Saturday, June 23, 2012

I made my own chevron stamp!

Ok, so you probably know that chevron is the hottest thing out in scrappy land right now right? I've been seeing it everwhere from on layouts to purses to home decor. What is chevron you ask? It's an inverted V shaped pattern and it's pretty cool. I got the idea to make my own chevron foam stamp from Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's blog where she gives an awesome tutorial (mine pales in comparison) and also great examples of chevron prints. She is like my scrap crush right now, totally. Here is my sad tutorial and forgive the poor focus, I did this at night and the light was poor!

First off I had a set of foam Making Memories stamps that you can see off to the side and I had never used the straight thick lined one. So I thought why not make it into a chevron stamp that I will use and then I won't have to buy one since I'm on this self imposed ban right? So first off I took my ruler and made my lines (and you can make them as thick or thin as you want the stamp to be)
and the next step is to use your ruler to connect the lower inside corner of each box to the upper outside corner.
Now you are going to roughly scribble in the parts that you DON'T want to cut away. I did mine an alternating chevron pattern but now wish I also had an even one. I need to find out where to buy stamp blocks now!!! If you know where please let me know!

Now came the fun part. Cutting away the white spaces with my little cutting knife. Keep in mind this is foam so it wasn't the easiest but I did it!! Here is my new homemade chevron stamp
I tested it out by putting the ink on it and voila! Here is the layout I made using the new stamp

I love it!!!! I also made this layout and challenged myself to use colors that I haven't been using lately and am enjoying the different look of it

So how about you? Are you diggin the chevron? Know where to buy stamp blocks? I may have to shoot Julie an email to see where she gets hers....the possibilities could be endless!!


Dr. J said...

Very cool Glenda. You are right, chevrons are very big. Love that you made your own stamp. Fab layouts too. Love the large titles.

PS: you asked a question about bigger photos on posts on my blog. So I sent you an email!

Deanna said...

Wow, love it!


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