Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Year in The Life of an Art Journal

ok, the A Year in the Life of an Art Journal prompt isn't up yet but I know I'll be busy this weekend and won't get back here to post my take on it, so.... here it is brought to you by Rachel:

The PROMPT: Scars

THE SONG: Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri

PRODUCT/TECHNIQUE: rips and tearing

and here is my journal page:

It was funny because usually I use pictures in my journal pages but for this one I didn't and it was a nice change.

I made some ATC's for my first swap since my move. It's for a "skeleton swap" over at ATC's for all and I used my awesome Viva Las Vegas stamps and made these 3 ATC's:



I finished reading "Girlbomb" on my Sony Reader and it was good, but of course I love biographies!

Here is the description as per

From Publishers Weekly
Erlbaum, a columnist for Bust, left her Manhattan home at 15 after her mother reunited with Erlbaum's abusive stepfather. Landing first in a shelter and then a group home, Erlbaum—shattered by her mother's choice—embarks on a treacherous course of self-destruction. Casual sex with a series of brutally uncaring boys coupled with daily drug and alcohol abuse become her antidote to the violence and racism in the child-welfare system housing her. Her isolation and loneliness threaten to swallow her whole. Yet when Erlbaum's mother invites her home (the dreaded stepfather gone for good), things don't improve. Erlbaum has more freedom, which allows more opportunity for trouble. At 17 she leaves again (this time to live with an older boyfriend), becomes addicted to the cocaine so plentiful in the 1980s New York club scene and nearly dies from an overdose. Through Erlbaum's adolescence, she often seems a willing victim. In her chaotic senior year of high school, she begins writing stories, attempting to put the life she's been living into perspective. Her memoir (comparable to Koren Zailckas's Smashed) reads like a neorealist novel. Sharp yet poignant, raw and vivid, it illumines the dirty underside of American girlhood and brings it to harrowing life.

Now I'm reading "Slave"

and here is the description as per

"I found him in the slave market on Orpheseus Prime, and even on such a god-forsaken planet as that one, their treatment of him seemed extreme."

He may be the last of a species whose sexual talents were the envy of the galaxy.

Cat is an enslaved warrior from a race with a feline gene that gives him awesome beauty, fearsome strength, and sensuality and sexual prowess unmatched by any other males in the universe. Even filthy, chained, and beaten, he gives off an aura of power and virility and his feline gene gives him a special aura.

Jacinth is an intergalactic trader on a rescue mission and she needs a man she can trust with her life.

She has spent years pursuing her kidnapped sister from planet to planet. Now her quest leads her to a place where all the women are slaves. "Jack" needs a slave of her own-one who can masquerade as her master.
Enmeshed in a tangle of deception, lust, and love, they must elude a race of violent killers and together forge a bond stronger than any chains.

"A sexy adventure with a hero you can't resist!"
- Candace Havens, author of Charmed & Deadly

I got it as a freebie for my reader and it sounds smokin hot!

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