Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Update on our Philips TV

This is a recap of a previous post and the update is at the bottom:

I don't know what we were thinking when we bought a Philips 50 inch LCD TV from Walmart, especially a Philips! Of course we said no to the extended warranty, as we have never had a TV crap out after a month a half!! So...the first month the TV was fine, then 2 weeks later it started having pixelly lines as well as bizarre colors and has only gotten progressively worse. So I called Walmart and because they only warranty TV's for 30 days we now had to go through the manufacturer. Thus the nightmare begins.

So I had to contact Philips and since there isn't anyone close to us who would come out and repair the TV (keep in mind this is a brand new 50 inch TV!!!) they would send us a new TV and the courier would take the defective one back. This was all supposed to happen in 5-10 business days and this ordeal has been going on now for almost a month and a half.

I have made numberous calls to Philips and have been assured that "someone" will get back to me, yet they never do. So I end up calling AGAIN, only to be told that now that they have had to make a new notation on our file that it will now be an ADDITIONAL 3-5 business days that I will be contacted in. What a bunch of bullshit!!! I have spoken with Josh and Jordan and the gang from Philips and keep being told the same thing in the same robotic customer service laden voice and I'm sick of it. I hate Philips with every fibre of my being and am warning you if you have a choice between any other TV please think carefully.

Here is what we are watching alot of the time

 What a piece of shit

If they think I'm going to go away they are sadly mistaken. I am like a frickin dog with a bone and will get this resolved. What kind of corporation punishes you for phoning in to see how your issue is coming along by putting you at the bottom of the queu???? Of course "Jordan" told me that if I haven't heard anything by Monday to give them a call back. Why?? So I can be told that now it will be ANOTHER 3-5 business days until I hear from someone??? I have never heard of such a thing before and this will be the very last Philips product that I ever purchase.

 Long story short, we FINALLY got the TV almost 2 months later and on the packing slip it says it is a "renewed" TV. When I asked head office if this means "refurbished" they said yes. Plus our 1 year warranty doesn't start again with this replacement TV, it is from the original purchase date of the shitty one. So not only did we pay top dollar for a brand new TV only to get shafted with a used one but they are now gypping us out on our warranty as we didn't have a TV for almost 2 months!!!  Also, my husband thought he would keep the new remote that came with the new TV and that too was also defective so luckily the courier hadn't shipped the defective TV back so he had to run out the next morning and get our original remote back and give the defective one back! &#^$)#&*(  That is twice now we have had defective merchandise from Philips!! I think that says something about their product.

I am livid and want to spread the word about Philips so please reconsider if you are looking at one and think the price is good because it's just not worth it. I wish we would have gone to a Samsung or Sony, anything but Philips!!!!


Joy said...

This is still the worst customer service story I have heard in a while. I will not buy anything from Phillips based on this. Customer service is SO important.

Carl Westacott said...

It happens sometimes. If your television comes under warrenty period then it is your right to get repair and exchanged piece to piece if not serviced.
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