Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Coffee rocks!!

Hi everyone, Glenda here with a new prompt from the A Year in the Life of an Art Journal blog! The prompt today is:

PROMPT: Must HAVE IT? Take it, or LEAVE IT? Are you a MUST HAVE MY COFFEE kind of person, or an "I am able to start my day with it or not" kind of person?

SHOOTERS: Take a picture of your coffee near a visual indication of your time line. (calendar, clock, newspaper, lunch)

BOOKERS: Create a page using "all or nothing" in your embellishments and/or texture. http://pinterest.com/pin/1055599884603104/

If you enjoy art journaling or even just taking pictures (you can be a "shooter"!) I hope you pop on over and play along with us!

I am a "booker" which means that I love to art journal and for the above prompt I had fun using a bunch different stamps from the super fun Viva Las VegaStamps!! such as the always awesome Line of Chevrons stamp

and the 6 hexagon background  stamp

the row of stars stamp

the chicken wire stamp

the Nun with hands up stamp

the Large lightbulb stamp

and last but not least the Coffee stamp

and I combined all of these plus a ton of strips of washi tape to make this art journal page about coffee!

This page was super fun to make and it makes me smile when I look at it! I hope to see you come on over and play along with us as I would love to see your take on our prompt!

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Marit said...

Your art journal spread is fabulous Glenda! Hope you have a lovely weekend (is it cold in Canada? Hope you experience Spring and sunny days...) I left you some linklove on my blog today.


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