Monday, June 25, 2012

I saw John Mellencamp live in concert last night!

I am still pinching myself over the awesome concert last night. I saw John Mellencamp live last night and he rocked da house!!!! He played some new songs from his new album as well as all the old hits that I loved when I was younger. I felt like a teenager again, especially when he sang "hurt so good". I remember being 16 and at a friend's house party when that song was blaring and I was dancing away. Oh the memories....he also had the crowd sing along to "Jack and Diane", it was perfect.

I was caught twice snapping pics by 2 different security guards but I thought I'd be damned before I left this concert before getting some pics to scrap!!! haha! Here are my pics

He had a great selection of t-shirts for sale too and I love the one I got. The only thing is that I wish it had the dates and places on the back. There was a black one that did but I didn't like it as much as the grey one I got. Next weekend I go to see Honeymoon Suite live in concert, remember them?? Total 80's flashback!!!

On a craftier note, here are a couple layouts I did on the weekend

Now I have my corkboard full with 6 layouts and I love to look at it. I'll try to post a pic of it my next post!


Marit said...

Oh wow, I love the grey t-shirt!!! John Mellencamp? He wasn't thát big in Holland but I know the name.. but can't remember the songs (please don't hit me now...) - maybe when I hear it that I will say 'ooohhh, you mean that one...?!!' but right now I haven't have a clue... OK, now I'm rambling along about Mellencamp so I will go to youtube right away to look him up/listen... back in a sec...

Marit said...

Ooooohhhh.... you mean THAT ONE... *teehee* Yep, I know the songs... I mean, I can't sing along every line but at least the chorus of Jack and Diane. Pfew... I guess you will not ban me from your blog then.


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