Monday, October 14, 2013


I finally scrapped!!! It's been so long and I was working on pictures from January and have now gotten caught up to April!! haha Good grief. It felt good. I made 4 layouts this long weekend and 3 of them were concert layouts! Here they are in the order I saw them this past year.

First up we have Streetheart, remember them?? His voice is just as good as it was back then! (forgive grainy pic...not sure why it turned out so crappy!)

Then was April Wine, this concert was amazing!!! Loved all their songs and they too sounded every bit as good now as they did back then. Man this brought back memories!!

and then came Marianas Trench, loooveeee these guys!!!!!!!!! I had already seen them last fall but I did not pass on the opportunity to see them again. They are one of my favorite bands and they gave an amazing performace and all of their songs were sooooo awesome!!!!!
and then a non-concert layout about my sweet peas!

Boy this felt good to get 4 layouts done!! Hope everyone had a great long weekend! Oh, I have started watching "Orange is the New Black" since we finished Breaking Bad. I'm loving it so far!!

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