Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Happy hump day!

I went to the dentite today because I'm a night time clencher. Kind of like a grinder but I just clench, with intense pressure. With pressure so instense I can crack teeth. And I have. I have a nightime appliance (mouth guard) that I've been wearing pretty faithfully but I still cracked a filling in one of my molars. So the dentist had to dig it all out and replace it and says he wants to crown it soon. Oh joy. So I'm sitting here nursing a beer because after all that I deserve one dammit.

I actually did 2 layouts on the weekend and here they are (yes, I am still pathetically scrapping last summer, boy I'm behind)


I stopped by the house today and John and Michael are busy drywalling! We are now at the drywall stage!!! yay!!

Here's JJ

and Michael (I am so proud of how much he has learned from John!)

Looking forward to my 3 day weekend and seeing my little sweet peas on Saturday!!


Joy said...

YAY for drywall!!
Love your two LO's and all the bits you added.

Laurie! said...

I have to go to my dentist and ask him about a night guard. I feel like I'm clenching, not grinding, my teeth at night, too. But I only feel it on one side of my face. Something with how I lay in bed at night. Annoyingness.

Craft Donkey said...

Love the pages! I'd say you deserve more than a beer, lol. Your not too far behind, I'm just now printing pictures to begin sorting, hopefulyl I've labeled and sorted them all well enought o not have to sort much but I'm a year and a few months behind! Blah. So, see your ahead some of us! hee hee

Offering a giveaway on my blog you might enjoy check it out if you like:

TFS! Always love your layouts!

Barbara said...

you must be starting to get excited about the new house now! That's so great that you build your own like that.

Love the layouts. I love how you use paint.


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