Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Oh Sid Dickens how I love thee!!!

As you know I am in love with Sid Dickens. His memory tiles that is!! I was lucky enough today to add 2 of his most gorgeous retired tiles to my collection thanks to a co-worker (thanks Kathy!!). Kathy was at a store out of town that carries a huge selection of Sid's tiles, ones that I haven't been able to get here in town, and emailed me pictures of their wall and told me about the unicorn! Once I saw that unicorn I was in love!! It's just like the unicorn tattoo I have on my ankle and what a great addition to my wall. Here it is:

What a beauty eh??? Then while I was looking at the picture of the wall I saw one that I have been wanting so bad and it was there!!! So now this beauty came home to me as well:

Here are the tiles I have so far and I can't see myself stopping anytime soon!!!!!

Of course since we are in the rental until the house is built I don't want to hang any of them so they are safely packaged and waiting for the new house! And just for fun I made a dream wall (there are a couple I could delete if new ones appealed to me more), here it is (forgive the crappy iphone pic):

Swoon!!! How about you, do you have any Sid? Want some Sid?
I am dying to know when he may come out with new tiles!!!!


Sarah said...

these really are gorgeous.

last time you posted about them I had a quick look to see if I could buy them here in the UK, but I couldn't find a stockist.

But I've just looked again and found somewhere - woohoo!

Not that I could afford them right now anyway :)

But I might put some on my wish list for my birthday and hope someone is feeling generous ;)

Sarah said...

although looking closer at the prices, I don't think I know anyone who would spend that much on me :)

Maybe I need to brush up my pottery skills and attempt to make some! :D

Joy said...

Those are amazing. I do not own any but I like them, I think a store near my parents carry them. I always stop and stare them when I'm in that shop.

Barbara said...

those tiles are gorgeous!!! I can't wait to see a picture of them hanging one day in your new home,

Melissa Bi. said...

I have never heard of Sid (blush) but wow - those are stunning.

Bev said...

just spent some time here on your blog.. amazing and interesting collection of everything.. fabulous. thanks for visiting me and the blog hop... Bev

Carrie said...

oh my good god - I have never even heard of this artist before and now I am instantly in love *swoon* what a beautiful collection you have so far, may you find many more x
Thank you for your comment on my art journal *blush* It's all very new to me
Carrie x


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