Sunday, September 8, 2013

The black cloud

So my husband and I always joke about the black cloud that has been following our family for years. Well over the weekend I swear it must have grown to mushroom like proportions, Hiroshima size maybe, because the next shitty thing we had happen was John's truck was stolen. But, the cloud must have miraculously lifted because he found it the very next morning!! Can you believe it?? Yeah. Just when I think we have had enough crap something like this happens. I need to stop being so surprised when it does and just learn to roll with it, honestly. So thankful it's back and not damaged though. Of course the degenerate that stole it still has the key which bothers me. But no housekeys thank God!!!

On a more scrappy front I made 2 layouts (which were done before all the truck drama....)
 I love the colors on this one and need to start getting more of my pics in black and white.
 And this one I get a chuckle that I have John holding the little love sign, so cute.
And a journal page just because. 

Happy Sunday everyone!


Kimberly Kett said...

Great multiphoto layouts! Loving the use of stamps as well :)

Joy Atkinson said...

WOW that is totally incredible that you found the truck.
Love the colours on the first layout, the stencil work on the second and I love your art journal page.

I get to start a new journal today because my first on fell apart.

Joy Atkinson said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Glenda. Yes I did use molding paste :)


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