Monday, August 29, 2011

A Year In The Life of an Art Journal

I'm back in the game!! Here I thought I wasn't going to find my art journal in time to be able to do this prompt but it's amazing what rummaging like a maniac through some boxes can accomplish!! My life is referred to in boxes right now. Like "where are the towels?" and I say "they are in the tall box in the kitchen", or "where are my pants?" and I would say "in the big box in the hallway" or "where is the phone charger?" and I say "no fuckin clue". And since we will be building and only renting here for around 6-7 months I will be living out of these boxes until then. Yeah.

Anyways, here is the prompt for the August 30th A Year in The Life of an Art Journal:
brought to you by Nikki:

THE SONG: Edge of Glory by Lady GaGa
PRODUCT/TECHNIQUE: shape layering

and here is my take on it:

Loved this prompt as always because they just seem to come at a time when they really resonate with me.

Got my Fall 2011 issue of the Canadian Scrapbooker

and I'm on page 126

Lots of great layout ideas in this issue and some really gorgeous work!!

I'm hooked on, it's totally addicting! Since we are going to be building a house again I find it's the perfect site for finding ideas on everything!! You can make your own ideabooks and I have mine labelled "kitchen", "bathroom", "landscaping/outdoor", "livingroom", etc... The pictures are gorgeous and the ideas are endless!!!! I have the app on my iphone which is how I found out about the website.

Here is a journal page about the rental we are living in while we build. Yeah.

I don't know about you but if you have ever, and I mean ever, smelled cat spray or cat piss, you know it's one of the worst smells known to mankind. You cannot escape that shit. We aren't sure where the smell is coming from because when the air conditioner kicks in the smell of cat piss permeates every room in the house. I told the landlord and he was good enough to buy us a spray bottle of this stuff that is supposed to neutralize and kill cat piss, but the problem is you have to know where it is and then spray it and let it sit for 10 mins. Where the fuck is it??????? Where??????????? I keep saying my mantra of "6 months...we can do it".

One thing we are loving about this house though is the backyard. It has a deck and fenced yard which the dogs love and we have been sitting on the deck and drinking copious amounts of beer this past month. Love deck time.

Things I'm loving right now:

- True Blood
- My Sony Reader
- Beers on the deck
- Finally being done moving
- Sid Dickens Memory Blocks
- Not driving over the bridge anymore
- My iphone4

Right now I'm also reading "Pride" on my Sony Reader, it's the 3rd book in this series:

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Tina said...

I can so relate to living with boxes. But you know what...when you move in your new home it'll be worth it. At least it's only 6-7 months. And just so that you know. I would take living in boxes over cockroaches anyday!!! Knock on wood but I havent seen them since sat night so I think the fumigating worked.

As always I just love your art journaling. I am glad to see you back. And a big congrats for another page in Canadian Scrapbooker!!! WTG!


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