooo nice to get out and about. We went to an old fashioned Dining Parlour and first had some drinks out on the patio as the sun was shining (finally!!!) and then went inside for our supper. This is what I had (Chicken Divan) but I could only eat the chicken, a couple potato skins and a little piece of the brocoli. But the chicken was very good!

and this was the gorgeous chandelier that hung in the dining area

and here we are

something was sure funny.... I love this pic!!

It was a great evening and something we should be doing more often!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's almost Friday!!

Hallelua! I think I'll make it!! Last night my BF and I went to the show to see Sex and the City 2 and it was sooo good!!

I don't care that the girls are older, Samantha can still rock it out!!! haha I know some of the reviews were less than favorable but Gay (my BF) and I loved it! It felt like you were slipping on an old comfy sweatshirt, like you had come home. Did you know that the movie wasn't even filmed in Abu Dhabi? I know! It was actually filmed in Morocco because Abu Dhabi didn't feel that it fit in with their cultural beliefs. My sister lives in Abu Dhabi so she won't even be able to watch this until she comes back to Canada as I read they won't allow it to be shown.
What about you, have you seen it? What did you think about it?

Here is the disgusting mess I ate and then felt ill afterwards (I could only finish half, what an expensive waste!!) If Deanna sees this she will cringe..... I'm cringing!!!!!!

I joined another ATC swap (I can't help myself!!), this one being a "watermedia" swap and made these cards. I sketched them and then painted with watercolors. this one is called "Orange crush"

and this one is "sitting"

and lastly (this one wasn't sketched it was stamped and then embossed)

I'm going to leave you with the new song from the Goo Goo Dolls. I don't mind the song but the video is not great. I wanted to see my Goos, not some girl. I think this is an unofficial video (I hope!).

Later dudes!


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