Saturday, September 1, 2012

I'm on a roll!!

So I made another 3 layouts this week, 2 of which I did last night!! I hope I can keep going and then there may be a chance that I could actually get caught up enough to order my pictures from February on!!!!
 I love how this one came together. I just had some random pics of me from last summer so put them together and called it "my style".
 I know some may find this wierd (my husband did!) but no I don't really think they are my kids but I like to call them my "fur babies". I had a piece of paper that said "children" so I just changed the title!
I love these pics of Sam and I. He's my little man.

And there you have it, 3 layouts folks!! woohoo!! Let's hope I can keep it up. What about you, are you working on anything?


Joy said...

You are totally on a roll !! I really like you style missey.
I Love the layouts about your fur babies ( I have 2 also)
and the my style layout is fab. Keep it up!

thanks for the info about your art journal....i'm might try to find a book and give it a try :)

Captain Nick Sparrow said...

So cute! I love your pages!


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