Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Crafter's Workshop Woodgrain Template rocks!

I bought the new woodgrain stencil by Crafter's Workshop and it's awesome.

I am a huge fan of their stencils (or templates as they call them) and was thrilled to add this one to my collection.

Here is a short tutorial on how I made my layout using the stencil. First I used a piece of cream colored cardstock and laid the stencil on it. Then I used some Gesso and with a brush covered all of the woodgrain lines with the Gesso

until it was completely covered

Then I carefully peeled the stencil off and washed it in the sink to get all the Gesso off before it dried. Keep in mind that the thicker you apply the Gesso the more texture you will have.

Once this was completed dry I used some DecoArt Cinnamon Brown acrylic paint and put some in my mixing tray along with some water to thin it. I then painted over the Gesso and all over my paper, leaving it looking like this

Doesn't it look cool how you can see the woodgrain Gesso below the paint??? Love this!!!! Using this paper I made this layout about the hubs

I can hardly wait to do this in more colors like maybe a pink or turquoise! The possibilities are endless!!

New prompt is up over at the A Year in the Life of an Art Journal and this is it brought to you by Rachel:


THE SONG: Fuckin' Perfect by Pink

PRODUCT/TECHNIQUE: Pink Paint Dripped like Blood

and here is my page for it

Right now I'm reading "The Pact" by Jodi Picoult on my Sony Reader

and here's the description as per Amazon.ca

Teenage suicide is the provocative topic that Picoult plumbs, with mixed results, in her fifth novel. Popular high-school swimming star Chris Harte and talented artist Em Gold bonded as infants; their parents have been next-door neighbors and best friends for 18 years. When they fall in love, everyone is ecstatic. Everyone, it turns out, except for Em, who finds that sex with Chris feels almost incestuous. Her emotional turmoil, compounded by pregnancy, which she keeps secret, leads to depression, despair and a desire for suicide, and she insists that Chris prove his love by pulling the trigger. The gun is fired in the first paragraph, and so the book opens with a jolt of adrenaline. But Picoult stumbles in delineating both sets of parents' responses to the tragedy. Unconvincing behavior and dialogue inappropriate to the situation (plus, most importantly, the fact that the parents fail to discuss crucial topics) never touch the essence of bereavement and thus destroy credibility. Picoult redeems herself in flashbacks that reveal the two marital relationships and the personalities of both couples; and she sensitively explores the question of how well parents can ever know their children. After Chris is accused of murder and jailed, the narrative acquires impressive authenticity and suspense, with even the minor characters evoked with Picoult's keen eye for telling detail. The courtroom scenes (reminiscent of Picoult's 1996 novel, Mercy), are taut and well paced. Readers may remain unconvinced, however, that an intelligent young man like Chris would not have sought some help rather than respond to his lover's desperate request.

So far I'm really enjoying it and it's my 3rd book by Jodi Picoult. I love how she really makes you feel like you know the characters and the stories are so interesting and usually always have a moral dilemma.

We have started to build our house!! Yeehaw!!! Here's the little house that sat on the lot before we tore it down

and here's the little house being demolished

and here is the house gone!

and here is the hole with John (the hubs) working in it (he's building the house) and the footings and piles are done!! yay!

I simply cannot wait to get into the new house and get out of the rental!!!! I see light at the end of the tunnel!


Karen said...

I have some of their older stencils but rarely use them, I'm loving the wood grain one! Did you dry emboss it first before the gesso? Lovely work!

Cheryl said...

Love what you did with this stencil! Looks awesome, as always!

Marissa said...

Love the stencil idea and loved The Pact. Jodi Picoult is a favorite.

Bose said...

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