Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New art room I love you!!!

I took some pictures of my art room and having it so clean and organized was definitely what inspired me to make my latest canvas. I could not believe the massive amount of shit I unloaded, otherwise known as art supplies. I truly would not need to buy anything else and would be able to make art until I die. Wow. In fact, I was so broken by the packing and unpacking that I told myself I will not buy any more. You heard me. No more patterened paper, no more stamps (that will be a hard one....), no more embellishments, etc.. I seriously need to just use what I have before the floor in my art room gives out.

Here is my new art room! Here is where I sit and make art, love the light from the window!
 This bookcase was one that John made me when we were newly married and it fits alot of my art supplies just perfectly!
 Here is where I waste, I mean spend, alot of my time on the computer. You will notice how sad my bare bulletin board looks. I'm hoping to fill it up with layouts soon!!
 I love these organizers and this is my canvas wall.
 I'm going to fill up this wall with canvases, did you notice my newest one?
 I even have stuff in my closet. Good grief.
I am so happy to be out of the rental and into our new house and I'm loving my new art room!!! Now I have to find some time to get some good old scrapping done.


Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

Your room looks beautiful Glenda!!! Congrats on the new space!!!

Joy said...

Your new art room looks fabulous Glenda. It looks like you have tons of space. I wish you luck on your buying freeze :)

Barbara said...

gorgeous room Glenda! I love the floors.
I can't wait to see what you create in there.

Deanna said...

Your room looks amazing!


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