Sunday, May 4, 2014

Childhood memories canvas

I had to make a new canvas to erase how dejected I felt from the clown canvas and also because I was worried I lost my canvas mojo!!  I called this one "Childhood memories" and here are some pics on how I put it together.

First of all I glued washi tape onto it and painted the canvas a cream color and  then sprayed some glimmer mist and let it drip down the canvas.
 Then I spray painted black paint onto a numbers stencil after layering some more paint.  I also took black shimmerz and paint and made it drip down and painted the edges of the canvas.
 You probably noticed I had a stenciled word in the pic above and it's now missing in the pic below.  I changed my mind as the canvas took on another meaning for me.  I decided to put words of things I remembered from my childhood in the dripping black paint and I had a die cut that said "memories of childhood" and decided to use that instead.
 I was also going to use that chipboard piece above that said "a favorite memory" but it seemed like more words were just too distracting yet I wanted some red to pop from the canvas, so I painted my hand with red paint and stamped it onto the bottom of the canvas and added some smudges along the edges.
 and here is the finished canvas
and here it is hanging on my canvas wall above the clown canvas! Now I'm much happier and feel like I haven't lost my canvas mojo.  Happy Sunday everyone!

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