Sunday, March 23, 2014

Happy Sunday!

Hi there, once again I am struck at how lame I've been at updating this blog.  It seems that I have lost my mojo but I'm trying to play in my art room today and I have forgotten how much fun it is!! Hurray for lazy Sundays in the art room!!

I just wanted to share some layouts I've done lately.   This first one is on my sister and I and how much fun we have when we get together
and then there is our family vacations, which I so look forward to every summer!!
and a layout on my ma and pa
and last but not least a fun layout on my ma
 I also did a page in my art journal last night and couldn't believe  how long it had been since I had added to it. Yikes!! I need to start playing more!!! Life is just too stressful right now!!
Well that's the most I've posted in a while, so now I'm off to play some more as I am sooo far behind!! Happy Sunday!

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