Sunday, April 29, 2012

Crafter's Workshop 12 x 12 Sunburst Stencil

I had some fun this weekend and made 3 journal pages using the Crafter's Workshop 12 x 12 Sunburst stencil.

I find that when I use a stencil with glimmermist that I have no much ink left over and I hate to see it wash down the drain. What I did was use the Sunburst stencil on my first page and sprayed it with Saphire glimmermist and made this art journal page:

Then since the stencil was so saturated with ink I gently placed a 12 x 12 cream colored piece of cardstock on top of it and smoothed it out so it would absorb the ink. When my paper dried I cut out the circle shape and made this journal page:

That's still alot of ink right? It left me with the negative image which I think is so cool. Since my stencil STILL had some ink on it I took another piece of 12 x 12 paper, this time in a lilac color, and placed it on top of then stencil again and smoothed it out with my hands leaving me with a very subtle image of the blue starburst which turned into this art journal page:

So there you have it. Never waste mists or inks again! I got 3 pages out of the one sprayed stencil and love how each turned out. It was fun to have time to play since I haven't had much lately. Happy Sunday!!


Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

Glenda these pages are sooo beautiful! You are so good with the spray mists and inks! I love your idea of putting the paper on top of the stencil for the second image - it came out gorgeous!!!

Joy said...

Swoon!!! I love all 3 but my favourite is Dream. Awesome job. I have only just started using stencils thanks for the inspiration.

Marit said...

I too try to use the left-over ink (in different ways) but you are certainly the expert - these pages are all gorgeous!


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