Friday, March 2, 2012

Vacay update aka longest post in history

Thank God I had this week off after coming back from my vacation because I've done nothing but run around and do errands, housework & laundry (landlord wanted to show the house to realtors, uuggh), bring home and then return carpet and lino samples (ok so that was fun!!) and lots of other stuff. It's Friday and I have yet to play in my art room. I am now officially all done my chores and errands and finally have some time to share some of the goodies I bought on my holiday to Calgary. In no particular order here they are:

Gorgeous leopard print Coach kicks, swoon....

funky Jesus t-shirt that I found in Urban Outfitters and I just had to have it, it makes me smile

and if you know me you know how I love me my baubles....

and since I love baubles I found these 2 gorgeous rings, the first one is smoky quartz and the second one is garnet

and of course I got some artsy things but I did hold back and didn't buy even 1 piece of paper, I was so proud of myself!!!

and some stamps

here is my Ma and Pa

and here is me shopping up a storm (Winners is my favorite store, I always say there's always a winner at Winners!!!!)

This week I was super pumped when I went to Superstore and found they were carrying my favorite mangos ever!!!!!!!!

If you ever get the chance you have to try these, they are amazing!!! Here is my Photo 365 for February, all filled in:

Oh, and here is my amazing Banksy style canvas that I got from Photo Canvas, isn't it gorgeous??? I emailed them a picture that I wanted to use and they converted it to "Banksy style" art and put it on a canvas. It's a 16 x 20 and I cannot wait to get into the new house to hang it!!!

Here is the original picture

How cool is that??? I just love it.

I finally got my copies and layouts back from Scrapbook Trends and was thrilled to be in the November issue

and here was my layout for the Thanksgiving section

and I was also in the December issue

and here was my layout for the Sparkle and Shine section (this has always been one of my favorite layouts)


I would love to show you my September layout but it's missing right now!! I am like freaking out because I have never had a layout go missing from being published and I'm afraid this might be my first time. They are trying to look for it and I'm going to touch base with them again next week to see if they have had any luck. I'm so worried.....

The house is now done being mudded and taped and should be primed and painted starting Monday or Tuesday. I can't wait!!!

Things that make me happy lately:

- my ipad
- Cougar Town is back!!!
- Spartacus is back!!!
- Vampire Diaries
- Cozy flannel sheets
- my Sony Reader
- seeing the house progressing

Ok, how's that for the longest post ever???? I hope the next time I post that I will be sharing some scrappy goodness..or at least some ATC's.


Joy said...

Here's my longest comment ever.
-cool new kicks...i have been eyeing some of those shoes but haven't found the right ones yet.
-fun new t-shirt
-Fabulous new baubles!
-YAY new crafting supplies, some cool stuff in there.
-Hi Glendas mom & dad :)
-I love a full 365, my feb. is full too.
-I need one of those canvases, thanks for sharing it
-CONGRATS!!! on being published, thanksgiving page is AWESOME and it's going in my inspiration file.

and finally your new house is really coming along, probably not fast enough for you but it will be worth the wait for sure.

Joy said...

p.s. tell me how the 52 Challenges book is when you're finished reading it. i would love to know.


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