Monday, September 30, 2013

Help I'm drowning!!

Ok, not really but sometimes I feel like it. Lately life has been chaotic, stressful and there just never seems to be enough time to just relax. Thus this journal spread. New prompt is up over at the A Year in the Life of an Art Journal and here it is:

PROMPT: What I'm Reading

SHOOTERS: Shoot your mug with the book you're reading.

BOOKERS: Make a title with the title of the book you're reading. (or your favorite book) Make your own alphas by covering mix and matched alpha stickers or cutting your own (use a printer to get a computer font you like if you want) from book pages.

And just to show you how you can still play along even if you can't seem to make the prompt work for you here is mine, and I didn't make my own alphas but I was inspired by the word "alphas" none the less, so I decided to use alot of chipboard alphas to make my title:

I drew my own hand as well as the rings I was wearing and love how this turned out. I'm treading water and refuse to go under!!

I forgot to share with you my new Sid Dickens tiles!! I got 3 new ones lately and here they are, the one called Rascal that reminds me of my son when he was young, minus the black wings! haha
and the one  called Fabled bird
and last but not least Enlightenment
I can't wait to get into the new house and find a place to maybe hang all of my tiles!! I love Sid Dickens tiles and can't wait to keep adding to my collection. Have a great day!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Viva Las VegaStamps make me happy!!

Hi there, Glenda here with a layout I did using a few fabulous Viva Las VegaStamps!
I used one of my all time favorites which is the spotty background
and the Dream big
and the fabulous set of 2 hands pointing (I used only the one hand)
and my all time fave adhesive Miracle tape
I can't tell you how much I loooveee this stuff!!! My old adhesive (not naming any names...) used to want to come undone after a while, especially when sticking patterned paper to more textured cardstock, but not this stuff. This stuff is like glue and I don't use anything else anymore. I use it on my ATC's, journal pages, scrapbook layouts, everything!! If you haven't tried it before you owe it to yourself to give it a try, your projects will thank you!!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Damn you insomnia!!

New prompt is up over at A Year in the life of an art journal and here it is:

PROMPT: Emotions: what are you feeling, right now, at this moment in your life?
SHOOTERS: Shoot your photo in a mirror, with your feeling written on the mirror.
BOOKERS: Journal it and we will do a packing tape transfer today! yay!

Exciting right?? Plus I did a very basic tutorial for any of you that want to try a packing tape transfer! First of all you need either pictures or text from a magazine or from something that was printed from a laser printer, an ink jet printer won't work. I ripped this page from a magazine as I wanted to use some of the words. I then took some clear packing tape and taped over the words and rubbed with a smooth popsicle stick.

 Then I cut out the words I wanted to use
 and placed them into a cup full of warm water and let it soak for a few minutes. Then I gently rubbed off the paper so it was all gone which leaves us with the clear tape and the word!
 I let the words dry for a couple minutes
 and then they were ready to be glued onto my journal spread. I use Golden gel medium to adhere the packing tape transfer images to my pages because it's clear and you can still see through the image.

 and here is my finished journal spread!

The thing I love about packing tape transfers is that the possibilities are endless and you can use them in layouts, journal pages, canvases, ATC's and more! I used some fabulous stamps from Viva Las VegaStamps! as well such as the checkerboard border, the the road not taken, the coffee ring stain, the danger skeleton, spotty background and last but not least the super cool pulse rate!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The black cloud

So my husband and I always joke about the black cloud that has been following our family for years. Well over the weekend I swear it must have grown to mushroom like proportions, Hiroshima size maybe, because the next shitty thing we had happen was John's truck was stolen. But, the cloud must have miraculously lifted because he found it the very next morning!! Can you believe it?? Yeah. Just when I think we have had enough crap something like this happens. I need to stop being so surprised when it does and just learn to roll with it, honestly. So thankful it's back and not damaged though. Of course the degenerate that stole it still has the key which bothers me. But no housekeys thank God!!!

On a more scrappy front I made 2 layouts (which were done before all the truck drama....)
 I love the colors on this one and need to start getting more of my pics in black and white.
 And this one I get a chuckle that I have John holding the little love sign, so cute.
And a journal page just because. 

Happy Sunday everyone!


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