Saturday, May 28, 2011

What's wrong with Blogger???

I can't comment on some people's blogs!! I went to the Blogger blog and see that they are having issues but it seems like some people can comment and alot still can't comment. So...for those of you whose blogs I normally visit (Daniella I can't leave a comment on yours for some reason??) please forgive me while they fix this, and I hope it's soon!!!!

I finished up my ATC cards for the "Blunt Swap" over at ATC's For All and here they are:



and this one I made just because I was on a roll!

I can hardly wait to see the cards I get in return, this was such a fun swap!!!

I finished reading "Rogue" by Rachel Vincent on my Sony Reader, which is the 2nd book in this series:

and I enjoyed it. I also bought the next 3 in the series but I'm taking a break from it and now reading "Saving Rachel"

and this is the description from the Sony site:

What if the best morning of your life suddenly turned into your worst nightmare? Sam Case is about to find out. Saving Rachel is the story of what happens when killers force a man to choose between his wife and his mistress...and the one he rejects must die. But wait--all is not as it appears to be. In fact, nothing is what it appears to be!

Saving Rachel is a scary, funny, roller coaster ride through hell, with twists, and turns that will slap your face and suck you in!

I'm enjoying it so far!!

I made this layout on the DD and I laugh when I see it because of the total sarcasm in it. Just the whole "good morning sunshine" is hilarious because she's anything but sunshine. She's more like a dark, cloudy stormy day. Sigh.

I can hardly wait until the teen years are gone. I'm hoping that I only have another couple to go and then we can enjoy each other's company!

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Marit said...

Your post today is totally AWESOME!!!! The ATC's as well as the layout made me giggle!!! I like the sarcasm on the layout, and I think it's a good way to out your frustration about teenage attitude! I keep my fingers crossed that she will turn around soon... enjoy your (long?) weekend Glenda


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