Monday, September 12, 2011

Sunny September & the renter from HELL

I can't believe how beautiful it is right now for September!! Last week and on the weekend we had temperatures of up to 32 above!! It was so gorgeous out!! We had our little sweet pea on Saturday for a visit and took him for a stroller ride to the park and to the art museum. He konked out mid stroll so John and I enjoyed a nice walk. The poor little guy fell at daycare and fractured his leg so he has a cast! He was going down the stairs and another little girl accidentally stepped on his foot and you know the rest... The good thing is is that he is walking on it and it should heal just fine!

While we were in the park I had to dip my toes in the fountain...

and us sitting listening to some music in the park while sweet pea slept

When he woke up we walked to the mall and let him pick out a couple little Matchbox cars, he just loves them right now!!! It was a great day.

Onto the renter from hell. We had a renter, who I will call Jolene, who was the dirtiest and filthiest person I have ever known. Not only did she skip out on the last month's rent but she left the place like this:






What a filthy bitch. I hope she gets it all back in bad karma and more.

I still have made no art. Sigh. I think tomorrow night is the night. Yeah, I know, I've been saying that for a while right?? haha I'll leave you with this which I got a kick out of:


Callista said...

yikes! I do hope karma gets that renter... how awful!! Yuck!

Marit said...

That's really filthy Glenda... do I see maggots? Yuck!!!
You had me in stitches with that bedtime story... fabulous! (Ha, and my word verification says: crakin - I'm smiling ear to ear now!)


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