Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Year in the Life of an Art Journal plus I scrapped!!!!!

The new prompt is up over at the A Year in the Life of an Art Journal and it was super inspirational!! Here it is:

THE PROMPT: If I were an Open Book

ie: if you could be any character, from any of your favorite books, who would you be, and why?

THE STUFF: Book page background

THE TECHNIQUE: update Picassa and use the Pencil Sketch to create a "sketch" self portrait of yourself. Then print it onto your book page background. Use THIS ARTWORK (see blog for link) as your inspiration.

Here was my take on it:

I loved being challenged for this and I ended up printing my sketched picture of myself out onto some patterned paper that I just cut into a 8 1/2 by 11 inch sheet and fed through my printer. I then layered that onto some dictionary style paper and tried to stick to the color scheme of the artwork we were shown. This was something I would have never thought about doing so thanks Rachel! I loved how this turned out and did some mega journaling on things that I wish I could change about myself. Come and play along with us I would love to see what you do!!

Stop the presses, I scrapped this weekend!! FINALLY!!! I looked back and I hadn't scrapped a layout since April 13th, holy crap. I scrapped 3 layouts this weekend since all it did was rain here. Here are 2 and I'll have to wait until tomorrow to take a pic of the 3rd as it's late now.


I noticed that I seem to be drawn to these colors again so my 3rd layout I made sure to make TOTALLY different. Have a great night!


Joy said...

What a cool technique! I did not know picassa did that.
I like how your journaling frames your sketch and how you made the spray mist look like flowers.

Marix Cunanan said...

I love the colors that you are using:) I feel indpired to make my own scraps:)))


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