Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Marianas Trench Concert!!!

Paige and I saw Marianas Trench live last night in concert and it was fabulous!!!!! These guys are one of my favorite bands so I was super pumped to be able to see them live. In case you aren't familiar with them here are a couple songs they sing that I love:


One of the reasons that I love these guys so much is because of how fun they make their videos and their songs. Josh Ramsay also has an incredible voice!!!

Here are a couple videos from the concert that I found on youtube



OMG it was soooo amazing!!!

Here's Paige and I ready to go to the concert
and here are some pics of the fabulous concert

 The band all came out in their tighty whities for their song, it was spoofing Tom Cruise in Risky Business from their "Desperate Measures" music video! haha

 Then Josh body surfed the floor crowd it was awesome!!!
 Paige and I in our seats at the concert!
 and of course got my concert T!!
This was one of my favorite concerts ever and I am so happy I had the chance to see them live!!!! I took all of these pictures with my new camera, except the one of Paige and I in our seats that one was taken by my iphone.

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Marit said...

Great pictures Glenda! Your new camera is doing well!!!


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