Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Year in the Life of an Art Journal

The A Year in the Life of an Art Journal May 30th prompt is up! Here it is courtesy of moi:

The Prompt: Faith

The Song: Heaven help me by Gretchen Wilson

Product/Technique: Wings

and here is the video of the song (loooveee this song)

and here is my page:

This is such a powerful song that really resonates with me. I think sometimes we all feel like this at one time or another in our lives and I did a page that included some of the lyrics and used the title of the song as my page title as well. I realized after that this could have very well have been the Ozzy Osbourne song "Crazy Train" as well because I was inspired by the train on the paper, but I stuck with "Heaven Help" me and just used one of the lyrics of Crazy Train. That's the beauty of art journaling, there is just so much inspiration out there!!

I also FINALLY got a double page layout done of my Goo Goo Dolls dream concert from February done. I can't remember the last time I did a 2 pager but I love how this turned out (click on it to enlarge)!!

I am currently reading "19 Minutes" by Jodi Picault

and here is the description as per Amazon:

Amazon.com Review
Best known for tackling controversial issues through richly told fictional accounts, Jodi Picoult's 14th novel, Nineteen Minutes, deals with the truth and consequences of a smalltown high-school shooting. Set in Sterling, New Hampshire, Picoult offers reads a glimpse of what would cause a 17-year-old to wake up one day, load his backpack with four guns, and kill nine students and one teacher in the span of nineteen minutes. As with any Picoult novel, the answers are never black and white, and it is her exceptional ability to blur the lines between right and wrong that make this author such a captivating storyteller.
On Peter Houghton's first day of kindergarten, he watched helplessly as an older boy ripped his lunch box out of his hands and threw it out the window. From that day on, his life was a series of humiliations, from having his pants pulled down in the cafeteria, to being called a freak at every turn. But can endless bullying justify murder? As Picoult attempts to answer this question, she shows us all sides of the equation, from the ruthless jock who loses his ability to speak after being shot in the head, to the mother who both blames and pities herself for producing what most would call a monster. Surrounding Peter's story is that of Josie Cormier, a former friend whose acceptance into the popular crowd hangs on a string that makes it impossible for her to reconcile her beliefs with her actions.

At times, Nineteen Minutes can seem tediously stereotypical-- jocks versus nerds, parent versus child, teacher versus student. Part of Picoult's gift is showing us the subtleties of these common dynamics, and the startling effects they often have on the moral landscape. As Peter's mother says at the end of this spellbinding novel, "Everyone would remember Peter for nineteen minutes of his life, but what about the other nine million?" --Gisele Toueg

It's the 2nd book I've read of hers and I'm really enjoying it! Have a good day!

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Marit said...

Years ago, when I just started scapbooking, I made spreads (two pages) all the time... I don't think i can do that now... soooo big a surface. I love yours!!! And your art journal page ofcourse is stunning!


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