Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween and A Year in the Life of an Art Journal!

On Friday my BFF and co-worker dressed up like me, check it out

When I got to work and saw her dressed like me I killed myself laughing! She even had sunglasses on top of her head like me!! haha I loved it!!! We had 60 kids tonight! I shut the lights off at 9:00 pm because we were starting to get big kids (like 20 somethings!!) and we were getting tired. Another halloween come and gone.

Since it's halloween I'll share some ATC's I made for the "Better with bat wings" swap over at ATC's for all

Bad news on the DD and her car, she got into an accident last week. Heavy sigh. She was ok but we won't know how much the damage to her car will cost until Friday when we have to take it into the claims. I'm worried it may be written off. Here is a pic of the damage


I know. She hit a skiff of ice and the car went out of control and she hit another car. The lady she hit was a bitch too and said "you can't drive like it's still May you know!!" Poor kid has her first accident and gets a bitch to boot. Bummer. I took it in stride and think that only good things can come of it such as her being super dooper cautious now. Sometimes it's the school of hard knocks as we all know.

But I do have some good news and that is that I ordered myself a Sony PRS-650 Touch Edition E-Book Reader!!!!!!!! I have done so much research and lost hours of my life online googling between the Kindle and the Sony. Why did I choose the Sony? Here are a few reasons:

- it was FREE! I ordered it using my airmiles!!! The price was right baby!!
- I can order books at various places, not just like the Kindle
- I can also share books with other Sony reader peeps (not like the Kindle)
- it has a touch screen which intrigued me
- a co-worker has it and loves it!!! She had nothing but great things to say about it

I really had to think about whether or not I really wanted the wifi or free 3G network so that I could download books directly to the device (like the Kindle) but in the end decided that hey, if I ever go away on vacation, I'll just download a few books to my Sony through the computer, no big deal. I'm always at home and near a computer so this wasn't a major deciding factor for me.

I am sooo pumped to get this and can hardly wait!!! I've been scouring the sony e-reader library and see so many books I can hardly wait to order!! When I get it and play with it I'll be back to give my review. I had to order the silver one (that was the only free choice) but I really wanted the black one. I figured that I wouldn't be choosy if it was free! Here is my baby I'm waiting for:

Other exciting news is that I'm guesting over at A Year in the Life of an Art Journal and my word is "FREE" and here is my page for my art journal:

When I am in my art room time stands still. My soul is free to fly. I am free to be me. I love the word FREE and it can mean many things to many different people. What does FREE mean for you?
Technique to Try: I don't know about you but I have a whack (3 bins actually) of tapes. I have fabric covered tapes, gaffer tapes, plastic tapes, felt tapes, etc..

I don't use them nearly enough so for this prompt I challenged myself to use as many of them as I could. I used 5 different tapes on this page and it felt good!!!! When I make pages for my art journal I also love using photographs. It lets me look back and see what was happening at certain times in my life and remember. So I would love it if you would try using tapes (if you have them) as well as a photograph. Yeah, I am saying 2 techniques. I'm crazy like that! mmawwaaa! I can hardly wait to see what you all do and most importantly have fun!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

New November Scrap-Tastic Kit!!

This kit was sooo gorgeous and it was my favorite one yet!! Here is the new
"Pretty Little Things" kit by Scrap-Tastic

Isn't it gorgeous!!!! Here are my projects I made using this fabulous kit




and here is an art journal page using the kit

and 2 ATC's


I can't say enough how much I loved this kit and how fun it was to work with!!

Here is my ATC for the Simply Artistic challenge blog

The inspiration was shown on the blog and it was a pink and black book cover. I love this Madonna stamp and added a cute little lace skirt to her!

I also joined a "Get the kinks out" ATC swap over at ATC's for all and you had to make 3 cards that pertained to fetishes or kinkiness. Here are my 3



Last night John and I watched Karate Kid and it was quite good. That little Jaden Smith is such a good actor for a kid!!

We also saw Iron Man 2 and it was good too but I found it kind of dragged in a few spots (but I love Robert Downey Jr.!!!)

Well I better get off this computer and start my day as we have yet to get our Halloween candy for tomorrow!! I am off my game this year as I usually have it far in advance!

Friday, October 22, 2010

More Glimmer Mists!!

I'm sick I know!!! I have to stop now. Seriously. This is becoming an addiction. But aren't they pretty???

I'm going to add these colors to my fancy dancy swatch that I made!!

Here is the last of my vacation layouts

and here is a layout I did (finally!) from June when we went out for supper with some friends.

I have been so busy being sucked into watching Entourage that I haven't made much art!! I'm now starting Season 3!!!!

The last couple nights John and I have watched Splice

and it was pretty good. I gave it an 7 out of 10 because it was interesting and creepy at the same time. Just imagining this really happening is freaky!!! And the other movie was the remake of "Nightmare on Elm Street"

And for this one I only gave it a 5 out of 10 because the original was waaaaay better!!! I think this new Freddy sucked and the original one was so much more terrifying!!

Ok, I'm still waiting to hear from anyone who owns a Kindle or knows someone who owns a Kindle! Come on, what do you know? Spill the beans people! Give me some info. Do it up!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Musical Monday

I don't know that I've ever had that title before but it's fitting as there are 2 songs I'm in love with right now that I want to share with you. Here is the first:

I just melt when I listen to him!!! Here's my other fave right now:

This one just gets me pumped and makes me want to dance!!!

I did a couple layouts this weekend, very simple ones as I am behind and couldn't find my mojo

and this one I really struggled with as it had so many pics but hey, they can't all be works of art and masterpieces right??

I did get some new art books today and I'm hoping to be inspired!! Here are the books I got:

and this one:

I'm looking forward to reading them and getting some fresh ideas!!

I watched the whole season of Entourage Season 1 this past weekend and am now starting on season 2!!

Love this show!!!!!

Oh, discovered a very funky product to give hair oomph and volume! I have fine hair and need all the help I can get and a lady from work told me about this stuff and it's quite amazing! It's called Osis Dust It

Check out this video to see how it works:

How amazing is that right?? I don't have to back comb my hair, this stuff is awesome!!!

I've been thinking about getting a Kindle, thoughts? Do you have one? Know someone who has one?

I think it would be neat to have books stored on there instead of in my house as my massive bookcase is full. Plus it would be very green, not killing the trees you know? It's supposed to be able to hold 3,500 books, which is very impressive!! It's now available in Canada but I thought I had remembered reading somewhere that the books are more expensive for us and you can't use your credit card to order them, you have to use your credit card to purchase Amazon gift certificates and then you can buy the books. This seems like an inconvenience but it doesn't seem to be putting us Canucks off! haha I would love to hear from you if you know anything about this.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Glimmer Mist swatch

I was super pumped about this project. I have so many Glimmer Mists that I wanted a system where I could see at a glance all of the colors I had and the differences between the various shades. The little sample color on the back of each bottle is too small and I wanted something bigger. So.... I went to work with my circle punch and cut out a zillion circles using white cardstock. Then I sprayed them with each color of Glimmer Mist and Shimmerz, careful to leave the bottle behind each circle so I didn't get them mixed up.

While they were drying I then glued white cardstock onto some chipboard and had to again cut out a zillion circles (my hands were like claws!!!!).

and then I glued each colored circle onto the chipboard circle, so I would have a steady base and then used my single hole punch to punch a hole into each one. Here is my finished swatch

I looveeee my new swatch and it was totally worth any hand cramping I may have experienced. I must admit I did order 5 more mists but then I think I am done. I have sooo many colors!!! Love.

Here are some sneak peeks of the upcoming November kit from Scrap-Tastic and I must say it was my favorite kit yet!!!



and last but not least

I can hardly wait to show you guys the whole kit and my layouts!!!

Here is an ATC I made while I was playing along with the Simply Artistic challenge (I just love my little easel!!) haha

Last night I stopped by Blockbuster and rented the first disc of Season 1 of Entourage

This show is the best!!! It's so freakin awesome!!! I started watching the current season on HBO and was hooked. I love Ari Gold!!!! So now I have to start at the beginning!! Also, for $9.99 you buy what's called a "Favorites Pack" from Blockbuster and watch as many of them in a month as you can!! That's amazing! So I'll be on an Entourage bender!! haha Here's a clip from season 1

Well, I'm off to work so Happy Friday!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thanksgiving weekend ...

was a blast! I was lucky enough to go to my Aunt's for a huge turkey supper with the whole family and then also have a big ham supper that I cooked for my own family last night. I have done my fair share of eating and drinking these last 4 days off I won't lie. But today it's back to the grind. Sigh. A girl could get used to having every day off. Here is me and the hubs on Thanksgiving

and if you have a family like mine and you are asked to bring Coleslaw, never ever bring store bought coleslaw or you will never hear the end of it!! haha I heard about this damn Coleslaw and was teased about it all night. I'm still hearing about it! haha

I had such a fun weekend with my parents being down and the time always goes by way too fast.

I got my ATC done in time for the
Simply Artistic
challenge which was "flowers" and here it is:

and I also got my art journal page done for the A Year in the Life of an Art Journal and the word was "light" so I made this

I will also have some sneak peeks for the new November Scrap-Tastic kit in the next couple of days. Until then here is a pic of me in my art room and I made this my new avatar everywhere. I don't know about you but it takes me 20 pics or more of myself before I can get a good one! haha

I'm still loving my new hair and curling it takes around 15 mins which isn't a huge deal. This morning though I was too tired so I threw it up! haha Well, off to work I go and have a great day!


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