Thursday, June 23, 2011

My new Goo Goo Dolls book came!!!

I just love it when that bright orange box comes from Shutterfly. I ordered an 8 x 8 hardcover book of my Goo Goo Dolls concert weekend and it's amazing!!! What a gorgeous keepsake for something I always want to remember and treasure. Here is the cover:

Isn't he amazing???? Swoon. Sigh. Love. I wish I could show you the whole book but take my word for it, it's gorgeous. Much like Johnny himself. Sigh.

I had my sweet pea last Saturday and had alot of fun with him. Here are a couple pics:

and I may have a budding artist!~

Here's a layout I did about when my BFF and I went shopping the day after the Goo Goo Dolls concert, man did we shop up a storm and have fun!

Here is an art journal page I did just because. You know when you have a shitty period in your life and you just feel blue, well this is a page where I got it all out and also used some Goo Goo Dolls lyrics (ok, now I'm sorta kinda starting to sound slightly obsessed???) haha

I'm currently reading "Tiger Tiger" on my Sony Reader:

and here is the description as per Goodreads:

One summer day, Margaux Fragoso swam up to Peter Curran at a public swimming pool and asked him to play. She was seven; he was fifty-one. When Curran invited her and her mom to see his house, the little girl found a child’s dream world, full of odd pets and books and music and magical toys. Margaux’s mother was devoted, but beset by mental illness and frightened of her abusive husband; she was only too ready to take advantage of an escape for the daughter she felt incapable of taking care of on her own. Soon Margaux was spending all her time with Peter.

In time, he insidiously took on the role of Margaux’s playmate, father, lover, and captor. Charming and repulsive, warm and violent, loving and manipulative, Peter burrowed into every aspect of Margaux’s life and transformed her from a girl fizzing with imagination and affection into a deadened, young-old woman on the brink of suicide. But when she was twenty-two, it was Peter—ill, and terrified at the thought of losing her—who killed himself, at the age of sixty-six.

With lyricism and mesmerizing clarity, Margaux Fragoso has unflinchingly explored the darkest episodes of her life, helping us see how pedophiles work hidden away in the open to steal childhood. In writing Tiger, Tiger, she has healed herself of a wound that was fourteen years in the making. This extraordinary memoir is an unprecedented glimpse into the heart and mind of a monster; but more than this, it illustrates the power of memory and truth-telling to mend.

Wow eh? I'm almost 3/4 done this book and it's very good. Disturbing but a good read.

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Marit said...

We all knew already that you are obsessed Glenda ;)
LOVE the journal page... it really is bold and honest. Aaaahhh... cute little artists! I had a blackboard just like this when I was a kid, and see what I became! Enjoy your weekend dear one!


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