Sunday, May 13, 2012

Fused Glass Class

A little while back I had a taken a fused glass class with my bestie and made an awesome glass bowl. Paige had said she would be interested in making one as well so I signed us both up for the next class so we could have a little mother/daughter bonding time. It was so much fun!! Here's me looking like a glass cutting maniac
and Paige concentrating on her glass
and the bowls were put into the kiln (Paige's is the red one with the sun and mine is the blue one)

and here is Paige's bowl finished (isn't it soooo gorgeous??? I love her sun, so artsy)
and here is mine, it's a sushi plate (no I don't eat sushi but I wanted a plate this time as I already have a bowl from the last class)
If you ever get a chance to take a glass class like this I totally say go for it!! It was super fun and now we have some gorgeous art that we made with our own little hands!!

Here is my last kick at making art until we get into the new house because today I'm packing up my art room. Here's an art journal page

and an ATC (it's been so long since I made one of these!!)

I added a new Sid Dickens tile to my ever growing collection and since I'm planning on doing blue accents in the livingroom of the new house this will fit in beautifully

and here is my collection so far

and here are some shots on the progress in the house. I am loving the hardwood (here's John cutting some hardwood)

and the gorgeous Braemar Cambria quartz counters that were everything I dreamed of and more!!

and a close up of the bathroom counter

I was really looking forward to seeing the counters come so that I would know if the vision I had in my head would turn into reality and it did. I looovveee this quartz!!!! Cannot wait for everything to be done. The movers come in 2 weeks!!!

And a happy Mother's day to all the mothers out there today. Hope you are being pampered and enjoying the beautiful day!


Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

oh my goodness there is so much eye candy in this post I don't even know where to begin! First of all those fused glass pieces are gorgeous!!! I'm going to have a chance to do glass fusing this summer and after seeing your beautiful work I'm super excited! Love your art journal page too, and your new home and those tiles WOW! Gorgeousness all around!

Marit said...

Wow, wow WOW... those glass plates are fantastic!!! And you already know I love your artwork and ATC's... Happy moving Glenda!


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