Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Year in The Life of An Art Journal Guest Host!

That's me! I'm the Guest Host over at the
A Year In The Life Of An Art Journal! I was super honored to be asked and had alot of fun making my tutorial which I'll also post here:

I didn't have to think for long about what word I wanted to prompt you all with because it's been a word that I have clung to for quite a few years. The word is "hope".

In the dictionary one of the definitions of hope is defined as:
The general feeling that some desire will be fulfilled; "in spite of her troubles she never gave up hope".

I love that word because without hope we become hopeless. Sometimes hope has gotten me through some very tough times and if I would have lost it (hope) I would have come undone. At times it was a life preserver that kept me afloat. So in honor of this amazing word I created 2 journal pages using a stencil that you can also make yourself!

I looovveee stencils and masks. You can buy a package of 3 - 8 x 10 blank stencils which I found at Walmart for under $4. Also make sure you have a nice sharp kraft knife.

Here is the stencil I dowloaded for free

and I placed a blank stencil on top of it and traced it with an American Crafts Slick Writer (you will need a marker that is permanent so it dries super fast and doesn't smudge)

Now you want to carefully cut the image out of the blank stencil using your kraft knife and make sure you have something under your work space so you don't mark up your desk!

When you are done cutting you will have both a positive and a negative image and I will show you how I used both. There will be a little piece from in between the birds legs and the branch that you won't want to lose for when you use the negative image. I just tape the little piece to the big stencil.

Using the positive stencil image of the birds I traced them onto some sheet music and then cut it out.

Here are just a couple pictures of my page in progress using various other stencils, Glimmer Mists, liquid watercolors, paint, Golden light moulding paste, stamps, gaffer tape, etc..

I love seeing how a page progresses from start to finish!! Here is my other page that I made using the negative stencil of the birds. I placed it onto my page and then used blue Glimmer Mist to spray inside of the stencil and the journaled with a white Sharpie.

Since I am also a scrapper (not a fighter like some people think when my husband tells them that's what I do! haha) I love using patterned paper, stamps, die cuts, gaffer tape, ribbons, overlays, anything and everything goes! Don't be afraid to use whatever you want on your pages because that's the fun part! So run out and get some blank stencils and let me see your imagination run free!

Last night John and I watched "Jennifer's Body" and I really liked it. Yes it was kind of a teen horror flick but I still enjoyed it and gave it an 7 out of 10. That Meghan Fox sure is a fox!!

During the movie last night we had a little bit of excitement because our carbon monoxide detector went off!! I was totally freaked and then was convinced that I was feeling a little woozy and then Michael's girlfriend was saying she felt a little dizzy too. I knew there would be no way I could go to sleep wondering if we would wake up in the morning so I called the fire department. John I think thought I was over reacting but with Keegan in the house I wasn't taking any chances! So, along came the big ass fire truck, sirens and all (the dispatch said this was procedure). So in the house came 5 firemen (John said I called just so I could check them out! haha) and their machine did show we had 2 parts per million. So then they had to call the Energy guy who came with his machine and his detected 6 parts. All in all they said we were ok (I guess when it gets to be 50 parts it can be bad) and that in new houses they are sealed up so good that if the wind blew a certain way and car exhaust or something got in the furnace would circulate it around the house. I sure hope they know what they are talking about. I'm still alive but do have a slight headache....could be the lack of sleep though since John snored. All night.

Oh, here is the 4 generation picture I finally got! From the left is John's dad, then John, then Michael and Keegan.

The lighting wasn't the best (and I've never claimed to be an awesome photographer!) so I had to jimmy the picture up using picnik. I tried a few effects and this one is called "gritty". I'll have to get another one in better lighting when we all get together again but I was happy I got this one.

Before I go here is my little sweet pea, he slept over last night (with his mom and dad)

Have a great weekend!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Fun

Sometimes it's really hard to think of a witty title! haha What can I say? It's Friday and I don't have to work so life is good!! Last night John and I watched "District 9" and it was awesome!! I thought the whole idea behind the movie was unique, thought provoking and it was also really entertaining. I gave it an 8 out of 10! It was very well done and very original.

Here is an ATC I made with one of the fabulous Viva Las Vegas stamps (I can hardly wait until my big ass order comes!!!!)

I also made a couple art journal pages, this one is using the awesome
Angie Delarie tags and stamps

and this one was just because, just goofing around

Well, I have to get my ass in gear and get off this computer and go out and get groceries, take our cans in for recycling and a few other errands. Tonight we are having KFC and having John's dad over so we can take a 4 generation picture with John, his dad, Michael and Keegan! I've been wanting these pictures for a while so I'm keeping my fingers crossed everyone shows up! Before I go check out this song by Rob Thomas, it is so beautiful (make sure you mute Johnny at the very bottom of the screen to stop the blog song first....)

Wow, isn't that just a beautiful song. It really speaks to my heart.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Snow, snow, go away, don't come back any other day!

You would not freakin believe the snow we have after that damn blizzard! We got dumped on and got 30 centimeters, which is almost 12 inches, which is pretty much a bloody foot of snow!!! Here are some pics John took (I was a prisoner of my cubicle so lucky he took them for me!)

Here is the front of our house (notice we can't access our front door or porch!!)

The roads are a nightmare, many of them now reduced to single lane where they used to be double. It will take a week or so for the city to clean this up. Meanwhile I keep soldiering on to work. Sigh.

Here is the yummy Chocolate Cherry Cordial Kit from


Isn't that yummy? Here is the first layout I made and I just love the little journal card and that Jenni Bowlin "love" card. You'll notice I also used 3 Slice shapes on this!! woot!

This next one I just loved the paper!!! It was so much fun to work with and the whole kraft and pink/red color combo was gorgeous to play around with

This next one is an ATC using one of those Viva Las Vegas stamps I love so much

and this ATC I used a beautiful image from the net and glued a white feather to it

Then this last one is a page I made for my art journal documenting just how cool Lady Gagas exploding fireworks bra was and that I would totally rock it out onstage if I could. I'm just sayin......

I had to come back here and put this clip in of the fabulous fireworks bra. This is just wicked cool (make sure you hit the mute button at the very bottom of the screen to stop the blog music so you can hear this!)

This last layout I made using the fabulousMagistical Memories chipboard border and frame and then I painted them in primary colors to make a very simple and basic layout on my little sweet pea

It makes me smile just looking at this layout. Another thing that makes me smile is all of the exciting and gorgeous new products I saw on Tim Holtz's blog today!!! Hello, paper tapes and that cool ribbon and all of those awesome stamps!!! How exciting!! I am loving those texture plates too but don't own an embossing machine. Do you? What do you think of this? Do I need one??????

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A good old fashioned prairie winter blizzard

We are right now in the midst of a good old fashioned prairie storm! It has been snowing for 3 days now and some of the snow drifts on the streets are as high as 4 feet!!! I'm not looking forward to work tomorrow. Right now the one exit on our street is blocked so there is only one way out. Is it too much to hope that that one becomes blocked too??? ha ha Here is the view from my front porch

Here is our forecast:

Blizzard warning in effect.
Today Blizzard ending late this afternoon then light snow. Snowfall amount 2 to 4 cm. Wind northwest 50 km/h gusting to 70. High minus 7 with temperature falling to minus 10 this afternoon. Tonight Light snow. Blowing snow at times. Wind northwest 40 km/h gusting to 60. Low minus 15. Wind chill minus 26.

Monday Light snow ending near noon then sunny with cloudy periods. Wind north 30 km/h becoming light in the evening. Temperature steady near minus 13. Wind chill minus 26.

Tuesday A mix of sun and cloud. Low minus 19. High minus 16.

Wednesday Sunny. Low minus 22. High minus 17.

Thursday Sunny. Low minus 22. High minus 13.

Friday Sunny. Low minus 18. High minus 11.

Saturday Sunny. Low minus 18. High minus 10.

This totally sucks. We have battened down the hatches and needless to say are just having a lazy Sunday. I'm still in my flannels and am in my art room. Bliss.

Here is a layout I made using the fabulous Scrapbook Star January kit, I just love all the purple!!

Then I made this ATC for Linda over at ATC The music using one of those awesome Viva Las Vegas stamps that I love

I am waiting for a big order that I placed with them to come and can hardly wait! They have that huge 44% off sale (if anyone needs the coupon code it is "Superstamp") so I ordered a whack of stamps, it came to like $125!!! Of course I haven't told the hubs as he would just shake his head. He's very generous and never says anything but being a non-arty person I'm sure he doesn't really understand and probably thinks I'm crazy to spend that much. But the way I look at it is I looovveee stamping and all of the stamps I ordered are perfect for ATC's. I'll post some pics when they come!!

The grandbaby came over this weekend and he's getting cuter and bigger all the time.

Well that's it for now! Chicken for supper and Desperate Housewives to watch on TV tonight. Tomorrow I have boot camp and a blizzard to navigate through. Have a great week!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy hump day!

It's a full week of work this week and it's a killer. I had my first day of boot camp Monday (it's every Monday for an hour) and I've been soooo sore. Which is good, because then I know it's working!! The woman who teaches it has a killer body and is going to Cancun so she's really pushing us so I guess we'll reap the benefits of her vacation in a way! haha

Tonight I got my hair cut and got some highlights, I'll take a pic sometime this week. I was a little pissed because on my card (you know the little card that the hairdresser puts all your information on?) she had my last visit $50. So she said to me "so last time we didn't cut your hair" and I said "oh yeah, you did after the highlights" and she was like "oh no, I would have written it down if I did" and I was like "um, noooo, you did"...anyhoo, to make a long story short I get to the till and she says $73.50!!!!! WTF??? I paid it because what am I going to do, argue with her?? Let's hope to fuck she wrote it down this time that she cut my damn hair otherwise theoretically I could be looking at what, $100 next time??? Ok, I'm still a little pissed, can you tell?

Let's unwind a bit by looking at my prompt done for the A Year In The Life Of An Art Journal and the word was "what" and we were supposed to journal about what is holding us back in our art. Nothing baby!!! Nothing holds me back! I looovveee doing whatever goes, thinking outside the box and just cutting loose! So here is my page

If you haven't already joined up and if this is something you would love to do or start, don't worry, you still can! This is only the first prompt and the next one isn't until the end of the month! I tell you, art journaling is sooo addictive, therapeutic and fun! Do it!!

I also played along with the Scrapjacked challenge blog and like usual I started out with a simple page, using the same color scheme as the person they jacked, and ended up with something totally different! haha Oh well, that's the point too right? Here's my jack

I don't know why but making simple uncluttered pages is a real challenge to me. Sometimes I can do it but other times it's like an art explosion!! haha How about you, what's your style?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

More ATC's...can't get enough!

Just a really quick post to post a couple ATC's so I don't miss the deadline. The first one is one I made for my first time playing along with the
Three Muses challenge blog. Why hadn't I discovered them before??? Well the important thing is I have now and their theme was "water". I also used this card for the challenge over at Theme Thursday where the challenge was "hearts"

This last one is for the Wednesday Stamper and I used one of my fave Viva Las Vegas stamps and the theme was "make a wish"

So that's it! I have to run and check on supper which is chicken leg with back attached covered in Italian shake and bake, a vegie pack (potatoes, onions & carrots done in the oven) and creamy noodles! Yummo!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Long post alert

Yeah, it's been a busy weekend but a good one so far! First off put on your rain boots because it's time to roll in the gutter!! The new Gutter Girlz challenge is up and it's awesome as always plus we have a new Gutter Girl on our team! Welcome Margrethe!! Here is our challenge:

Kiss My ASS
Bad Reputation by Joan Jett

I did a page for my art journal and this is it

That's what I really love about the Gutter Girlz is that you can take whatever you want from the prompt. I didn't use any chain but I sure enjoyed a good "kiss my ass"! haha You can make it as dirty or as clean as you would like. That's the awesome part so come and play with us!!!

Another thing I just love is when I get time to play along with some of my favorite challenge blogs and the theme over at Category Stories was "The perfect fit". When I thought about this I thought about how lucky I am to have my best friend Gay and also how perfectly we do fit together (not literally, I'm taller than her!) haha We have the same sense of humour, think alike and have the same hoarding tendencies as well as are huge worry warts. I don't know what I would do without this girl and in the title fit in the "g squared" because our names both start with "G"!

I also made this my challenge for my Saturday Surprise over at Scrapbook Star which was to use 5 different patterned papers. I figure I have so much paper that I could wallpaper my entire house twice over that I really have to get using it. I loved using all the different manufacturers, colors and patterns on this.

Last night John and I went out to Bob and Terry's and had drinks and alot of laughs.

Today John was feeling a little weak and relaxed at home while I soldiered on and took my Grama out for lunch, helped her with some running around and then did some hoarding, I mean shopping. he he. I found these awesome buys today, the first being a 12 x 12 artists scrapbook for only $4.88!!! I bought the last 3 because the pages were really thick and sturdy, perfect for art journaling!!!! The size is bigger than I have ever journaled but hey, for that price I wasn't letting them go!!

I also picked up these goodies, a Fiskars heart punch for only $4.88 and a Fiskars Easy Stamp Press for $6.88, both were regular $19.99!

After that rush I headed over to Sobey's where they had their "BOGO" sale on. Buy one package of bacon get 2 free!!! So being the hoarder I am I bought 6 and when I got home John said "that's all you got?" haha. It was a really good sale though, even for 5 pound bags of potatoes, buy one get one.

The other day I had to go out and buy a new printer, not something I was wanting to do as they aren't cheap and I had only had my other printer/scanner for under 2 years (everything's disposable and cheap now, have you noticed that??) and was pissed. What happened was the printer would only grab the paper from the right hand side and then would jam, giving an error. When I googled this I found out that this was a bad printer for this and it had happened to alot of people (it was a Canon MP 160). Soooo.... I can't live without my printer or my scanner so I did my due diligence and did alot of research on reviews before I headed out and finally decided on this Canon MP250

I know John asked why did I buy another Canon if my other one crapped out but I wanted the programs to be familiar to me (if you know me you know I dislike change) and do love Canon products, except for that shitty printer. far so good and I'm hoping this one lasts alot longer. I even lashed out and bought the $10 insurance on it for an extra year's coverege through Staples. The first year it's covered through Canon and then I now have an extra year through Staples. If it craps out no questions asked, just return it and get the full price I paid ($99) towards a new one. Can't beat that.

Oh, and here's Sam in his new little skull t-shirt I bought him, isn't he cute?????

John and I watched 2 movies tonight and the first was Paranormal Activity

and it was pretty freaky. Be warned it starts out soooo slow and John was losing interest fast but when it got going I enjoyed it. I'm going to have to google whether or not this was based on a true story as someone told me it was. I gave it a 6 1/2 out of 10 just because it was slow in parts and the film quality wasn't the best. The other one was The Worlds Greatest Dad and it was a very bizarre film.

I gave this one a 6 out of 10 because parts of it were really funny and it was kind of a unique movie. Very different!!

Well, that was a long post, are you still with me?? haha Hope you are having a good weekend, later dudes!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

ATC goodness

You all know how much I love making ATC's right? Well now I have another blog to go to each week for inspiration, check out
Ronda's Blog. I have loooovved Ronda's style since I first saw her when I played along with the One Little Word challenge blog. Her ATC's are just as amazing and inspiring and she is having prompts/techniques each week!! Luckily I discovered her this week so I only had 2 weeks to play catch up on! haha

The first week was "old is new again" so I made this one and I love the sheet music, colors and look of it:

Week 2 was to use tissue paper and "happiness is...". I have never used tissue paper so this was totally awesome. I let my inner 5 year old out and had a blast making this colorful card and it's also my card for the Mixed Media Monday challenge as their theme was "something new" and my tissue paper technique was something new.

Now I also have an ATC blog to play along with as well as an art journal blog to play along with, speaking of which the big day is tomorrow!!!! I am super pumped for this to get started and there have been sooo many new people, people I know that are jumping on the bandwagon. This is going to be a fabulous art journaling year, I can just feel it!!!

Here is a card I made for the Think Monday Think ATC where the theme was "newspaper" so I cut an ad out of the paper for a live adult chat line and used one of my fave stamps

She looks naughty doesn't she?? haha I love this stamp.

Right now I'm enjoying a cold beer and have a 3 day weekend!! I had to take Paige to the Dr. today as she has been sick since Sunday and the Dr. thinks it's the stomach flue, poor kid! I get worried when they start to miss so much school so I'm hoping that the medicine she prescribed for the stomach pains helps so she can go back tomorrow and start getting caught up. Since tomorrow is Friday though I'm sure she will soldier on as she won't want to miss any party time!!! I don't blame her though as I still remember being 16 or 17 and having all 4 wisdom teeth out (I was put under for it!) and getting released and going out having beers!! I couldn't eat anything and my face was like a chipmunk but damn it I wasn't missing out on any party time! haha I think the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Magistical Memories January Contest!!

January is an exciting month at Magistical Memories. We have a new look and a big celebration to go with it! The contest prize is an entire 31 piece new release package so it's definitely worth playing for!

It's the beginning of a new year and the perfect time to set goals for yourself. That is what January's contest is all about. Make a layout, any size, that documents at least one goal you have for 2010. You may list more goals if you like, but the requirement is only one. The goal can pertain to scrapbooking, work, parenting/child specific...anything that you want to accomplish in 2010 will work. There must be a small journaling parapgraph included, as well as a chipboard and/or acrylic piece somewhere on the layout.

The contest will run from January 1 through January 30. To get entered simply upload your layout into the January contest gallery before midnight on January 30. While you're at it, introduce yourself on the messageboard (under introductions) to get entered into another great prize giveaway!! can get entered one more way by posting on the blog as each product of the day is revealed.
January is gonna rock at Magistical!!

I had alot of fun playing along with this one and I used the Magistical Memories chipboard viewfinder for this whimsical layout on the things I would like to improve on for this year:

I would love to see you play along and see what your goals are!

ps. some of you are wishing me luck and I just wanted to clarify that I can't win as I'm on the DT, I'm just playing along, having fun and hoping to inspire you to play too!

Friday, January 8, 2010

I made it!!!!

I made it through the relentlessly long and ruthless week!! I was so tired this week though I barely had time or energy to make stuff, which sucked. I did manage to make a few ATC's though for some of the challenge blogs I love. That's why I love ATC's, you can satisfy your urge to create and it's just in little increments. Love. Here is one I made for the Mixed Media Monday site where the theme was "leftovers", which I have lots of.

I just love that stamp, isn't she gorgeous?? This next one is for the Created by Hand challenge blog and it was a "free theme", which I love.

I used alcohol inks to create the background and then I had this fabulous image of this couple, which I think is kind of hot. When I saw they were all dressed in leather that song "leather and lace" by Stevie Nicks came to mind so I stapled a piece a lace at the top.

The last one is for the Wednesday Stamper where the theme was "when I grow up" so I made this beauty

Once again I used alcohol inks to create the background and then I finally used an ocean waves stamp I had and looovveee how it turned out!! I just love this card, it has a madonna and child feel to it.

Here is one of my layouts I made of my "boys" using the Magistical Memories big flower. I used Glimmer Mist and sprayed the flower so that it would match the green in the paper.

I just love these pics of my boys taken this past summer on our upper back deck. Oh, don't forget to check out the January contest at Magistical Memories, here it is:

January is an exciting month at Magistical Memories. We have a new look and a big celebration to go with it! The contest prize is an entire 31 piece new release package so it's definitely worth playing for!

It's the beginning of a new year and the perfect time to set goals for yourself. That is what January's contest is all about. Make a layout, any size, that documents at least one goal you have for 2010. You may list more goals if you like, but the requirement is only one. The goal can pertain to scrapbooking, work, parenting/child specific...anything that you want to accomplish in 2010 will work. There must be a small journaling parapgraph included, as well as a chipboard and/or acrylic piece somewhere on the layout.

The contest will run from January 1 through January 30. To get entered simply upload your layout into the January contest gallery before midnight on January 30. While you're at it, introduce yourself on the messageboard (under introductions) to get entered into another great prize giveaway!! can get entered one more way by posting on the blog as each product of the day is revealed.

I'm going to start working on my layout for it right now (I get to play along just for the fun of it!!) and would love to see you come on over!! Don't to check their blog too because we have alot going on this month with new releases, contests, prizes and Design Team calls!!!! Run, don't walk!!! Do it!!

ps. my beer tastes sooooo good........ it's Friday night!!! woohoo!!


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