Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Year in the Life of an Art Journal and the move!

New prompt up over at the A Year in the Life of an Art Journal and here it is:

THE PROMPT: Adventure  ie: family or personal adventures or journeys, road trips etc.
old maps, atlas pages, etc
THE TEChNIQUE: transparencies
ie: any kind of clear overlay either professionally printed or printed or drawn yourself

and here is mine:

I had some cool travel paper that was a picture of the map of the world so it was perfect for my background. I just cut up some travel themed die cuts and did a page on how I really need to get over my fear of flying because I do want to travel!! I had some nifty transparency tape that was also travel themed that I stapled onto my travel tags. I did mega journaling on this one and it was a lot of fun.

Now the move. I am now in the new house!!! yay!~ I took all of this week off so I could unpack, clean and organize and I still have lots left to do. The house isn't completely finished, which is challenging because you end up living in a mini construction zone. But at least we are out of the rental!! Here is a pic of my new art room, slowly getting unpacked

and here is Sammy in the box filled dining room

and here is me just drinking to cope with the horror of this move! haha

I am hoping to be almost all organized this weekend in my art room but we also have a Loverboy concert to go to!! woot!! Cannot wait to see them and will post pics. This move has kicked my ass and I'm off to bed now!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Year in the Life of an Art Journal

I'm a little late but the new post is up over at the A Year in the Life of an Art Journal and here it is:

THE PROMPT: Bloom Where You're Planted
ie: count your blessings
THE STUFF: Scrapbooking flower embelishments ie: prima flowers, stickers
THE TECHNIQUE: paint/stamp/stain the flowers

and here is my take on it

Can't wait to see what you create and hope you play along with us!

This may be my last post until the move, which is May 26th, as I still have so much packing to do and my art room is all packed up, therefore I can't create any art!!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Fused Glass Class

A little while back I had a taken a fused glass class with my bestie and made an awesome glass bowl. Paige had said she would be interested in making one as well so I signed us both up for the next class so we could have a little mother/daughter bonding time. It was so much fun!! Here's me looking like a glass cutting maniac
and Paige concentrating on her glass
and the bowls were put into the kiln (Paige's is the red one with the sun and mine is the blue one)

and here is Paige's bowl finished (isn't it soooo gorgeous??? I love her sun, so artsy)
and here is mine, it's a sushi plate (no I don't eat sushi but I wanted a plate this time as I already have a bowl from the last class)
If you ever get a chance to take a glass class like this I totally say go for it!! It was super fun and now we have some gorgeous art that we made with our own little hands!!

Here is my last kick at making art until we get into the new house because today I'm packing up my art room. Here's an art journal page

and an ATC (it's been so long since I made one of these!!)

I added a new Sid Dickens tile to my ever growing collection and since I'm planning on doing blue accents in the livingroom of the new house this will fit in beautifully

and here is my collection so far

and here are some shots on the progress in the house. I am loving the hardwood (here's John cutting some hardwood)

and the gorgeous Braemar Cambria quartz counters that were everything I dreamed of and more!!

and a close up of the bathroom counter

I was really looking forward to seeing the counters come so that I would know if the vision I had in my head would turn into reality and it did. I looovveee this quartz!!!! Cannot wait for everything to be done. The movers come in 2 weeks!!!

And a happy Mother's day to all the mothers out there today. Hope you are being pampered and enjoying the beautiful day!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

I'm in the new "Featuring" Magazine!!

There is a new magazine out called "Featuring" and it's gorgeous and I was asked to contribute some ATC's for an article in it about ATC's! Here is the cover
and here is my work

For more information on ordering this fantastic magazine, submission calls, etc.. check it out HERE. This is Marit's baby and I was super pumped that she asked me to make these ATC's for the magazine. Here are the ATC's in more detail

I loved making them and thanks for asking me Marit!!

I organized my stamps using Martha Stewart's Home Office. Yep.

So I saw somewhere online where someone had organized their stamps using the new Martha Stewart Home Office line of binders and page protectors and I was like "brilliant!", so will I!!! Of course what I should have been doing was packing or creating something but no..... off I went to Staples and found the Martha section. Now keep in mind that I have never been a Martha fan, ever since you couldn't use the Michael's craft coupons on her stuff. Who the hell did Martha think she was, too good for the Michael's coupon?? Anyways, here is the section at my local Staples store
so I got 3 of the little 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 one inch binders (and I do love the colors)
which were $6.99 each as well as the page protectors which came in different styles for $3.99 each
and I started organized the plastic bins of stamps that I have accumulated over the years. I love the 4 squared pack because they fit my Scenic Route and Daisy Bucket little stamps perfectly but I found I had to cut a wee bit from the packaging for the 'snag em stamps' but it was all good. What I really, really love about the page protectors is that they all have a secure top flap so your stamps don't fall out. Love.

The next style was a 1/2 page little page protector for the small binders and I love how they fit some of the bigger stamps like my larger Daisy Bucket and Heidi Swapp stamps just to name a couple

Love that all my little stamps are no longer going to be forgotten about in a plastic bin. I think this will help me use them more when I can just flip through the binders and see what I have.

Martha also had 8 1/2 x 11 inch binders in the blue and red colors as well but they were only 1 inch for $9.99 which isn't alot of room when you start putting your stamps in. So I got 2 of the Staples brand heavy duty 2 inch binders for $8.74 each

and then I got some of Martha's 8 1/2 x 11 page protectors for it and I found it was more economical to get the larger packs because you got 10 in each pack for $3.99 whereas in the smaller sizes you only got 5 for the same price, go figure??

But I loved the large size for organizing my larger stamp sets like my Technique Tuesdays and Fontwerks and lots of other ones. Here is the full page protector

and the split page protector
and here is one of the large binders full

and all of them lined up so nice and organized!

This wasn't cheap but I was happy with how it turned out and I think in the long run it will help me use my stamps more. I have so many that when they were all piled up in a bin I forgot about so many that I had. I kept certain themed stamps together as well as fonts, etc.. so when I flip through them I will know what I want to use. I would love to know how you organize your stamp collection, let me know!!

I can hardly wait to get into our new house so that perhaps I can actually make something with my now organized stamps. The movers come at the end of this month!! Bring. It. On.


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