Thursday, August 15, 2013

A year in the life of an art journal

New post is up over at the A year in the life of an art journal and here it is!

PROMPT: If I could take it back... Regrets. Everyone has them. What is yours? Do you have more than one?
SHOOTERS: Shoot your least favorite mug.
BOOKERS: Let's use light moulding paste for added texture. If you don't have any you can use lots of gesso or thick paint as well.

Everyone has regrets right? I know I've talked about this particular one of mine before (hey can you tell it bugs me?? haha) but I wish I would have gone on to University to study something that interested me. Something that would have challenged me and made each day interesting and each new work day filled with new stories. I would have loved to have been a border security agent!!! Yes!!!!! I am like a bloody detective and can sniff out anything that is amiss from a mile away. I know you might be saying "well can't you do it now? Just do it", and it's never that easy is it? I've been working at the same job for almost 23 years and will have a good pension, so I can't risk that to start a new venture at this stage of my life. Plus we don't have a major airport near us so it would mean a commute every day. Maybe in my next life??
I hope you enjoyed my journal page and I would love to know what is one of your regrets??

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Kimberly Kett said...

Loving your use of colour and mixed media!


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