Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My new blog books came!!!!!!!

How exciting and how fitting seeing as if my blog's 4 year anniversary was just on Sunday!! I ordered them from
Blog2Print and they are simply gorgeous and amazing!! They weren't cheap but to me to have 2 years of my blogs made into books was priceless. I had used a 15% off coupon from one of their promotions and they came to $258. But I had received a cheque for doing some artwork and decided to treat myself!! Here are the books (forgive my pics they were taken at night and you can see my fingerprints on the books!) and you can click on the pictures to see more detail

and here are some random pictures of various pages




and here's a pic of the binding and thick each book is (one book is 323 pages and the other 391 pages!!!)

I am really looking forward to ordering the next 2 years of my blog as books as well!!

Here's a picture of what I woke up to on Sunday (that's John's big white truck) and we now live in what I refer to as "the hood". It's an area of town that isn't as nice as let's say other areas. But the rental situation in this city is crazy so we had to take what we could get.

and here's a pic I just took today of our rental house and snow situation

Today the lazy susan broke. Heavy sigh. We have had problems with the furnace and also the dryer not venting outside and now this. But the good news is that demolition starts tomorrow on our lot!! That means there is light at the end of the tunnel!!! We have a lot with an little old house on it and we are demolishing it and building a new one!! yay!! I'll post pics as it progresses. I'm sending a camera with John tomorrow so he can get some good shots. That's the benefit of having your hubs build the house, he'll be there to get some good pics!

I am loving this new dressing by Kraft, have you tried it? It's amazing.


Barbara said...

those blog books look amazing! What a great momento to have for years to come.

Callista said...

WOW! Your blog books look amazing!! Love it! The house looks so cute in the snow. Sorry about all the trouble though. And what were you cooking? I haven't seen that dressing yet... will have to see if we have it down here.

jsdavies said...

Oh my! These are fantastic Glenda! What a great idea!

Fleursbydesign said...

The books turned out awesome, I would love to do that, love your snowy pics too :)

Karen said...

The book turned out beautifully! Thanks for the link too :)


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