Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Happy Anniversary Baby!!

Today was our 25th wedding anniversary!! A whole 1/4 of a century!! John got me some pretty flowers and then we went out for supper at a new restaurant in town called "Rock Creek Tap and Grill". The meal was really good up until I found a black bug in my mashed potatoes. Yep. Story of my life. So now I have had a hair in my caesar salad from a different restaurant in town, a pube in a plate of pasta when I went to visit my parents and we had supper at the Old Spagetti Factory and now a black bug. What's next a scab??? Good grief. But aside from that it was a nice evening and here are some pics from the night

Here's to another 25 years with such a hard working, kind, loving and generous man!!

In scrappy news I did a new layout
That's all folks!

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