Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm officially on vacay!!!

I am now off work for a little over 3 glorious weeks!!! Hasta la vista babies!!!! I'll be checking in after I have relaxed and enjoyed myself for a week! Later dudes!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Year in The Life of an Art Journal

Really quick post before I run back to work. Here is my page for the
A Year in the Life of an Art Journal and I love how it turned out because it totally symbolizes how I've been feeling lately.

I've been feeling like sometimes the universe is against me and that I have one big ass motherfuckin cloud hovering above our house. That's not to say things are horrible all the time but there always seems to be some kind of stress, and it usually involves the kids!!

Poor Paige didn't get her driver's license and was pretty disappointed but John and I knew she wasn't ready. She will have to put in alot more hours of driving with us when we get back from holidays before I will book another road test for her. I know she's sad about it but on the other hand you have to put the work into it and she is always busy with her boyfriend or doing other things so..... it's all up to her!

Ok, back to work and then I have only one more day until vacay!!!!! Bring. It. On!!!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

What a weekend!

Well, my little sweet pea turned one year old on Friday! I can't believe he's already a year old. He's still not walking but Michael says he keeps trying. Here he is with me

and with Auntie Paige:

(update on Paige's tongue piercing: she went today to see if she could get her barbell downsized but alas the tongue is still way too swollen. They told her to come back on Wednesday and see if they could change it.) She goes for her drivers test tomorrow morning and I'm scared!! I'm scared she won't get it and I'm scared she will get it!!!

And I can also break the news that John and I are going to be grandparents. Again. Yes, Jessica is 15 weeks pregnant and due in mid January. I wish I could say I was happy but with Keegan just turning one and them so young I'm really not. I just hope that God has a plan and that it's a good one. Sometimes, actually alot of times, I feel that my prayers are falling on deaf ears but then John reminds me that maybe it just seems that way. I know I will never lose hope but sometimes it just seems like things don't go our way where Michael is concerned. I know this baby will grow on me just like Keegan did but I worry they are way too young to be having another. They are just kids themselves. Sigh.

Ok, onto happy crafty stuff!! Here is my layout using the fabulous July
Scrapbook Star kit. I looveed this kit, full of Prima goodness and an exclusive Scrapbook Star stamp (see that red rose? That's the stamp that I colored in)!!!

I can also show some sneak peeks of the awesome August kit by Scrap-Tastic!! Here is sneak peek#1:

and sneak #2

and sneak #3

This kit was full of the prettiest papers and had some amazing word stamps!!

Last but not least, I (and I hate to say pulled a Peggy because it just doesn't sound very nice) pulled a Glenda. Again. And did a layout for The Color Room challenge and didn't post it in time. Sigh. Peggy, it really sucks when this happens doesn't it?? I got a new Color Room email the other day for the new challenge and was like "OMG, I'm too late now for this one!! So, here's my layout better late than never. Here's the color palette

and here's my layout

Sheesh. I need to get organized better eh?? I'll leave you with a picture of the baby birds that have now hatched from our nest that is beside our door on our front porch. It is so amazing to see the mother bird feeding them!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Scrap that Poetry!

It's been a little while since I played along with the
Scrap that Poetry challenge and I almost pulled a "Peggy" and forgot to post it and the deadline is tomorrow! haha Just kidding you Peggy but see, I almost did it too!! Here is my take on the poem "First Love"

I also almost forgot to post that the Gutter Girlz are guesting over at the Scrap your Crap challenge blog and the challenge was this:

This challenge is all about the number 5...
We are on challenge number 55 so how fun would it be to use increments of 5.

Ex: 5 different pattern papers, 5 buttons, 5 pictures, 5 misc get the drift....if you use it make sure it is in increments of 5... easy peasy right? This will be a great way to finish off those packages of embellishments that you bought and used a few of them and still have a gazillion left...or better you save your scraps of pp? Pull those out and use them...just make sure you use 5!

So.. keeping this in mind I used 5 pictures, 5 slice die cutting shapes, 5 patterned papers (the arrows count) & 5 embellishments (one of them is that huge fabulous chipboard star from Magistical Memories!!). Here is mine:

Make sure you check out the Gutter Girlz blog on the 15th and see the Scrap Your Crap girls' projects!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Paige!!

July is a busy month for birthdays in our family! First was John's on July 2, then mine on the 3rd and now Paige's today on the 11th! It seems like not that long ago that she was my little girl and how quickly time has passed and she is now a beautiful young woman. It was a bit of an ordeal to get pictures, more of a bartering of sorts. She started out saying "no pictures, no cake, no candles and no singing happy birthday". I countered by saying ok, how about a cake, no singing, no candles but a picture of you in front of the cake and a picture of you with Dad and I? She was like "ok, I guess". So basically I kind of got what I wanted which was a few pictures but in my fantasy I would have loved to have had her be the cheerful perfect daughter that was all "thanks mom, you're the best mom!" etc.. blah, blah, blah... yeah. If any of you have teen daughters you may just know what I'm talking about. If not, just wait, you will. Or maybe you are one of the select few that has a blissfully perfect and cheerful daughter in which case I am so envious!!!

Could she look any less thrilled?? After this she took her cash and her boyfriend picked her up to take her to her tongue piercing appointment. Yeah. She has been saying since she was 14 she wanted her tongue pierced but I said no way but since 16 is the legal age today was the day. Ughhhh. I'll keep you posted on how that goes as by tomorrow her tongue should be 3 times it's normal size.

I so love and admire Dina Wakley and her style of art journaling. I played around over the weekend and did a couple journal pages "ode to Dina" and had a blast with the sillouettes and all the inks and paints. I would love to take a class by her and am thinking once the fall comes and things slow down to maybe sign up for one of her online classes.

and then this one I muddied up the colors too much but that's the beauty of an art journal, you can just mess around and try new techniques and not worry about it being perfect!!

This one I had fun using my can of black spray paint and a stencil from my Stencil 101 Book by Ed Roth

this book has some seriously funky stencils and for this art journal page I used the spray can stencil

Yesterday John and I went to Motif, which is a multicultural event held in the park featuring booths of different foods and entertainment by different cultures. I had the misfortune of stopping by the Latin American booth and kicked my ass all day for it. I had a mean craving for a soft taco and a chimichanga or enchilada (not sure what they were) and they were stone COLD!! My first clue should have been when she pulled them out of a tupperware container!! Everywhere else barbeques were going, frying pans were frying and there was the good smell of good food. But noooo... I had to stop here. It was disgusting. A woman from work was behind me in line and she said she even asked the woman "is the food warm?" and the woman said "yes". WTF??

Apart from the bad food I was assaulted with (John had a Buffalo Burger from the Metis booth and a sausage on a bun from the Irish Booth) we watched some entertainment and then went home earlier and lucky we did as it started to rain! Next year we will bring our own chairs though because the wooden bleachers are hard on your ass!!

This is my last layout as a DT member for Magistical Memories and I used their chipboard Fleur De Lis and left it naked. I'm going to miss these guys as they are the best!!!

Well, tomorrow it's back to the grind for a full week so I better hit the hay!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

It's Wednesday and I can hardly wait until the weekend!! I have been tired all week and not very productive. I do have a few things to share but most of them I made a little while back... couldn't have mustered the energy to make them this week that's for sure! haha

Here is my layout using the fabulous
Magistical Memories Crystle Clear Trendy Swirl.

What I did was use alcohol inks to color in the acrylic swirl and I love how it turned out! The paper was the Heidi Swapp invisibles paper that has the built in resist and I used Glimmer Mists to create the background. I love this layout.

Then I got to play along with the The Color Room and made this layout using the Magistical Memories fancy frame. But first here was the color palette and sketch:

and here is my take on it

I was happy I got to play along because I had only played along once before as I haven't had as much time with my other obligations and our house being for sale and life! So it was with alot of sadness that I gave my notice as part of the Design Team at Magistical Memories. I have been designing for them for almost 3 years and have loved every minute of it. I thought that the time was right to let someone else have a chance and for me to step back and be able to play more without worrying about timelines and obligations. I love those guys though and am so grateful they believed in me and gave me the chance. It was a wonderful ride!!

A little while ago I made a series of 4 Gypsy cards for a swap that never came to be but that was okay because I ended up with some fabulous cards!! The Gypsy is one of the stamps from Viva Las Vegas of course, hehe...

This one is called "Family"

and this one "Journey"

this one "Kiss"

and last is "Reminisce"

Isn't that Gypsy woman stamp awesome??? I watched the movie "Dear John" the other night

and it was sooooo good!!! I gave it an 8 out of 10. Very touching but of course I'm a sucker for a good love story and romance. Have a great night!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Birthday to us!!

Yesterday was John's birthday and the poor guy had to work. He got home at 8:30 pm and I had a nice steak supper with all the trimmings waiting for him and we had beers on the deck. Today is my birthday and like I have done for the last few years here is another pic of me with my numbers

I am just so happy to be healthy and looking forward to another year on this earth! John surprised me with a beautiful flowering plant and a helium filled happy face balloon! I was so touched because I could just picture this man leaving the store carrying this smiley face balloon and it makes me smile!!

We celebrated Canada Day by having beers on the deck and watching the sun set. It was lovely.

Here was our sunset, it's like you're looking at heaven isn't it?? Of course I took some liberties and did a little Picnik magic on it but it was so beautiful

I made another 16 x 20 canvas for my art room and I took some pictures of it in progress. I love how it turned out and just looking at it makes me happy, which was what I was aiming for during the process.

Here is the canvas at the beginning:

stage 2

stage 3

stage 4

(you can see in this next picture how I moved a couple embellies around like the red ticket and fragile card. When making a canvas I don't glue everything down until I'm sure I like the placement because alot of the time I will end up moving things around until I'm sure it's just right)

stage 5

and finally the finished canvas

I used lot of Golden Light Molding paste, rub ons, paint, glimmer mists, stamps, rub ons and general crafty things that I loved. Seriously, just looking at this canvas makes me happy.

Here is a layout I made using the July Kit from Scrapbook Star, it was full of Prima goodness!!!

Here is our mother bird that has taken up residence above our window on our front porch, we think she's now laying on her eggs!

and here is a pic of my art room after making my canvas and a couple journal pages.

and here is my journal page for the A Year in the Life of an Art Journal and the word was "believe"

Are you still with me? I should have had a "long post alert" at the very beginning eh? haha I had someone ask to see one of my journals so I took a picture of one of my finished journals and just love seeing how fat it is and all the colors peeking through the edges

Well, tomorrow night we have a showing so we have to clean the house like lunatics once again. I know there is someone out there for every house and am just wondering when the right ones for ours are going to come along. Keeping my fingers crossed yet again!


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