Friday, October 12, 2012

Free Shipping at VLVS!!!!

Guess what?  Viva Las Vegas Stamps is having FREE SHIPPING for the month of October!!!

What's better than getting your favorite stamps shipped to you anywhere in the world? Getting them shipped to you for FREE!!!

Just use coupon code "OCTSHIP " to receive free shipping on any order! Remember: apply the code to your cart WHILE you shop, not at checkout.

Make sure you check it out and treat yourself to some of those unique stamps you have been wanting!!

On a scrappy note I had 2 layouts that had a gazillion pictures and I only wanted to do one page so I just did them. I try to remind myself that it's about the pictures and memories, not the pretty papers and embellishments and doing a page with a whack of pictures and not much else is OK!! Here is one I did on a family get together that had 15 pictures

and this was my yearly getaway trip to see my parents and it had 12 pictures!
I can't do layouts of trips and get togethers that span 5 or 6 pages because for me it's just not realistic. I'm still scared how I'm going to store all my albums when I'm old!!! Yikes!!! haha

1 comment:

Joy said...

Like those a lot. Great way to get'er done!!
You know....I have not done a layout like this in a long time. I think because I either get hung up on the quality of photos or that I don't take enough. You might just see one soon:)


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