Saturday, December 31, 2011

Top 10 fave books of 2011

I totally forgot to post this yesterday!! It seems fitting since it's New Year's Eve to reminisce about faves. Here are my fave books that I read in 2011 in no particular order:

I loved "The Road" so much because it scared the hell out of me. I actually worry about something like this happening more than I do about other things. To me the end of the world as we know it, like an apocolypse, is more frightening than any horror/slasher film. This book was amazing.

I loved "The Hunger Games" because it was also about a world so very different than our own, and the whole idea of children having to participate in a game where there are lives lost and it's a fight to the death was riveting!! I totally saw what all the hype was about after I read this book. I have the next 2 in this series that I have yet to read and I can't wait!

"Stay Close" was about a mother's love and struggle with her son's addiction. It was such a heart wrenching story and for anyone out there dealing with a loved ones addiction I would recommend reading this book.

"Dark Places" was such a freaky book but I couldn't put it down!!! I loved her style of writing and the twists and turns in it were so good. I'm looking forward to reading her other book as well called "Sharp Objects" and hope it's just as good!

Oh how I loved this one, "One Second After", because once again it deals with how the world changes after an EMP (electro magnetic pulse) gets unleashed on the earth. Nothing is the same because now there is no electricity. You think that it would be easy to live but it is amazing how many things depend on that now and how it changed everything. This book was truly scary and made me really think if this did happen, would we survive? Could we survive??

This book "Tweaked" was a young adult book, and I've read a few of these this year and I don't mind them, dealing with a family where the eldest son is addicted to meth. It shows how the family was affected and how it was written makes me wonder if the author had firsthand knowledge of living with an addicted family member because it was so detailed. I think every young person starting in grade 6 should read this book because I honestly don't know who would try meth after reading this. Such a sad, heartwrenching book.

And because I'm not all gloom and doom I did love this book, "Blush", as it was an erotic romance about a woman who gets to experience ancient sensual arts of Tantra and Kama Sutra, very, very hot!!! Can't wait to read more by this author as she has alot of them!

I've always wanted to know more about Janice Dickinson, the famous supermodel, and loved reading this book on how she came to be and why she is the way she is. It was a very entertaining read! I love memoirs and autobiographies!

This book, "A Piece of Cake", was simply amazing. It is an autobiography about a woman named Cupcake Brown (yes that's her real name!) who was 11 when her mother died and she was put into foster care and was raped, ran away and joined a gang, got hooked on drugs and eventually pulled herself out of all of it and became an attorney and motivational speaker. It was truly uplifting and amazing and a testamant to the human spirit.

The last book, "Nineteen Minutes", was a book about a boy who went into a high school and shot and killed 10 people. What I love about Jodi Picoult books is that she always delves into the story and shows how it felt for both sides. You get to see how the parents of boy that did the shooting felt as well as the boy and you get to see the other side as well, the surviving students and the parent's of the kids that were killed. A very thought provoking book.

So, have you read any of these or do you plan on reading any of them?

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Bekah said...

I loved all the Hunger Game books! I haven't read any of the other ones you mentioned, but I did put a few on my Goodreads list. I joined a challenge blog called "Cannonball Read 4" and signed up to read and review 52 books this year! Whew~


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