Saturday, May 3, 2014

Put on a happy face canvas

Ok, let me first start out by saying the vision I had in my head was not what this turned into. Heavy sigh.  I'm sure you've all been there, started a project with this super awesome vision and then at the end looked at it and said "WTF??". This is called "put on a happy face" but I have nicknamed it the "clown canvas", for obvious reasons. 

Ok, I will still show how this started out and how it ended up as a lesson to me that sometimes less is more and more is well, clownish.  I started out with a nice white canvas and added some light molding paste using various stencils and put the word happy on using foam stickers
Then I added some metal numbers and a question mark
and then I added more light molding paste to create a textured background by troweling it on
and this may be the start of all of it going horribly wrong.  I used a red color on one side and blue on another.
and then I went insane and added yellow. wtf??
then I made the mistake of painting the word "happy" red. Why???? Here is the finished canvas.
and here is the misfit on my canvas wall
Remember as a kid that song "one of these things doesn't belong...." um yeah. Guess which one?? But I will leave it hanging for now, until I can make something better to replace it.  I thought about painting it over but of course I had glued on transparencies and other shit so it wouldn't be easy.  I'll mull this one over....

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