Wednesday, November 7, 2012

5 year blog anniversary!!

So today has been 5 years since I first started this blog!! Boy how time flies. I remember trying to figure out how to post, how to format, etc.. and thinking I would never get the hang of it! haha I'm glad I am still blogging even though I'm not doing it as frequently as I used to. That's probably because I am not having as much art time as I used to, which I'm still trying to figure out why? Since I got my Sony reader I have been doing alot of reading which seems to take up alot of my art time. Also I think I just slowed down, which is ok too.

I actually have nothing artsy to even show you with this post but since it was a 5 year blog anniversary I had to do something right?? haha Thanks to everyone who stops by here to visit me! Here's to another year!

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Marit said...

Congrats Glenda! I'm very glad you started blogging... otherwise I would not have 'met' you... My blogeversary is also in November (the eleventh, as I recall it correctly) but I was a year behind you... isn't the internet-artsy-blog-world fabulous? I still love it!


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