Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wonderful weekend!

It has been a good weekend. Yesterday the hubs went to an auction so I dropped him off and went shopping to one of my favorite stores: Winners. There is ALWAYS a winner at Winners. Found this fabulous artwork for above the fireplace
and it fits in perfectly with the rest of the house!
I also got that awesome Brit cushion and the blue plant pot from Winners as well! Love Winners!!! The house is slowly coming together just the way I want and I'm so happy!!

On a scrappier note, I did 3 layouts this weekend as well!! This one I had actually started a week ago and it sat on my art desk and everytime I would go into my art room I would do something each day to it, it was definitely a work in progress but I love how it turned out!!
I'm on a kraft kick and when I was at winners I found a slab. Yes I know I said I would never again buy a slab of papers but I had to buy this one as it was by Recollections and it was called "Love Letters". The beauty of this slab is even if you don't like the patterned side just turn it over and use the other side which is pure kraft! Genius eh? I got this pad at Michael's and they had them 40% off!!

Here's one of the pattered papers from that collection
and here is one that I flipped over and just used the plain kraft side (notice I'm also on a letters kick??)
So there is my kraft love! How about you, do you love kraft as well?

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Joy said...

Awesome finds at Winners. I have a hard time being a winner at Winners. I really like the quotes and tags you used at the bottom of your believe page.


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